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SDCC 2013: Superman Unchained Panel

What is going to happen in upcoming SUPERMAN UNCHAINED series?

The SUPERMAN UNCHAINED panel will start at 4:15. Starting up in just a few minutes!

4:!5- Here we go folks! Lots of announcements: DC app, Petco Park... where those Justice League cars are parked... get it? Celebrating 75 years of Superman! Bob Wayne walks out. He'll be moderating. Scott Snyder and Jim Lee come out. Dustin Nguyen, Alex Sinclair and Scott Williams come out.

4:25- "What's coming up, especially in 3, 4, and 5... will really shake him [Superman] to his core... Something is really challenging him." Apparently, Jim Lee texts him very late at night. They're showing covers for issue one and what the scrupt pages look like. Jim Lee says working on the book has been a real thrill. Jim jokingly asks how he gets the time to do the two-page backups in every issue.

4:30- Showing the pencils for the cover of issue one. Jim talks about his process with Williams, and vice versa. Still talking about the cover, Alex talks about his color work on the cover.

4:35- We're not seeing penciled pages from issue one. Jim talks about how the eye leads across the page depending on how he draws the page and lays it out. We now see inks and colors of the same page.

4:45- Looking at a 3 minute vignette of Alex inking UNCHAINED #3. Sped up. Pretty cool video. It's insane the amount of work the inkers have to put into a single panel. Jim says he has complete faith in Williams inks. He rarely sees the inked pages.

4:50- Apparently, a single splash page image, put onto a computer was 1.5 gigs...

4:55- Jim Lee has to run, so he leaves. Dustin Nguyen talks about his work in issue #2. Snyder says he'll give us some news. We see the cover for issue #3. Looks awesome. August 14th is when it comes out. "Next issue, [Superman] gets owned."He gets punched across Utah. Does Superman do enough?

5:00- Wraith is the character that does the things that Superman secretly wants to do. Wraith says he won't do those things because he's a public here. "Wraith isn't a straight-up villain. He's Superman's nightmare." He thinks Superman is a coward for not going out and killing dictators and warlords. Wraith is stronger because he's been on Earth longer. Snyder is interested in Lois. She has a big plot in this book. He wants to focus on this character.

5:10- Snyder wants the material in this book not to be dark but to be challenging. Lex has a big part in the next issue with Jimmy Olson. "We want to do a story that feels fresh and modern... What's coming is the best stuff." We get to see the cover to issue #4. It's Wraith punching Superman in the face. Well, that's it. No questions... Stay tuned for the New Panel which Jen is covering.

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first again

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LOL poor Mat.

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Wait, There is a Superman Unchained panel today? Wasn't that reserve for tomorrow?

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Too early...Be back later.

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You know what it suck living In the UK at this time of year cause I can't go to SDCC :(

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Pencils huh?

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dropped from pull list.. it didnt make the grade to stay in

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Wraith vs superman will be AWESOME

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Wraith is beginning to sound like quite a good potential Superman villain. Not just a physical threat as evidenced by the outright Wraith is stronger than Superman comment but also that Wraith is an antithesis to Superman in that he's the secret unknown secret military weapon that can do things Superman can't because he's a public hero. I'm interested in the dynamics between these two now and even moreso in Unchained.

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So anybody knows if this is another one of those titles where you have to follow lots of titles to get the story or will it be a more standalone thing?

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I like Snyder's insistence that the book should be giving Superman challenges rather than being a dark themed story. Go Snyder!