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See The Question And Adam Strange With Batman

Lots of images and a couple video clips from this week's "Batman: The Brave And The Bold."

On this Friday, March 13, Batman will be teaming up with a few of his fellow heroes on "Batman: The Brave And The Bold."  In the teaser portion, Batman and the Question face off against the mysterious Equinox.  Is this the same Equinox that Power Girl gave birth to? 

In the regular part of the episode, "Mystery In Space," Batman and Aquaman journey to Adam Stange's home planet Rann to battle against the Gordanian General Kreegaar.

John Dimaggio provides the voices for Aquaman and Gorilla Grodd, Richard McGonagle voices Saradath, Michael T. Weiss is Adam Strange, Catherine Cavadini voices Alanna, Oded Fehr voices Equinox and Nicholas Guest is the Question.

Here is a bunch of images followed by a couple video clips.



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Posted by Media_Master

the clips are still really good!

Posted by Teen Manatee

Yes! More Aquaman!

Posted by Detective

i was dissappointed Question was only in the beginning before the credits...

Posted by geraldthesloth

more aquaman!!

Posted by Nahero

i think the question is awesome

Posted by RioBravo

Aquaman is great on this show.  And Adam Strange is always cool.

Posted by G-Man

This is my favorite portrayal of Aquaman.

Posted by SUNMAN

Go Aquaman!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Detective

anyone else want to see more of The Question?