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Scott Lobdell Wants YOUR Questions: October 2011 Edition

The writer wants to answer your burning questions about the titles he's writing.

As you know, Scott Lobdell is the writer for Superboy, Teen Titans and Red Hood and the Outlaws. Recently, Scott asked you guys for questions and said he would answer. It turned out you all had a lot of questions. He answered them in three chunks since there were so many. You can read them here, here and here.

Here is a message from Scott:

Dear Comic Vine!

It is that time again -- to take questions directly from youse guys!

I only ask two things:

While you are free to post whatever questions you'd like -- please keep them down to a question and a single follow up. It is a problem when you imbed five or six (or even three or four) questions into one question.

And secondly, because no one wants me to get fired (Right?! Um... RIGHT?!) I'm going to ask Tony to pick out the TOP TWENTY POSTS (interview questions) for me to answer. (Those first 145 questions turned out to be way more labor intensive than I could justify in terms of schedule!)

As always, I'm sure you guys are going to be awesome.

So fire away!


Ask your questions below in comments. Please keep them clear and to the point. Try to focus on his current books and not stuff like "What did you think about The Avengers trailer?" We'll close this off Friday, October 14 at midnight PT. Scott will take the twenty questions we select and we'll post his answers next week. Come up with some good ones and try to skim through any previous questions so we don't get a bunch of repeated questions over and over.

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Posted by unbreakableburr

Hi Scott, I placed this in the wrong month, however the question still stands: how closely will the Lex Luthor of the new 52 resemble the Michael Rosenbaum incarnation: someone who protects what they think is there's by any means necessary, legal or otherwise but not necessarily 'evil'.

Posted by etragedy

I'm actually a little curious - and bear with me, because this is kind of another Starfire controversy question, but not exactly in the same vein as the rest, I'm only using it as an example for a broader question I've always wondered about --- when a comic causes a lot of controversy (as with Red Hood and the Outlaws) do comic writers ever get 'called into the bosses office' like all the rest of us, or is DC's editorial / management pretty 'hands-off' when dealing with the creatives? In another sense - can you get away with anything, or are there ever "emergency story meetings" if you know what I mean.

Posted by Sinestro2828

Hello Mr. Lobdell, I'd like to ask how strong Starfire is in terms of super strength and durability/invulnerability? She's the only superpowered member of the Outlaws so I'd figure her strength would be amped up from before to be better able to serve as the team's powerhouse against super powered adversaries, both good & bad alike.

Follow Up Question: What does Arsenal bring to the Outlaws team that Redhood doesn't? I mean, does Roy have any skills or talents that Jason lacks or can't do better? I mean, before I heard they were teaming up, I kinda always thought of Arsenal as "Redhood Light" if ya know what I mean, basically identical skillsets only Jason clearly had the edge in every regard.

Edited by taraquino

Hello, Mr. Lobdell.

So, I just read an article about Teen Titans on DC ALL ACCESS: YOUNG JUSTICE on Newsarama. You said us before that there were a Titans team before this new one. Your Editor says don't. I think there is an incoherent issue there, right?

I hope that there were a group. A lot of fans are upset about that... Please, Mr. Lobdell, what we do have to think???

And, that "Charcoal Girl" is the same Solstice created by Krul and Nicolla?


Posted by jonmwilson1979

I want to second RedheadedAtrocitus's question about Prodicus. It feels like Lobdell wanted to use King Shark but then had to change the script to avoid conflict with Suicide Squad. Is this anywhere near the truth?

Posted by God_Spawn

With Higgins making Nightwing 21 again, I saw Jason and Roy drinking on the beach so does that make them just under age drinkers like outlaws?So where does this put Jason, Starfire and Roy age wise?

Posted by Rabbit_May_Cry

You avoided me last time, so I'll ask again here.

First, I want to thank you for giving Jason his own book away from the Batfamily troubles that plagued his life. It's a great start that I understand...but not fully.

I don't think that Jason should be rid of ALL of them. For 1, I believe that Jason and Grayson's relationship as brothers should be shown more from time to time. Because to me...they were the two brotherly ones. He hates Tim, and doesn't care to know Damian.

I also would love to see Jason and Cassandra (Cain) meet. I believe strongly that these two could have a romance that would rival the likes of Bruce&Selina, and Grayson&Barbra. But they need their chance. This would also help to open Jason's character more to show how he is with someone he genuinely cares about, and it could also help to bring Cassandra into the new DCnU.

So my question is as followed...

Can you allow this to happen? Because Jason needs a girlfriend, and Cassandra is perfect.

Posted by BlackArmor

Scott thanks for answering questions

will you ever have Tim finish up plots left unfinished in Red Robin: dealing with the century old computer voice that want's tim as a replacement. Helping Cassandra Cain beat the Cricket a villian able to brake Tim's arm and effortlessly defeat Cass. Deal with Promise and the Mysterious hooded lady who wants to uhhem complete a "ceromony years in the making" aka creating another Daimien like charecter