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Scott Pilgrim Movie Trailer Vs. The Graphic Novel

Have you wondered how true the movie will be to the books?


I admit, I am often the first to complain when a movie based on a book digresses from the original story, so I was actually pretty happy to see this. If you, like me, are one of the many people that didn't make it to the screening of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World at San Diego Comic-Con, then you haven't seen enough of the movie to assess whether or not it is true to the graphic novel. If the trailer is any indication of the film's accuracy, then I have a feeling that it will be very similar. One very big Scott Pilgrim fan decided to take pages from the graphic novel and edit them over the film trailer. You'll find that the trailer is practically word-for-word, straight out of the graphic novel. I'll admit, I'm impressed. What do you guys think? Thanks to Matt Rorie from Screened for finding this and beating us to the punch!
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Spirited from the 'Have comics been mined to death" thread: 
Comics will always have a place in Hollywood for one simply reason: The pitch. 
Movie executives and producers are unceasingly inundated by scriptments, treatments, scripts, and screenplays which make an ever-lovin' barrier of mono-spaced text to entry.  They have to balance risk, reward, cost, and appeal all based on text which may or may not translate to screen and which may or may not even be read by the money in the room. 
Enter the comic. 
The comic not only tells the story visually, presenting style, action, plot, color, staging, storyboarding, etc. all in one, it tends to be less dense reading, it is portable and accessible requiring no additional equipment like a Pre-Vis DVD might, it's execution can be ideal (capturing an idea, scene, shot, etc. better than anything in mere text can and often even better than the film itself barring extensive post-production), and finally- if published- sales of the book can establish a market and an audience. 
Of course, the degree to which a director may rely on the source material will vary (compare Wanted or RED to Watchmen or Scott Pilgrim), but the underlying point is that they're critical for getting the foot through the door. 
Things that are popular and creator owned/discretely defined demand faithfulness... whereas things that are obscure (like Wanted or RED) are freely molded.  Most mainstream superhero comics fall within a strange grey area of being popular to incredibly indefinite barring origins/costume since every writer who comes down the pipe has their own take... but if they pick a discrete work (a specific story arc, say New Frontier or Red Hood) the faithfulness can increase. 
It's good to see the director taking Scott Pilgrim respecting the original.

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Well if the book is a lot like the movie (since I've only seen the movie) the the book must be fairly enjoyable...
I can't comment on accuracy since I haven't read the book though...
Although I did see another You Tube video where they did a similar think only exception is they played the video of the trailer at the same...

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Exhaustive break down here of an earlier trailer but SPOILERS ABOUND... 

I actually expect the film to be better than the comic overall because in the condensed film format he's likely to be a more stand-up guy by romantic comedy standards (than in the book where he's more of a self-absorbed jerk but it has more time to develop that as realistic).
Posted by Journey Into Chaos

Don't worry Babs, i'm the same way.  People get annoyed with because of it...  I just wish directors would get the point. *cough*  X-men : First Class *cough*.

Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

Looks like a good movie!!!

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Posted by NightFang

That was cool.

Posted by James Lasagnaboy

That's awesome.

Posted by The Velvet Rabbit

I'm glad to see it staying true to its' source material - I usually don't have a problem with a few divergences here-and-there, but it's nice to see that such a good book might really be getting its' due

Posted by daken_2513

i never read the book movie looks good though
Posted by Jotham

Pretty good job.

Posted by roxamilli

i never realized exactly how close the movie probably will be to the book. Can't wait for Friday!