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Secret Warriors #9 Reviewed, Are They Still A Secret?

G-Man tries to decipher what the secret is all about.

Here we have the Secret Warriors.  They seem to really be the team that could take down Norman Osborn and his Dark Reign.  While they've been working towards Nick Fury's goals, it looks like the 'secret' might be out.

I really think the secret is how good this comic is.  Despite the slight confusion between Dark Avengers and the last two issues here (along with Dark Reign - The List: Secret Warriors), I still enjoyed this comic.  Nick Fury is determined to do what he needs to do.  It seems the other teams out there are more focused on their own problems.  But now that the Secret Warriors are on Norman's radar, can they still be considered a 'secret.'  It should be interesting to see how they react to Fury's absence while he's running off on his own mission.  Because Nick wasn't there, they had to hightail it out of their hideout before it blew up.
I expect we're going to see more big things in this series before Dark Reign ends.  I'm not sure what the team will do after that.  We've seen some seeds in the Leviathan in The List.  I'm really enjoying what Jonathan Hickman is doing with the team and Nick Fury.  The art by Alessandro Vitti is really nice to look at as well.  He's been doing a great job taking over from where Stefano Caselli left off in issue #6. 
 What are your thoughts on this series?  Do you think Nick can be the one to take down Norman or will he have his hands full with Leviathan?
Posted by Tyler Starke

I gotta say this is one of the most incredible books I've read in a long time, this issue alone was pretty epic, the action would have been enough to sell me, but I love the story as well  , I do believe Nick is going to be the one to take down Osborn and bring Shield back full circle, either that or they both go out in a blaze of glory

Posted by Tyler Starke

and thank You for the BANJO! hahaha

Posted by G-Man
@Tyler Starke: The banjo music almost didn't make it in.  I didn't do a full scale Bullseye scene but then I figured I could still squeeze it in.
Posted by movieartman

ok i love the secret warriors  
i have a few problems with god of war god of fear series tho 
first when i found out this saga was coming i was really looking forward to seeing   
Stefano Caselli drawing ares vs alex becaues i absolutly loved his art work for the original series 
and while Alessandro Vitti is alright i was very disapointed with the art work  
i mean some thaings are ok like ares and fury look great by vitti but all the female charicters look like crap 
and alex just looks wrong  
also i was reveileld in previw for next issue that yes this main continuity is contiuing from the ares god of war mini series witch i im really glad and that conection will be shown more in the up coming incredible hercules assault on mount oltmpus saga  
Posted by movieartman

one thaing g-man for real are u like on the run from the cia or hammer becaues why are u filming from a bassment for real

Posted by Queen's Halo
@G-Man: You said that Ares followed Jo-Jo and Alex, but that's Daisy.
Posted by goldenkey

they are right, you review the books that people are going to buy any no matter what like X-men, and Batman books.  The reviews are great for the books that don't sell as much as those.

Posted by xkoenig

Secret Warriors is a cracking comic that deserves more success. I heard it's not going to continue indefinitely though, anyone know anything about this? Anyway, reading back over parts 1 through 3 of this story shows just how good Hickman is, and I'm more and more impressed with Vitti's artwork too.

Posted by xkoenig

The Secret Warriors/Howling Commandos plus the Avengers Resistance are clearly working towards taking Osborn down. Throw in the New and Mighty Avengers and you've got one huge party :D

Edited by DMC
 I think what makes Secret Warriors so good isn't just Nick Fury.  
For me it's "rebirth" of Hydra, how Hickman has turned Nicks world upside-down (from issue #1) and that we finally get a glympse of where he's taking this book (The List: Secret Warriors)       

"The Secret Warriors/Howling Commandos plus the Avengers Resistance are clearly working towards taking Osborn down. Throw in the New and Mighty Avengers and you've got one huge party :D "

It would be cool if that took place in Seige but from what I read in an interview with  Hickman a while back, the book is going to step away from the Dark Reign stuff and focus on the man story.  

Posted by crazed_h3ro

Exciting as ever...What happened to yo-yo's arms?
Posted by crazed_h3ro

4 get it 
Posted by Media_Master

Sounds like an action-packed thriller!

Posted by Ironharry

 Huge to you thanks G-Man!!! Personally for me you perfectly do reviews to comics!))))