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Scott Snyder Teases new Bat-Character

Who is this new character and what will she mean for Batman?

Another reason you have to love Twitter is sometimes creators will send out teases for their books. Scott Snyder just teased a new character appearing in BATMAN #28 (26 is on sale this week).

The only thing listed was:

tease from the new BATMAN #28 by Arkham escapee Dustin Nguyen

At first I read that as the character was an Arkham escapee but it could be that Scott is referring to Dustin as the escapee. You have to admit the blue is a little reminiscent to Nightwing's original look. Of course anyone can have purple hair if they really wanted it but we are reminded of Harper Row, who has been trying to do more in Batman's world. Could this be her new look? The big old gun makes that a little questionable. We'll have to wait and see.

What do you think?

You can read what Scott has to say about Zero Year and a special surprise coming half way through HERE.


To make it clear, click the link above to read what Scott has to say about BATMAN #28. Basically, Scott wanted to expand the issue a little to give it more room and not have it feel crammed. In order to be fair to Greg Capullo, he thought having an issue instead show the future of BATMAN for #28 would be nice to give Greg more time.

Then I started thinking about all the crazy plans we have in BATMAN, and in BATMAN ETERNAL (the weekly), for Gotham of 2014, and I figured: what if, as a thank you to you guys for all the support, we took a month off from ZY right at the halfway point, and instead did a special issue that showed you what's coming up in the world of Batman AFTER ZY? Not an issue that cuts to the present, but one that actually shows you a glimpse of the FUTURE of Batman - Gotham circa summer 2014?

So I got to talking with the other Gotham writers, and we agreed that with all the crazy stuff that's going to happen in 2014 - and my goal above all in 2014 is to keep things daring and fun - it'd be a thrill to do a total spoiler issue. A stand-alone issue that takes place in the near future and reveals all sorts of massive surprises coming to Gotham in the spring and summer of 2014.

After getting the ok from editorial on the issue, I approached pal Dustin Nguyen about drawing it, told him the crazy stuff in it, and he signed on, to my immense gratitude.

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If this is Harper it makes me infinitely happier that she's the new Nightwing rather than the new Robin. Let's face it Dick just CAN'T remain Nightwing after Forever Evil. It makes sense that someone else will have to take over the role.

Posted by LordoftheNorth

The first thing i looked at was that stupid Mohawk and said yep thats Harper Row

Posted by RaggedScarecrow
@hawkguy said:

@raggedscarecrow said:

Do we know when Zero Year ends, because if 28 is still in Zero Year that probably isn't Harper, as she wouldn't be old enough.

It's not, Snyder said this is 6 months into the future of the present day DCU. Post-Forever Evil.

Yeah it's definitely Harper then. She probably had to step up when most of the heroes went missing. Still, it'll be interesting to see how the fallout of Forever Evil plays out across all the titles.

Posted by manwithoutshame

This looks like a new character.

Posted by Al_capOWN

Batman 28 will sell out!

Edited by yo_yo_fun

Well I'm excited!

I'm definitely intrigue.

Posted by Wilbertus

Harper hasn't really won me over yet, but I am curious to see how this plays out.

Posted by millennium

if this is harper row then a glad to see that dc's batman editorial staff are giving this the ok since she's the type of character that the company usually trys not to put in big spots (name me one character that dc has that has ether piercing and or tattoos that also has a counter culture look too them and are featured in a big / mildly big spot)

Posted by batshrine

Ya I really hope this is Harper, and I am really glad they didn't really sexualize this character at all. It's nice to have a female character not ruled by her sexuality.

Edited by D_Knight

Didnt harper have gear/motor equipement similar to this in detective comics 21

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

Looks like one of the Sons of Batman from The Dark Knight Returns.

Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie

This has definitely peaked my interest...

Edited by knightofthechronicle

Definitely Harper, you can even tell by the piercings on her ears. By far that's a great costume and the whole spoiler filled issue sounds great, I love it when we get those kinds of issues

Edited by Mrfuzzynutz

I need to see this done by another artist, because as it stands I don't like the look, just to many elements thrown in. I really hope this is not the new Nightwing, but the mask and tattoo links to a Bat Family member

Posted by BR_Havoc

@millennium: I really do not see how you can praise Harper as being this rare unique character. She is not an original character at all she is Lizbeth Salander come to Gotham that is why she was made and placed in the book.

The design looks okay still borderlines that edgy phase DC is going threw.

Posted by Black_Claw

@sho3s22 said:

@wessaari said:

..... I am now afraid Dick Grayson will in fact die and this will be the new Nightwing

this. i would be extremely more upset if harper is the new nightwing over robin. I will drop dc all together if dick dies.

Considering what Didio wanted to do to the guy in the past, I wouldn't be surprised by an outcome like this. I'd still be pissed though.

Posted by Protoflash

Cool. Good to see that harper row is finally getting some more attention. I think that she is one of the best things to happen in the new 52 thus far and I'm glad that she'll be getting more panel-time.

Edited by ARMIV2

That design is pretty kick ass. Seriously.

Posted by LordoftheNorth

@protoflash: Really? she hasnt even done anything besides for get in batman's way

Edited by GeekyEverAfter

Hmmm... I'm intrigued.

Posted by KnightRise

I'm open minded, going to give it a chance, willing to accept change for the sake of the better, and have complete faith in Snyder but I SWEAR TO GOD IF SHE REPLACES DICK AS NIGHTWING I WILL RIOT AND RAMPAGE IN THE STREETS OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Jbreen

Definitely looks like Harper in a Nightwing styled get-up, it looks good.

Posted by Darkmount1

To quote "Weird Al" Yankovic's parody of "Lump"--entitled "Gump--"What's with that hair?"

Posted by Protoflash

@lordofthenorth: I like her character, and she saved bat mans life in her first appearance. Plus she didn't exactly get in bat mans way so much as she tried to fight crime with no real idea of how to do it.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

That's pretty horrible and it is 100% harper

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

Just another throw away bat family character

Edited by Mercy_

I haven't been keeping up with Batman (or DC as a whole, really), but I'm kinda digging this design.

Edited by Mojo65

Huh, A new Female Nightwing, That's EXACTLY what a "Leak" from 4chan's /co/ detailed like a month ago, at the time I dismissed it as just someone spewing up stuff for laughs as "leaks" on /co/ usually are but I guess in this case it might of actually been an Insider.

o and if you are wondering the leak also says that Dick doesn't die and is in fact the star of a new team book but apparently as just Dick Grayson. And some other details on new books and character reintroductions.

Posted by NightFang


Posted by Buckshot

Very Ladytron.


I know right? Ladytron being a part of Batman would be the best.

Posted by KJPComics

It's Cassanda Cain

Posted by SilverPool

I'm actually liking the look....

@wessaari said:

..... I am now afraid Dick Grayson will in fact die and this will be the new Nightwing

... but this scares me.

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Cool design.

Edited by Mojo65

This was posted on /co/ over a month ago by someone claiming to be a DC insider.

>There will be three new Justice League titles launching in April. The already announced JUSTICE LEAGUE CANADA will replace JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA thru August as a result of events in FOREVER EVIL. The others will spin out of FOREVER EVIL as well:

>OUTLAW JUSTICE. In this modern day western adventure series, superheroes have been outlawed in post-FOREVER EVIL America and the most wanted man in the country is Dick Grayson. He will lead an underground band of heroes operating behind enemy lines, hunted by both sides.

>YOUNG JUSTICE will focus on the lives and loves of the next generation of superheroes. This series will include THE NEW 52 debut of heroes like: Aqualad and Miss Martian.

>All of these series will be part of the build up to September 2014's big event: JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED, a 52-week long Justice League series, featuring heroes and villains from across time and space, led by Booster Gold and a popular returning hero not seen since THE NEW 52 started.

>Also debuting in April, THE ALL NEW NIGHTWING #30. Who is the mysterious new guardian of Gotham City? Not even Batman knows HER secrets.


Though I guess with the change in what they are doing with the Batman main title she'll be introduced a bit earlier. Or this is total bullshit and just a weird coencidence, I hope not though cause other than hero's being outlawed I like the sound of everything here.

Posted by War Killer

Like the design, not sure about the gun though.

Posted by InFamous_Wolf

I'll be honest, this design looks kinda lame(really not feeling the haircut.....just no).

Posted by Gorehorn

Well, that design looks terrible. Especially from the neck up, but the body armor is a little too busy as well.

Edited by Bloxxeh

She's gonna be Nightwing I bet.

Posted by XxHeavyRainxX

I see where people are getting the thought that it may be Harper, and the costume certainly has a lot in common with the Nightwing outfit, but the gun, it seems to me, disqualifies all of those. I think we're seeing a completely new character.


I assume its Cassandra Cain.

& she looks like crap.

Honestly, DC, please stop with the constant boots & reboots of characters. All it does is dilute the franchise & make it impossible for barely interested mainstream audiance to care.

No movie will ever be made about these replacement second-string sidekicks. Robin will always be Dick Greyson. Batgirl will always be Barbara. The only time is if they made a team movie, & need a diverse cast.

The reason why GL or Flash are not on the same level as Batman or Superman, or WW, is that there are 4-5 of them. Its hard enough when there is one one, like the Martian Manhunter.

Posted by blur1528

@wessaari said:

..... I am now afraid Dick Grayson will in fact die and this will be the new Nightwing

I bet it's Harper Row

Yeah... Looks like both. Chest design subtly hints at Nightwing as does the two track suit lines on the sleeves. Taking over the mantle but without all the bad taste of a blatant costume copy.

Posted by cameron83

@mojo65 said:

Huh, A new Female Nightwing, That's EXACTLY what a "Leak" from 4chan's /co/ detailed like a month ago, at the time I dismissed it as just someone spewing up stuff for laughs as "leaks" on /co/ usually are but I guess in this case it might of actually been an Insider.

o and if you are wondering the leak also says that Dick doesn't die and is in fact the star of a new team book but apparently as just Dick Grayson. And some other details on new books and character reintroductions.

, you know anymore? Or at least in detail? Have a link?

Posted by boschePG

It looks like Ladytron from WildCATs

Posted by mattwing87

She better get her own book! We need more Bat books!

Posted by KJPComics

By the looks of her costume, seems like they'll be going through a post-apocalyptic type era, as outlaws, warriors, etc. Still, by them pointing out the "Hood" I believe it will be Cassandra Cain.

Posted by dbatdog

Can't wait :)

Posted by HushoftheWind

I can't believe so many people of approve this. Im kind of pissed that DC is just giving Dick Grayson's mantle away again. Yeah i know that Nightwing was first a Kryptonian hero first but Grayson pretty much made that character. I dont mind Harper Row becoming "bat" character but why take the name of such an established character? I hope this doesnt last long because Dick deserves better.