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Scott Lobdell Wants Your Questions

You have a small window to submit questions to be answered by next week.

In the past, Scott Lobdell has answered your questions. He loves doing it. He loved it so much that it started taking him away from actually writing. We can't have that. We're going to do this again.

Starting right now, for the next 24 hours, you can ask questions about the zero issues, Superman, Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Teen Titans, Death of the Family, etc. But there's a catch.

Scott will only be answering FIVE QUESTIONS. Also, his mother will be choosing the questions, so let's keep them civil. You can only ask ONE QUESTION per post. No two-part questions.

Questions can be submitted for the next 24 hours, until Saturday, September 22 at 10 a.m. PT. The questions will be selected and Scott will answer them first thing next week.

If all goes well, we just might make this a regular weekly feature.

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Posted by jointron33

What was the reasoning behind retconning Beast Boy's history with the Doom Patrol/his contracting of Sakutia and turning green?

Edited by theTimeStreamer

why do you suck so much at writing superman?

Posted by IronAngelX

Does Jason Todd have a sibling that we do not about yet?

Posted by HubrisRanger

Is it intimidating writing a character with the history and legacy of Superman?

Posted by batfan916

Since superboy prime from what we know does not exist in the new52, what in your eyes was the cause of Jason coming back from the grave? I love how you kept it kinda open ended in Redhood and the outlaws but is there a definitive answer? Thank you for keeping comics not only fresh but just plain fun to read. I find myself laughing and smiling when I read your stuff which I feel is what comics should do.

Edited by jesusdisciple001

good day Mir i want to ask until what issue will he write super-man and will it be wit Mr Rocafort

Posted by KnightRise

Don't you mean Saturday, September 22nd?

Posted by TheCrowbar

In the simplest phrase, what is Superman? To us the readers, to the people of the world and to the people in metropolis? What is he viewed as?

Posted by DarkChris

So, do you or DC know what will happen with Tim Drake's past?

Posted by Cavemold

For Lobdell any truth of Jim lee and Scott synder do a superman book ? How would that make you feel if they were doing one? Would it be competition for you?

Posted by thanosrules

Where do you draw the inspiration for the characters you write (as they vary quite a bit and come with a lot of canon)?

Posted by htb106

First of all, Scott, thanks for all of the great Teen Titans, RHATO and Superboy stories you've given us for the last year and I'm extremely excited for your run on Superman, it's gonna be great!

My question:

How do you get how so many brilliant but extremely different characters think and speak in your head when you're writing them in your great stories month after month? E.G. Roy Harper to Zaniel Templar.

Posted by Kozmik

@theTimeStreamer: his debut on superman is next week..... i don't understand your question

Anyway, there are so many questions I can ask; I finally settled on this:

How would the currents events of Justice League reflect in your Superman run, if at all?

Posted by Cavemold

How would you feel if jim lee and Scott Snyder were doing a superman book?

Posted by htb106

@theTimeStreamer: How would you know? none of his stories have been released yet?

I'm sure they'll be good.

Posted by kingdomenic

Can Superman fly?

Posted by StarKiller809

Will H'el on Earth be self contained or will I have to buy the other series as well.  
Looking forward to your Superman. 

Posted by G-Man

@KnightRise: Yes!

Posted by Twentyfive

Do you or the DC higher-ups have any plans for other Metropolis characters like Steel and his niece?

I noticed in the solicitations that he will appear in an upcoming issue of Animal Man. Weird book for Steel, I thought.

Thanks for a reply (if I get one, lol).

Posted by postman

Can you name 3 villains we'll be seeing in your Superman run besides Lex Luthor and He'll?

Posted by GingerSnap

As a big fan of Lois Lane, I was wondering if you could share your thoughts on the character, in general, and any details about what I could expect to see develop in her personal and professional life during your upcoming arc. Thanks!

Posted by Billy Batson

How will your run differ from the previous Superman runs? Long answer, please ];

Posted by Mucklefluga

Are Tim Drake's parents dead?

Posted by ALFMutant

Why giving these masochists costumes to the Teen Titans?

Posted by EvanTheMexiJew

Will we ever see actual closure between Jason Todd and Batman, or is the story just going to be "well, Jason just forgave him eventually."

Posted by leokearon

What is your opinion on Event Comics (such as A Vs X, Flashpoint, FInal Crisis, etc) in General?

Posted by SmashBrawler

How many classic Superman villains will you be bringing back in your run?

Posted by thatcoolguysteven

With all the new DC shows coming out like Arrow and possibly Wonder Woman, do you think a show based off of Redhood and the Outlaws could be made?

Posted by Crackdown

We saw that Jason Todd's mother was pregnant when his father was arrested. What were you thinking when you wrote that? Any implications for the future of the Todd family?

Posted by Lvenger

Do you have plans to use Helspont once again in the future in your stint as Superman writer?

Posted by Bobzenub

1) Will we get any resolution for the underlying Daemonite storyline lampshaded in several New 52 titles, including Superman, hopefully within six months?

2) Same question for the Harvest/Culling storyline. Needless to say, we have basically learnt nothing of the guy's motivations and goals.

3) Will be more characters joining Red Hood's team in RHatO? Sure are there several pre-existing and new characters in stock who would fit into the groups profile? Crux for instance seemed to have a lot of potential, if space for character development is ensured.

4) Will we see Superboy interact more with Caitlin Fairchild? Honestly, I loved how their relationship was portrayed in the first few issues, and I'm not expecting a romance or something. It's like it was Conner who brought out Caitlin's empathic, motherly side in the first place, while she challenged Conner's views regarding one's place in the world if they were changed or even designed for other people's purposes.

5) Any updates on your creator owned title, Awesome? I remember some interviews from the time of last year's San Diego Comic Con, but nothing since then. Even the website seems to be dead at the moment.

Edited by Grimoire

I would ask are we going to see what the new 52 Superman can really do anytime soon because it seems they are making him weaker than almost everyone so far. lol

Posted by Sovereign91001

Since you've mentioned we were going to see a lot of Krypton's background, is there a chance we will see any mention of/or the connection between Rao and the earthly pantheon of gods?

Posted by Comiclove5

@jointron33 said:

What was the reasoning behind retconning Beast Boy's history with the Doom Patrol/his contracting of Sakutia and turning green?

That sounds like more of a question for editoral and Howard Mackie, and I think it was to connect him with The Red from Animal Man.

Posted by BoyWander

I'm curious as to how big a role will Jason be playing in the upcoming "Death of the Family" story arc?

Posted by Bulk88

Given that Superman was suffered some problems with fan reactions, what do you believe will set your run apart from the previous two runs on Superman?

Edited by SolthesunGod

There was a recent news story about the content of a Teen Titans trade (that you wrote) being changed to remove the notion that Tim Drake had ever been Robin. Late changes like these are giving the impression that DC has not mapped out their new "five year" chronology and personally it's really confusing me. What's the level of communication between DC editorial and the writers on matters of continuity and are you finding the changing continuity problematic yourself when it comes to plotting your titles?

Posted by mtbmonkey

Will we find out more of Roy Harper and Oliver Queen?

Posted by Comiclove5

First off I have to thank you for writing Teen Titans. The title hasn't been this good since Johns' Run. Also My wallet would like to thank you for leaving Superboy. Now my Question: Are there any plans for Static to join the Teen Titans? or for their to be any new additions to the Titans or the Outlaws?

Posted by Sovereign91001

What is your favorite Superman arc post and pre COIE?

Posted by KnightRise

Do you have any plans for a personal interaction between Dick and Jason?

Posted by magicman620

Hey Scott,

Hey I was wondering if the Outlaws will be recruiting any new members into this group of misfits? I really enjoy reading the Red Hood and the Outlaws. It is such an awesome book. I also hope this isn't the last see of Crux or Isabel again. I think they are great characters and I hope they are seen again in the DCU. Anyway props again with the great job you have done.

Posted by McKlayn

Do you see Jason Todd mending his relationship with any of the bat family?

Posted by RedHood1110

1. Is there any talk of a Dick/Kori reunion during "Death of the Family"?

2. Will Jason be the crowbar-swinging hero who lays a karmic save-the-day smackdown on Joker and earn the grudging respect and acceptance of the Bat-Family once again?

Posted by Sovereign91001

Seeing as Superman is the DC character traditionally linked with the New Gods and since they're showing up in Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman and Superman are romantically involved will we be seeing the New Gods anytime in the future?

Posted by OhCrumbsComics

Will Superman need to be installing a dog flap in the Fortress of Solitude any time soon?

Posted by Sovereign91001

Will Lex and General Lane's reaction to the Superman and Wonder Woman's romance be shown?

Edited by Sovereign91001

Do you have any synchronization in the Superman title with the writers/stories of Justice League, Wonder Woman or Action Comics or the upcoming Trinity War?

Edited by Blood1991

@theTimeStreamer said:

why do you suck so much at writing superman?

Really? No wonder other writers don't want to do this and his Mama is going to see these!

Posted by GothamRed

So why the ending bit with the Joker in RH&tO #0?