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Secret Six #9, Why Do I Keep Trying To Call Them Sinister?

Review for the Battle For The Cowl tie-in issue.

For some reason I had Spider-Man's Sinister Six on the brain during this review.  I had to edit out all the "Sinisters" I could.  Despite this, Secret Six #9 was an enjoyable issue.  Even for a Battle For The Cowl tie-in.


Would you ever consider either Catman or Bane as a replacement for Batman?  Can the Secret Six be considered "heroes"?  Does anyone like Ragdoll or just find the character annoying? 
Posted by Techno Punk

Great review, i think Catman and Bane would make decent candidates for Battle for the Cowl. And i hate Ragdoll for what he did to the Mad Hatter.

Posted by Dr. Maxwell

this is one of my favorite series, im really glad you did a review for this one G-Man, i was almost disappointed you didnt do the part where Bane throws the henchmen out of the window, but you did. I laughed as well. If only all the tie ins were this good

Posted by Psychotime

Bane's trying to be good (even though he's still doing it in a bad way)? Huh. This could get interesting. I smell team up!

Posted by Versasovantare

Bah, Bane's too big, he'd never look the part.

Posted by NightFang

I think Catman & Bane could fight for the Cowl but would lose it to Robin or Nightwing & I think the new Ragdoll is better then the last one.

Posted by geraldthesloth

This was my favorite book of the week good review g-man

Posted by Decept-O

  O.K., I LOVED Villains United when it came out and it was literally the last time I got excited about a series.   Looks good.

Posted by Nibiru

I love Ragdoll.

Edited by King Quisling

This whole series is one of my favorites. I'm not praticularly fond of DC, especially after Final Crisis, but this series just gets better every issue. Junoir is the best new villain, or was. Hands down. 5 out of 5 for every ish.

Posted by Crazy_Eights

Bane being Bats would be freaking awesome

Posted by TheSavageAssasin
Posted by CM9
@TheSavageAssasin: ME TOO
Posted by ScarlettLynn

Secret Six is one of the best comics out there.  Every issue is a perfect blend of twisted, messed up awesomeness.

Posted by Media_Master

cool, nice voicing of Bane!

Posted by logan48227

Secret Six is quickly becoming the best comic DC puts out that doesn't have anything to do with Green Lanterns.

Posted by mrjoshua

I was actually going to stop reading Secert Six until this issue.

Posted by karasu_

heheheh that last part was funny

Posted by dbluejays1990

are they going to bring back knockout.scandal having the card.
Posted by zombie flash

i like the series and this one was just as good and i like crazy villians like deadpool so i like ragdoll
Posted by Argentino_18

I want to shot Ragdoll in the kneecaps with a magnum....

Posted by StarKiller809

I love the series. I relize this is old, but I was just looking through the forms. I really likedf issue 9. I really have loved the whole series.