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SDCC 2011: DC Batman Panel LiveBlog [Updated]

What new things can we expect from the Dark Knight?

Looks like there will be many of the new 52 creative teams on this panel. Currently, the panel is running 5 minutes late because the 1st of 3 new 52 panels before this went a bit overboard. It's a full house here, so hopefully, this will get started soon.

3:25- 10 minutes late so far. People are still filing in.

3:30- Mike Marts comes up to intro the panel. David Finch, writer/artist on Dark Knight comes up. Writer of Penguin limited series Greg Horowitz comes up. Gates of Gotham/Detective Comics Batman Scott Snyder comes up. Peter Tomasi walks on up. Batwing and Catwoman writer Judd Winick comes up. Gail Simone comes to the stage. Kyle Higgins of Nightwing strolls on up to the stage. Batman Inc's Chris Burnham comes up. Grant Morrison makes his way up.

3:35- Rachel, the editor of the upcoming Catwoman series gets on the mic, and she says that this upcoming series is one of her favorite takes on the character. It's a dangerous, sexy, charismatic, and intelligent Catwoman. "She's going to be everything you want and more." Chris Burnham says working on Batman Inc is a dream come true. A picture of Batman punching a school girl goes up on the big screen and everyone has a chuckle.

== TEASER ==

3:35- Kyle Higgins jokes that Nightwing won't be any good. "Dick Grayson is at a point right now where he has more exposure than he's ever had." He plans on exploring more of Dick's past. Eddie Barrows is doing art. The art looks fantastic according to Higgins. Gail Simone! She'll be on Batgirl! College student by day, Batgirl at night. "This book looks beautiful... Seeing her as Batgirl [Gordon] is one of my favorite things I've ever seen." Judd Winick is on Catwoman and Batwing. He is really pushing the sexiness of this book... He's said it a few times, and makes jokes about how much he likes saying it. He's taking the character a bit more back to the roots of a thief and a planner.

3:40- Judd on Batwing. "Over the course of the first few issues we're going to learn about who he is and how he came to be." Panel of the art goes up on the screen, and it's amazing looking. Ben Oliver is on the art. His artwork looks like cover art. This may be enough to get me to jump onto the book. The character will fill the Bat-mold very well.

3:45- Scott Lobdell on the Red Hood book. He makes it seem a little more light hearted than I thought it would see. He says it's a great book about damaged characters. Grant Morrison says we'll find out soon about who the Batman Inc team will be fighting. It's not who you think it is, according to Morrison. He's playing off of what Tomasi is doing on Batman and Robin. Scott Snyder says we'll be learning more about the history of Gotham and the enemies of the Wayne family. It's Scott Snyder, so it's going to be awesome. Snyder talks more about Gotham than Batman and his books will most likely revolve around that. Greg Horowitz on Penguin: He's psyched to be on the book. He loves Penguin's sanity. What Batman represents to Penguin. It's a five issue limited series that debuts in October.

3:50- David Finch says he's gained a lot of respect for writing while working on the Dark Knight, and he's very excited about it. I guess it's going right to questions. Question: Are the Bat-villains getting a revamp like the 52? Answer: The classic villains we know and love are staying true to core concepts, and there are some cool new villains. All of the people on the panel are bringing new villains to the table.

3:55- Question: Lateness issues with Batwoman and Dark Knight. Answer: Batwoman has 4 issues complete already. The books will be out on time. David Finch says that it wasn't great for him to give up the writing, but it's made his job a bit easier. Question: Any larger plans for Bane? Answer: Grant Morrison won't be doing anything with Bane. No one else says anything else. Question: Why is Starfire paired with Red Hood and Arsenal? Answer: Scott says the decision was already made, but when you see the book, it feels like they've been together for ages. "In this series she [Starfire] is an alien who wants to figure out what humanity is about, but she's with Jason so it may be a skewered vision of that."

4:00- Question: What was DC's criteria for deaging heroes, and will there be a book about Batman's younger days? Answer: It's always a possibility. They are focused more on the present though. It's not something they're jumping to right away. Question: Why pick Batwing? Answer: They liked him the best. Judd says Grant came up with a great army, but Batwing was a terrific character and Africa is a great place to tell a story. You will see the other characters.

4:05- Q: What is about Batman that makes you want to use him month after month? A: Morrison: He's endlessly adaptable. As a writer, he's a very interesting character to work with. Q: A little kid asks how many Robins are there? A: Panel says 4, audience says 5. Q: I think Christopher Walkin in a little girl form is asking a question. She asks if there will be a Batgirl Inc type book. A: Simone says they are discussing something along those lines. The person isn't a little girl, she's a college student with a tiny voice.

4:10- Q: Does Catwoman still have her daughter? A: Jokingly "I think she's working in Joker's Pet shop." Q: Will Secret Six characters appearing in Batgirl? A: Simone, "they won't appear in there, but they will be scattered around."

4:15- Last question. Q: How much room do they give Grant Morrison. A: He says he knows what they'll looking for and he works with the other writers to keep everything streamlined. Q: Is Batwing going to be Batman: Africa? A: Yes and no. Less politicized and drive a story from it. Last last question: Q: Jason Todd's hair color and what's up with the Batman Beyond series? A: Batman Beyond has a future. Jason Todd's hair color is black. He makes sure Judd doesn't hear him though. (Lobdell)

All done! My fingers hurt!


Here's the images DC has released.

Batman: The Dark Knight
Batman and Robin
Detective Comics
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Posted by doordoor123

I dont expect too much from this becuase DC has a habit of not announcing too much at conventions. But itll be interersting nonetheless.
Posted by Samimista

I'll keep refreshing this LiveBlog to see Batman news. <3

Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl

thanks so much for doing this i somewhat feel like im there but not really! thanks again~
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus


Posted by inferiorego

please don't kill me for misspelling people's names... i'm going as fast as i can...

that's all i ask...

you guys rule!

Posted by Caligula

thanks Mat :D

Posted by Kallarkz
@inferiorego said:

please don't kill me for misspelling people's names... i'm going as fast as i can...

that's all i ask...

you guys rule!

hehe guaranteed nobody is focusing on those ;p. 
Thanks for the updates
Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl

awww i like when little kids ask questions at cons!!!!
Posted by Kallarkz
@inferiorego said:

All done! My fingers hurt!

lol that made me think of the adam sandlers grandmother from Happy Gilmore ;p. 
Thanks once again sir.
Posted by doordoor123
@harleyquinnhawkgirl said:
awww i like when little kids ask questions at cons!!!!

thats creepy. Youre creepy.
Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl

yeah actually no i just like when they ask questions that everyone knows the answer to but they're too young to know yet. so u can take ur preconceived notion back to where it came from
Edited by Duo_forbidden

What about Red Robin? I know he's part of the Teen Titans, but what about his relationship with the Bat family? Is that still in tact? Why didn't he received a series??
Still, Thanks for the info!

Posted by goldenkey

blah blah blah.  just bullshit again.
Posted by SirSparkington

"College student by day, Batgirl at night" - Yet TJK still happened and she somehow became able bodied again?!? How the hell are they gonna pull that one off???

Posted by kennybaese

I'm glad that Batman Inc. will still be going on, though it sounds like there are going to be a few tweaks with the concept... I just hope Morrison's greater story isn't affected as a result. With the Batman epic and All Star Superman, he's earned my trust implicitly.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I went to this panel it was pretty good. I even asked a question

Posted by pikahyper
@SirSparkington said:

"College student by day, Batgirl at night" - Yet TJK still happened and she somehow became able bodied again?!? How the hell are they gonna pull that one off???

That is exactly what I'm wondering too, when TJK happened she was past college years already, this just gets more confusing. I hope TJK didn't happen when she was like in high school or something cause that could totally change the character.
Posted by foxglove

No outcry for Cass and Steph? Sadface.

Posted by G-Man

Updated with images added!

Posted by Caligula
@G-Man said:

Updated with images added!

thanks G-Man
you and all the guys and gals are giving great coverage. tell Caligula says thanks.
Posted by nadral

Red Hood reminds me of deadpool in that art.

Posted by Migz13


Posted by entropy_aegis

What's the point,nothing on Steph,Cass or Bane.Angry face.

Posted by mbembet

Bruce is the only Batman just like clark is the only superman but most people just too stupid to realize that fact

Posted by KainScion

red hood checking starfire's boomboom. nice

Posted by Caligula

I would like some news on Stephanie Brown. Babs going back to being Batgirl really sits wrong with me, and Stephanie's run was the best of any Batgirl's so I'm curious what's going on with her. Hopefully not DC limbo.

Posted by Croi

Wow, I love the artwork!

Posted by B_Heart

Loving the all the new artwork, especially the red hood and catwoman stuff

Posted by entropy_aegis

The art is great everywhere except for Batman.

Posted by Geniusmonkey

Hyped for Kenneth Rocafort stuff, as his run on Action Comic has been the nuts! All the other books look similarly cool, and I think Batwing just crept into my expanding list of titles to buy in September (when I'm gonna have to sell my hair on the black market to pay for all this) How is Barbra Gordon a college student and able to walk despite the Killing Joke remaining canon? Does post flashpoint world revert back to before certain stuff happened or are some titles just focusing on re-tweaked early career shit (like Action Comics)?

Posted by The Poet

cool! This makes me more certian about the future of comics by DC, though maybe not the Batman series.

Posted by keith71_98

Some of this art looks freaking fantastic!
Posted by RedRobin92

The Riddler is so damn stupid looking