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There's a new Captain America coming and he'll be leading the Mighty Avengers.

You've likely seen the news that there's going to be a new Captain America. Sam Willson, aka the Falcon, will step up to take on the mantle of Captain America now that Steve Rogers is no longer able to.

Al Ewing has been writing MIGHTY AVENGERS but with Sam becoming Captain America, he'll be fighting evil alongside the Might Avengers. We got the opportunity to ask Al some questions to find out how the new Cap will operate and what we can expect in this series.

COMIC VINE: How closely will this book align with ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA?

AL EWING: I'll be very keen not to contradict anything, and I'll keep a weather eye out so I can make sure people don't feel that Sam's a totally different person in CA&MA than he is in ANCA. But I don't think there'll be any big crossovers planned... well, aside from the BIG crossovers, obviously. The first three issues are going to be tying into AXIS, for example.

CV: Is becoming Captain America an easy transition for Sam or is that something we'll see more in ALL-NEW?

AE: Not so easy. Captain America is not an easy gig - it's a position with massive social power and even more social responsibility. Not to mention that there are people in the Marvel Universe who won't be able to accept Sam in that role. I imagine both books will be examining how he deals with the pressures and challenges of wielding the shield.

CV: Where will their base of operations be? Will they have one?

AE: They're still in the Gem Theater, which has now been almost completely overhauled so it can serve as their base - there are meeting rooms, the hotline is set up there and there's a portal to Blue Marvel's undersea base so people can go to train and deal with international threats. Maybe one of these days we'll do a cutaway diagram - there's a certain freedom in having it as an amorphous space, though.

CV: Sounds like Luke and Jessica will be on the team. Any hints on who else will be on the team? Will it be the MIGHTY AVENGERS cast?

AE: Pretty much! At this point, there's kind of a 'field team' and 'support staff' division - I'm definitely considering making that more official - and the support staff includes ordinary folk like Dave, Ruby, and Isabella the brick-throwing old lady. Originally from Spain. Whether the 'support' team really count as Mighty Avengers depends on how inclusive you feel - personally, I think one of the big draws of the book is that feeling that anyone can be a Mighty Avenger, including you or me.

CV: What can you tell us about the Cortex Corporation?

AE: CORTEX is the mysterious corporate organization me and Kieron Gillen came up with for IRON MAN: FATAL FRONTIER - I've been getting the most out of it since then, although disgraced ex-Regional Director and clone Anderson Sixty did turn up in the main Iron Man series. They've been investing in various bits of business in the Mighty Avengers' world - most notably old Luke Cage enemy Gideon Mace, the man who murdered the White Tiger's parents. But now they're after the Mighty Avengers themselves - why? You'll have to read the book to find out.

CV: Does Spider-Man stand a chance re-joining the team?

AE: He does! A pretty big chance, in fact. You'll be seeing him in issue #1, but I won't spoil the hows, whys and wherefores of how he ends up fighting on the Mighty Avengers' side.

CAPTAIN AMERICA AND MIGHTY AVENGERS will be in stores in November 2014. Check it out to see what's next for Sam Wilson.

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What rational comic book fan could hate this? This is awsome.

Posted by Perfect 10

like the team WITHOUT spider-man. that is a spot for either iron fist or jessica jones been loving the series as is but we will see how he fits in. mighty avengers has been consistantly one of my favorite series from marvel along with loki

Posted by Sovereign91001

I hope Blade is still on the team.

Posted by daredevil21134

Couldn't they have given same a better roster?Hopefully this is not the only Avenger team he'll be on

Posted by TheCupcakeAvenger

So is this a new series or is it replacing the current Mighty Avengers title? Either way I'll be picking it up. The current run's been really good and adding in Spidey and Sam as Cap, it's a must buy for me.

Posted by ScrappyDont27

Love that cover, would like to have that as a poster

Posted by Primez0ne

I am just happy Sam keeps the wings

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
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I really don't like the title...It almost feels too crowded. Can't it just stay as "The Mighty Avengers"?

Edited by Cloakx14

i'll check it out.

Posted by Ms-Lola

I am looking forward to this more and more.

Posted by DrThanos91

with this I feel Mighty Avengers are gonna get more respect,hats off to sam for being Cap now!

I'll look forward to reading this

Edited by nappystr8

Sam has kind of been on the outskirts of this team, it will be nice to see him gain a little more focus.

Posted by Teerack

I wonder if Sam will get to be Cap for quiet a few years since Chris Evans doesn't want to be Cap anymore, and Marvel loves to sync up with their movies.

Posted by oldnightcrawler

Sam has kind of been on the outskirts of this team, it will be nice to see him gain a little more focus.

just what I was thinking.

I've been loving Mighty Avengers so far, but if there's one character I was hoping to see more of it was the perpetually under-appreciated Falcon; if him being the new Cap' brings him to center stage, I'm personally all for it.

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by daredevil21134
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Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose

I liked that the current Mighty Avengers series is mostly characters who don't have solos and this is their place to shine, so I'll be disappointed if Captain Falcon gets too much focus. Same reason I'm not so pleased about Spider-Man joining.

Al Ewing has been doing a good job though, so hopefully it'll still be good. :)

Also, Spider-Woman is joining? That could be cool.

Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose
Posted by Novemberx2

does this series have its own plot?

It feels like this series has just been one event tie-in after another. First it was infinity, then Inhumanity, now original sin

Posted by Figgs216

Who is doing the interior art?

Posted by Winter_Kills

I like that Sam is getting respect as a character but...I wish it was as his OWN character, the Falcon. This makes me think that they're gonna drag this Falcon as Cap thing out for a lot longer than I thought. Which sucks for me- I love Sam, but Steve & Bucky- they're the only Caps for me. And it means Remender's gonna be around for awhile- great. I want Steve back as Cap- the Marvel Universe needs it's greatest hero. With a great writer to write him. Hope they don't drag the She-Thor thing out, too.

Posted by Sovereign91001

@v_scarlotte_rose: I'd really like that but his history with ongoings have been.... less than stellar.

Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

I love this book, a guilty pleasure every month. This should be fun as well

Posted by The_Titan_Lord


Posted by The Impersonator

President Obama would love to read this.

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@micah said:

What rational comic book fan could hate this? This is awsome.

Land is on art and Ewing is writing. How can anyone like this beyond liking the characters so much they irrationality can look past it lol.