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SDCC 2012: Cosplay Gallery

Many people dressed up. Here's nearly 600 images for you to check out.

You can't have a San Diego Comic-Con without cosplay. Some of you may have feared we weren't going to feature any. That is not the case. With huge thanks to Norman Chan of, we were able to get another huge gallery of the best cosplayers at this year's Comic-Con. It's always an amazing thing to see the detail and time the cosplayers take to put together their costumes.

Sit back and get ready to begin clicking away to enlarge each pic. Be sure to check out for some alternate views of most of these images. I managed to take a few pics myself but came nowhere near the number Norm was able to get. (To scroll between images, open one, then press left and right on the keyboard if you're using CHROME).

== TEASER ==

Thanks again to Norman Chan for sharing and combining his pictures with ours. Check out his gallery over at to see some different angles and poses.

Tony Guerrero is the Editor-in-Chief of Comic Vine. You can follow him on Twitter @GManFromHeck. The closest he ever came to really cosplaying was dressing up as Madman for Halloween one year.

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