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SDCC 2013: Superman Panel

What does the future hold for the Man of Steel? The talent behind Superman's books talk about it in San Diego Comic-Con!

It's a big year for big blue. It's Superman's 75th anniversary and DC obviously has some major plans to celebrate. But what exactly do they have in store for Kal-El? This morning in Room 6DE, Eddie Berganza, Jim Lee, Scott Lobdell, Michael Alan Nelson and Scott Snyder sat on stage to talk about what's coming up in their books surrounding the the Superman family.

  • Panels begin by showing us an amazingly detailed page from SUPERMAN UNCAHINED #3 by Jim Lee. It looks like Superman just took a massive punch and he;s getting back up, looking incredibly formidable.
  • Snyder says UNCHAINED will ramp up in a huge way.
  • Snyder says UNCHAINED #3 is about Superman getting owned.
  • Superman gets destroyed in the issue -- punched across the entire state.
  • Story dives into General Lane claiming Superman is a coward -- he lets people suffer and doesn't inflict enough positive change on the world. Wraith, on the other hand, has been the "true" Superman by reducing threats across the world on a larger level.
  • SUPERMAN / WONDER WOMAN described as "epic punching." They try to further their romance, but "it seems like the entire universe is tying to kill both of them"
  • On juggling SUPERMAN and ACTION COMICS: Lobdell says it's all about momentum between the two books, providing us a bi-weekly dose of Superman.
  • Lobdell says his goal with Hector Hammond was to do a fun story -- something weird and quirky.
  • On SUPERMAN, there's "so much happening in Superman." The #25 issues will bring big change to the Superman universe. There will be something so major it'll bring Superman, Supergirl and Superboy together again.
  • Really wanted to bring back the Hive Queen, described her as cool and dangerous.
  • The SUPERMAN ANNUAL puts the spotlight on Lois Lane.
  • The Return of Krypton: been setting up since the zero issues. Ends in a staggeringly different way than the Krypton story we saw years ago.
  • "If you like Batman fighting Superman and Superman fighting Batman, this has a lot of that." Eddie on BATMAN/SUPERMAN.
  • The New 52 versions "come out swinging" when they meet their Earth 2 counter-parts.
  • Showed a few preview pages of Batman vs. Batman and Superman vs. Superman. Surprise! Jae Lee's art looked awesome.
  • SUPERGIRL #24 is about her being her own worst enemy and realizing she and others are being manipulated. She finds herself underfoot as two giants (Cyborg Superman / Brainiac) battle.
  • Implied there's a really cool reveal with Cyborg Superman -- he's not what or who we expect.
  • SUPERBOY #24 introduces a new Psycho-Pirate.
  • "Why did you cancel Superman Family Adventures and Tiny Titans?" Jim Lee says all-ages books are a big priority for them and they have a lot planned.
  • Fan asks how Superman shaves because it hasn't been addressed in The New 52. Snyder points out mirrors and heat vision.
  • Fan asks if Superboy will ever get a new costume or if he's sticking with current attire. Lobdell says he self-identifies with the costume because that's what he wore when he was introduced to the world. Says he's in no rush to change his costume.
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Posted by Mr_Winchester

Unchained is awesome. Can't wait to see Superman get wrecked!

Posted by sentryman555

I like Superboy but I don't like his outfit. I'm bummed he's gonna be sticking with it.

Edited by timelord

I hope after Issue 25 Kara will be able to finally catch a break though the upcoming issues sound sweet.

Edited by TeamUnitedNerds

All of this only confirms that Lobdell has no idea what the fuck he's doing

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

Unchained is really good, Wraith is an awesome opponent for Supes.

Posted by SOG7dc

I'm starting not to like Snyder. How would batman fans feel if there was a guy in Gotham working for the govt that was a better detective, a better h2h, and better at stealth than batman.....and then gbe that no named guy whip batmans ass. As a superman fan this sucks. 2 issues in and superman is jobbing already. Great job Snyder

Posted by 2cool4fun


Dude, have you read court of the owls? The first arc Snyder did for batman was literally mentally and physically breaking batman, he was scared, beaten, almost killed, and most of all he thought that Gotham was his city and that he knew every thing about it, and his enemy`s made him know that he was strong. So in other words, Snyder already did that for batman, and it`s awesome that he is doing this, cause if there is an enemy that can do that to superman, then it means we finally have a worthy foe for superman, some one who superman can fight with 110% of his strength.

Posted by 2cool4fun


More? Like what? As if physically and mentally breaking superman is not enough. If you read the first 11 issues of batman you would see how awesome it is going to be, since I believe Snyder I putting that formula of struggle to superman.

Also we still don`t know what S/WW is going to be like, I just hope it gives a more belivable chemistry between them...

Posted by SOG7dc


i se where youre coming from. but imagine what sperman going 110% should look like. I hope that youre right and I hope that Snyder/lee understand what a 110% superman is

Posted by SanoHibiki


When I wrote about expecting from Snyder something more, I mean expecting something more original that Superman getting beaten and broken, then probably in some last moment gathering his guts together and beating his enemies. In Action Comics and Superman I already see many such situations.

Why getting good plot for Supes means him getting beaten to half-death anyway? That just not what I expected from series which called Superman Unchained, you know.

Anyway, like I already said in some other thread, I reserve my full judgment until I read at least 6-7 issues of this comic. So far Superman Unchained looks most promising for me from all his solo runs. You just can’t beat Jim Lee’s art, plus inner thoughts and speeches already much more coherent that, say, in Lobdell’s comic.

It has been already, what, 7 or 8 years since I read some Batman’s issue, so I don’t know what Snyder going to pull off.

I honestly don’t care if SM/WW would be story of their relationship and some friendly team-up, just hoping to get decent portrayal of my favorite character in his shared series.