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Second Coming: "One Will Rise"

Who can we expect to see return?

Second Coming is almost here.  So far we've seen the teasers that "One Will Lead" and "One Will Die."  Today Marvel has released another teaser: 

It make sense with a name like "Second Coming" that someone should be actually coming.  We know that Kitty Pryde is returning in Uncanny X-Men #522 but I don't think she's the big Second Coming.  Before the cover to 522 was revealed, most of us assumed that Jean Grey would finally be coming back.  She has been gone a while.  What about Hope?  She's been showing signs of flaming birds and we can see one in the image above. 
Who do you think the big "Second Coming" will be?  Is this going to be good news or bad news for the X-Men?  Things have been pretty dark for them.  Is there any chance that something good will actually happen in an X-Event rather than more hardship for the poor mutants? 
X-Men: Second Coming is on sale on March 31.  It's written by Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle with pencils by David Finch.
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Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

 Is there any chance that something good will actually happen in an X-Event rather than more hardship for the poor mutants?

nope. distopian future unraveling all the way.
thats the X-way.
Posted by DEGRAAF

im waiting for the fourth phrase to come out there's got to be one, just sounds like there should be. I think she will be good. Doesnt mean things wont go horribly wrong. Maybe she will come back and not trust either side. (xmen or magneto)
Posted by Pez85

"One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall" should be the next phrase.

Posted by xerox_kitty

Oh good grief.  This is the deal breaker.   

Posted by AngelFrost

The artwork is horrible.

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault
@Pez85: lol. thats the first thing i heard in my head when i saw the title, in Optimus's voice.
Posted by Kid_Zombie

Well its for sure Hope is the second coming. Whether she will be good or not, have no idea. So happy its not Jean. -men is way better with her dead and gone. but i am not opposed to hope being a reincarnate of jean or something, i just think Jean herself should stay gone. I'm very excited for this event especially since kyle and yost are writting it and i just finished the latest cable which has me very pumped for this!

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I'm just saying. Since Hope is the Mutant Messiah. Things never work out well for Messiahs in the end.
Also, did evil Hope steal Iron Man's gloves?

Posted by PrinceIMC

Well it was said when Hope was born that the possible futures have converged into two possible futures. One was Bishop's future where Hope was responsible for the death of many. The other....we haven't really seen what happens in that other I guess this is gonna be when they say which its gonna be.

Posted by Archetype

I was hoping they would reveal the child to be Askani Because not only would it be a real twist after all of this phoenix symbolism but  because it would actually add depth and some character to Cable.However all of that symbolism and that cover leaves nothing to the imagination it will definitely be Jean/Phoenix and I don't care which.

Posted by Aion

Jean should come back. 
Not now though.
Posted by The_Martian

So Hope is going to go evil maybe?

Posted by Fleonix

So Hope, will finaly make her return, and will be joining the X-Men. can't wait to read this new chapter in the X-Men saga.
Posted by sora_thekey

For some reason this teaser makes me think Hope might be Bipolar!  
I mean there might be two sides of her! 
Or you know how people used to say she was Jean.... What if one of those two "bipolar" sides are Jean?
Posted by Overguardian

Seriously, don't bring back Jean.  
She's been dead for 7 or so years. That's a nearly record for the comics industry. 
Show people that you have some self-control, Marvel. Show them that you can beat that stigma that nobody stays dead in comics. 
Be strong. You can do it.

Posted by 00 Raiser

 OMG Please stay dead Jean. I never did like you and the only moments you were color is when you had your Phoenix powers and even then you were still emo.

Posted by squiresmadnessmachine

they are doin everything they have to not to bring back jean grey 
just do it already!
Posted by Charmix

-____- don't get my hopes up.... or down....

Posted by Freddy.Mercurial

dang it, are they gunna kill of Cable???

Posted by jordama

could they even get away with making her evil and psycho bishop right? i quit when someone eders the phrase "bishop should have shot a baby when he had the chance."
Posted by Yung ANcient One

its the Second Coming of Phoenix... but this time... Phoenix is Hope... since Phoenix is Jean but Jean isnt Phoenix... it can easily be the same with HOPE... Phoenix could be Hope now but Hope isnt Phoenix... 
Cyclops dies Metaphorically speaking when he leaves the X-Men and gets his own Mini Series...
Emma or Magneto End Up Leading the X-men since Cyclops Left...
at least i hope this happens and i think it will

Posted by kaorumonster

If it was Jean Grey that was returning, wouldn't it be "The Millionth Coming" ?

Posted by Mbecks14

Thank god i'm not an Xmen fan.

Edited by defaultdefaultdefault
you know that feels weird, but if they actually do that it would make for a good story, because then
we'd have to see the X-men deal with that fact and how they would do it.
and does she seem shorter in those pictures than she is now to anyone else?
Posted by crazed_h3ro

I just hope its good,cause seeing this makes me think "jean comes back...again",or maybe not LOL.

Posted by treysome

Kitty’s back, keep Banshee after Necrosha and now with Jean back all the major X-men will be back.   I say yay since I’m old school X-Men.

Edited by timrothsays

Hope as the Phoenix = ruin all that Messiah crap. Never liked it thou, but haters gonna hate

Posted by Psyboy2k9

Jean Grey isn't a bad character, and it's not her character that I believe put some people off, it's the writers that write the character in that certain fashion.  Now I'm not just saying this because she is my favorite character and I'm not trying to change opinions here, it's just a shame that it seems like people are more drawn to characters that are snarky, underdressed, and always brutal.  I don't hate Emma Frost, she's one of my favs too, and I realize she's like everybodies favorite X-girl now, but in my opinion, I feel like the writes are trying to force her down our throats to liking her more, she's everywhere almost and don't even get me started on Wolverine.  If there is a character that is over used and tired, it's him.  Jean just needs someone that can write her good, someone that can take her as Phoenix and make her powerful but not to the point where she can't take a hit from anyone.  I hope that Jean comes back, she deserves to, she's been gone far to long.  I think some just need to give her a chance, she's a cool girl with so much more potential and more amazing stories ahead of her. 
Posted by KingBlackagar

I agree with Psyboy2k9  

Everyone keeps saying how they want Jean Grey to stay dead, I'm pretty sure Jean Grey's alive anyway, she's just in the White Hot Room collecting Phoneix Fragments and just hasn't appearred since X-Men: Endsong. And since there are Phoenix fragments scattered all over the universe some got to the Cuckoo's in Warsong and in Hope. Apparently the fragments were taking out of the Cuckoos and Racheal and Korvus, meaning Jean is out there collecting. With Hope coming back I'm sure Jean will come looking, so yeah this may be the story  Jean comes back.
Posted by Chane

It is getting harder and harder to trade wait for this.

Posted by Queen's Halo

Now that Elixir is awake, maybe he will tell who she really is.

Posted by Griffin_2099

Really hope it is Jean coming back. If they do it without the Poenix powers that has a heap of story potential. 
Even if it is just Hope reacting to the Poenix powers that isn't a bad thing, interesting to see what someone raised by Cable does with that much power.

Posted by MisguidedAlan

So its fair to say that for me The Second Coming can't come quick enough xD 
I just hope Marvel dont bring Jean back :(   Although Emma's reaction to her resurrection would be . . .Interesting to say the least.

Posted by dan1509

oh for the love of god please dont let it be jean, yeah she kicked ass but like someone said, can pople not stay dead? How many times will jean come back anyway and get involved in anolther love triangle with wolverine and cyclops and then make him choose between her and emma :@ gurrrrrrr 
ps i havent read much, whats hope actually like? X-Men seems a bitiffy atm
Posted by Illyana Rasputin

Is Hope one of Jean's "fragments"? I am not amped by this whole Hope debacle. I can't see the point to it.
Posted by Gold Dust Boi

I think that Hope is her own separate person but has the ability to bring Jean back to life at the expense of her own.  So at the end of Second Coming shes gonna be given a choice of whether to keep living as herself of let Jean come back.  Could all be wishful thinking...

Posted by Neena Thurman

C'mon now. At this point, who hasn't seen this coming...

Posted by theyoyoman

it is def time for jean to come back. maybe they'll kill off emma and bring the real bad ass tele back. i mean they said either cyclops, emma, or magneto die right?
Posted by uncanny89

i think that maybe hope is the final fragment of the Phoenix Force, or at least part of her is and a similar thing will happen like what happened with the cuckoos it will leave her body she will be left in a coma and at the end of second coming Jean will return as the Pheonix sadly
Posted by Psyboy2k9

I do believe that Jean should come back as Phoenix, but not as the White Phoenix or any uber powerhouse Phoenix.  If anything, they should have her power on the lever Jean was at during the 90's X-men, to me those were one of her best years.
Posted by uncanny89
after reading onslaught i actually began to like her, i think that she should just have her TK TP and then just manifest the raptor when she is using her powers, but no Pheonix exclusive power
Posted by Gold Dust Boi

Everyone is so upset about Jean coming back (and yes whether its now or later she IS coming back so lets get past that part) but when she died they were pretty clear that this wouldnt be permanent.  Like someone else already said in this forum, she didnt'  "die"...she went to the white hot room.  At no point did they ever let us think that Jean was jsut dead and even says on her grave "she will rise again"..
Now the real question is, What is Hope role in Jean's future...whether its a part in her resurrection or something else, we al know that Hope has SOME connection to Jean otherwise all the fire and raptor imagery they have been showing is just pointless and stupid because we long ago moved past the whole "jean is not the phoenix" thing...she clearly is...they've merged and jean is chilling in the phoenix's white room... so i sorta think everyone should get over the "dont bring jean back" hang up and try to enjoy where ever the writers are taking this whole thing...
PS - Although if it sucks i will be the first person on here panning it with you all

Posted by Psyboy2k9

Agreed Uncanny89, I liked it when she wore the Phoenix costume and had the Phoenix raptor imagery, but with no cosmic connection behind it.  Don't get me wrong, I think that Jean is great with Phoenix powers, but lately I feel that everytime she gets the cosmic Phoenix force power and all that, death at some point strikes her and then that's another 6 or 7 years of waiting to see her again and to have her missing out on all the great stories that she could have been apart of.  So I say leave Jean w/ firey Phoenix power imagery, that's it.
Posted by kimeraevet

If they bring Jean or the Phoenix back, send her/it into space and let her be the problem for the Shi'ar and Kree. It can even be a whole storyline akin to Annihilation. It opens the character up to be used outside the X-Men and it keeps the X-books Jean free so we don't have this multi resurrected character show up for one event and then fade back into mediocracy. 

Posted by Ryonslaught

green eyes and red hair never ends well in the x-world.....

Posted by jordama

maybe we are thinking of this wrong, what if she is the daughter of Maddie?
Posted by Wildstar
@jordama said:
"maybe we are thinking of this wrong, what if she is the daughter of Maddie? "

That would be awesome. Kinda like the anti-Rachel.
Posted by Argentino_18

It´s like the Belgariad....
Posted by monamos

how old is Hope supposed to be? i thought she was around 12 or 13....but artists have been rendering her with some pretty mature assets....course that's usually how it goes with super-powered-seeds. they're growth gets accelerated so the boobies can be unleashed

Posted by avwhite
I will retire from reading X-men comics if that little girl turns into another Phoenix. If that's the case the writers have learned nothing since the decimation.
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