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SDCC 2012: Awesome Art Picks: DC's Darkness and Light Gallery

The coolest comic art you won't see in comic books.

Each week we search high and low for the coolest comic book art that won't appear in comic books. This week, since we're at San Diego Comic-Con, we're doing something a little different. DC Entertainment has a load of art featured in an art gallery. Darkness and Light features "Art Inspired by Heroes & Villains, Hope & Heroism."

You should be aware of DC's 'We Can Be Heroes' cause aiding those in the Horn of Africa. You can find more information at Some of the art in the gallery will be auctioned off and others will go on as part of a tour. You can donate at the link above and there is also a shop where you can buy some cool stuff that also goes to the cause.

You may have seen this image already. This was done by Jim Lee. Seeing it in person doesn't compare to this image.

There were plenty more pieces of art. You can click each to see an even larger image. There were so many great pieces. Some are available on JunkFood t-shirts.

== TEASER ==

There was even an artist that built several large scale figures out of LEGO. You'll see some more below.

You probably recognize Dustin Nguyen's art.

More LEGO!

The final piece is a three-stage piece. It was actually penciled by Chris Daughtry, inked by Jim Lee and colored by Alex Sinclair. A print of this is on sale at the 'We Can Be Heroes' shop.

Next week we'll return to our normally scheduled art pieces and most likely will be seeing this convention's edition of the Mystery Art Challenge.

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Posted by KainScion


Posted by sethysquare

Wow. Those are amazing. I do think DC is the more "artsy" company among the big two. With vertigo and all the vertigo artist at DC, I really enjoy the diverse art styles I can find here.

Posted by EdwardWindsor

Great stuff here, some real quality pics. Especially love the batman on wood canvas

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

The Zebra Batman, the paintings that were homages of Impressionism, and the Lego Catwoman FTW.

Posted by Bestostero

those are some great artwork! its so awesome that DC is doing that, i cant imagine how terrible it is for children to go hungry, such a great cause!

Posted by 4donkeyjohnson


Posted by ZZoMBiE13

Wow. Those are all amazing.

Posted by guttridgeb

LEGO is amazing

Posted by clemj


Posted by Outside_85

How odd that its 50% Batman...

Posted by IcePrince_X

love everything i've seen... truly a contemporary works of art! congrats to the artists and gallery who exhibited this.

Posted by Crimsonlord53

Nice and only one broken back among the bunch.

Posted by doomsilver

That stuff wasn't for me. Not saying it was not good, 'cause it looked cool, just not for me.

Posted by thecapedcrusader

The BatMan one's are the best by far!!!

Posted by fables87


Posted by livlig

I scanned the QR-code for "A villain is born" and got to a whole other T-shirt (the BAT/MAN one). Dang. I really liked the villain baby.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

There were some nice pieces, but I feel I have to criticize this one

Where are Joker's and Batman's jams? They should have swim trunks like in that awesome live action episode.

Posted by KRYPTON

The time it took to make those lego statues... I'm amazed

Posted by BlueArrow

all of these are freaking amazing.

Posted by Aph8825


Posted by CaptainMexico

These are all great.

Posted by VioletPhoenix

these are breathtaking..

Posted by Suprman

All this art is amazing. The Lego work, the paintings, the sketches, it's all incredible.

Posted by elayem98

i had no idea chris daughtry could do comic art. and do it well, it looks so much like jim lee's art. maybe jim lee helped him

Posted by Ganthetsward20

The lego stuff looks spectacular. Not that its the only thing there that is. So much of that artwork was just flat out awesome!

Posted by SoA

love the legion of doom and jla parodies (legion more) of "sunday afternoon on the island of la grande jatte"

Posted by ARMIV2

Wow, that gallery is just plain EPIC!

Posted by spidergirl2012

I wish I could have some of those hanging in my house! Love the H. Quinn one

Posted by crazyflashfan11

harley, joker, wonder woman, and scarecrow are all just plain AMAZING!!!

Posted by feargalr


Posted by vietthreat


Posted by Webjaker

WOW! They are ALL amazing - I want to win the lottery so I can buy them all

Posted by sj_esposito

I have to say, seeing different artists render art of classic DC characters in their classic costumes really drives home the point that, while the new 52 costumes are cool (some), they'll never replace the classic versions in peoples' minds.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Holy Shit man these are so awesome!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Aiden Cross

I want that first Batman painting, and the Harley Quinn one :O

Posted by htb106

I really love the one of some of the heroes skating.

Posted by Mercy_

I need to own that Jim Lee Batman O_O

Posted by RedOwl_1

Batman with a kite FTW

WOW those legos O.O

Posted by Owie

Really exciting work, love it.  What a great range of approaches.

Posted by Cavemold

All mine

Posted by Strife777

There's some really great stuff in there. Something to be jealous of.

Posted by moywar700

so much wonder woman

Posted by mtrakos

Really good stuff!

Posted by Grey56

The depiction of Bane with the Bat symbol is wonderful. But the painting of Ivy conjuring the plant life is a thing to see.

Posted by Ijan092

Normally i have a favorite one but all are amazing!

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

CAN'T believe I was in San Diego, that close, and I didn't remember to go to that! AWW man! I wanted to since you guys first mentioned it.

Posted by ChrisTobar

These are all really amazing. A lot of great talent is hanging on that wall. Will any of them be available for purchase online later.

Posted by blueninjapanther

All the batman art looks awesome

Posted by RedQueen

Simply too much talent to be able to take in..... I actually can't pick a favourite.

Posted by Jolt92

I absolutely love the little bird-Robin.

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