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SDCC 2014: Hands-On Disney Infinity Guardians of the Galaxy

Tony and I got to play Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition at Comic Con and here's what I thought.

Not pictured: Guardians of the Galaxy... because we were playing as them.... and I wanted them all.

While preview night at San Diego Comic Con 2014 hasn't officially started yet, we're still out here, checking out some of the cool things around the con and today, Tony Guerrero and I headed to the Disney Infinity set-up in the Gaslamp to check out Disney Infinity 2.0 which features the Guardians of the Galaxy characters.

I've never played the game, but I'm extremely familiar with the concept, since I may or may not have played the game's competition, which rhymes with "Hi Flanders!" For those who aren't sure what's going on with Disney Infinity, it's pretty simple. You buy figures or sets in real life, place them on a magical pad, and they pop in the game. The big deal about Infinity 2.0 is that Marvel characters are now a part of the show. Color me excited.

As we stepped into the game, I chose to play as Groot and we went through the opening of the level. The game wasn't completed yet, so there's still some very minor jerkiness with Groot, but overall, the character has an extremely cool design.

They did an awesome job at bringing these characters into the Disney animated world, while staying true to the original character. Each character was extremely recognizable and they all had moves that related directly to that character. Groot would put his hands into the ground and they would pop up in front of him, like a tree growing from the ground to defeat the enemy.

In the Guardians of the Galaxy missions, Cosmo leads the player along as they have to defeat baddies along the way, throw and smash space-barrels, and collect tokens for other characters. If you could find a certain number of Nova tokens, you would be able to use Nova in the level, so that adds to the replay value of the level.

The gameplay experience is much like Marvel Ultimate Alliance meets a platformer geared towards children. It has a great sense of humor about it, but the only slight problem with our demo we played was that it was pretty linear, compared to the Spider-Man level, which we also tried, and that was a lot more of an open world experience,

We also played as Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, and Star-Lord, but never got around to trying out Drax. So far, we were told there will be multiple costumes for the characters. We got to see a separate costume for Gamora as we continued through the demo.

After checking out Guardians, we moved onto Spider-Man and web-slinged our way through the city. It was fun and a cool open world experience. Disney Infinity offers something really fun for gamers both young and old.

Lastly, we get a quick demo of the toy box mode, which allows you to build your own levels. We didn't take any pictures of this part of the game because I lost my mind when I found out you could make the levels look like Tron. It's an incredibly cool idea for the game, allowing players to make their own levels and change the skins. It's as complicated as making every detail yourself or letting the game auto-generate certain buildings. It's going to be a big selling point for the game.

Here's the rest of our pictures from the event.

Also, check out the trailer for the game.

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Posted by TheFirstLantern

i like this idea but also feel disney should focus on their characters too like where's Lion king and/or little mermaid? An underwater world would be incredible

Posted by G-Man

@thefirstlantern: There are other Disney characters coming. They've already announced Merida and Maleficent.

Posted by TheFirstLantern

@g_man said:

@thefirstlantern: There are other Disney characters coming. They've already announced Merida and Maleficent.

Ah alright! Thank you. My sister is really looking forward more to her disney characters than marvel but this is a nice compromise.

Posted by G-Man
Edited by TheFirstLantern

@g_man: ill definitely look more into it thank you!

Posted by SpitfirePanda

It doesn't look like they got Vin Diesel to do Groot's voice for this game. While their current voice actor is good, it's still a shame that Vin wasn't on board for this.

Edited by Cozmicaztaway

"The big deal about Infinity 2.0 is that Marvel characters are not a part of the show. Color me excited." That should read "now part of the action", right @inferiorego?

Phone makes this tricky to format.

Good to know the game seems cool

Posted by powerflux

@thefirstlantern: They also announced Tinkerbell and Stitch, I believe Donald was announced, and Aladdin was rumored to be included

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

You.....lucky....pluckers. The awesomeness of your life makes me salty G-Man.

@powerflux: Hiro and Baymax are rumored as well

Posted by ScottyHawkeye

it starting to look like the Super Hero Squad Games again

Posted by WheatStalker

Like TRON?! What do you mean, like TRON? Do I get to play on the Grid!