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Scott Lobdell Wants YOUR Questions: October 2011 Edition

The writer wants to answer your burning questions about the titles he's writing.

As you know, Scott Lobdell is the writer for Superboy, Teen Titans and Red Hood and the Outlaws. Recently, Scott asked you guys for questions and said he would answer. It turned out you all had a lot of questions. He answered them in three chunks since there were so many. You can read them here, here and here.

Here is a message from Scott:

Dear Comic Vine!

It is that time again -- to take questions directly from youse guys!

I only ask two things:

While you are free to post whatever questions you'd like -- please keep them down to a question and a single follow up. It is a problem when you imbed five or six (or even three or four) questions into one question.

And secondly, because no one wants me to get fired (Right?! Um... RIGHT?!) I'm going to ask Tony to pick out the TOP TWENTY POSTS (interview questions) for me to answer. (Those first 145 questions turned out to be way more labor intensive than I could justify in terms of schedule!)

As always, I'm sure you guys are going to be awesome.

So fire away!


Ask your questions below in comments. Please keep them clear and to the point. Try to focus on his current books and not stuff like "What did you think about The Avengers trailer?" We'll close this off Friday, October 14 at midnight PT. Scott will take the twenty questions we select and we'll post his answers next week. Come up with some good ones and try to skim through any previous questions so we don't get a bunch of repeated questions over and over.

Posted by danhimself

No questions just statements from me. I've loved all of your new 52 books so far. Just finished reading Superboy #2 and loved it!!! Plus from what I saw it looks like you're already hinting that Caitlin isn't a normal human at all. I really do love that she's in the book. Gen13 was one of my favorite books growing up and I loved Gail Simone's version of them as well so I'm really glad that they didn't get the shaft. Keep up the amazing work!!!

Posted by Outside_85

I'll say I didn't expect this to happen again.
But here goes:
1) Were you in any way surprised that your (so far initial) portrayal of Starfire received such a vast amount of negative feedback from the community?   
Follow-up/unrelated question; Are you planning on bringing Raven into one of your books? (Though I am personally hoping for her appearance in JLD rather than anything under the Young Justice banner)

Posted by Jonny_Rogers

Any Jericho plans?

Posted by Jonny_Rogers

Note: If so, please make him mute again. Thank you!

Posted by GuNaM

Any chance to see RAVEN in any of the series ?? PLEASE i need to see her in the new dcu

what about the cameo of solstice, beast boy, miss martian and static ?? future members ??

Please add 1 more girl in red hood and the outlws

Posted by speedstermike

How come Jason has the bat symbol on his custom? Isn't he working away from Batman?

Posted by Darthmat

Which New-52 #1 issue do you consider your greatest success?

(Thanks for answering last time! Lovelovelove Teen Titans and Superboy!!)

Posted by higher_evolutionary
@SpiritGoat said:

Will Tim like boys

?????? is he gay or something
Posted by DKing_CiCADA

Do you think you will eventually incorporate past teen titans in such as Raven, Beast Boy, Blue Devil, ect. maybe even blue beetle, but I'm not sure if you would have to talk to Tony Bedard about that one.

Posted by Multiverse

I've enjoyed most of what I've read from the new 52, including the books you wrote. What do you think about the idea of former sidekicks taking on their mentor's roles? For example, Kon-El, Tim Drake, Cassandra, and Roy Harper would probably do things a bit differently if they took over their mentors' superhero identities.

Posted by Omegalpha

Kudos on the strong start to your titles, Mr. Lobdell. Superboy was the biggest surprise of the New 52 for me.
I have more of a general question, and would be fine with a vague answer in terms of details as long as the depth of the response is still there. What draws you to these projects and what do you hope to accomplish overall with each of your three titles?
And if I may, what do you feel are your weaknesses and how do you plan to address them moving forward?

Posted by daredevil21134

Will Jason Todd meet Huntress

Posted by hehey

Exactly how long has Tim Drake been investigating these K.N.O.W.H.E.R.E guys anyway?, that K.N.O.W.H.E.R.E leader guy was talking as if Tim had been spilling their secrets on the net for quite some time.

Posted by Munsu

Like many others I was pretty turned-off with the changes you made to Starfire. I mean I got you were trying to show her as some confident, sexual woman, but it really didn't come across that way. But since there will probably be a bunch of Starfire questions I'll to ask mine a little differently.

When will Starfire act like a hero again? And if you wanted to change Starfire's personality and history, and just focus on her past without the Titans, why didn't you just reboot her character and make it so she was new to Earth? Her being new to Earth would at least explain her rather unusual behavior/lack of morals and choosing to follow Jason around. I mean she has been on Earth for 3-4 years, given her time with the Titans, and you would think that during that time she would have gotten used to Earth and adopted its norms/morals, especially spending time and building strong relationships with Dick, Donna, and others who have a strong set of morals (something Starfire had). You would think she would at least understand to the point that sleeping with and supporting someone who wants your former love, Dick Grayson, dead might not be a good decision. Her supporting Jason is like Dick supporting Starfire's sister, Blackfire, which is why it is so odd to me. The same could be asked about Roy too, but it is disappointing that all the former Titans are all an bad terms with each other after disbanding.

Posted by PrincessSolaria

Dear Scott:

Which characters are in danger of not exist in this new 52?

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt
@higher_evolutionary said:
@SpiritGoat said:

Will Tim like boys

?????? is he gay or something
No. that guy asked a similar question the last time Scott took questions. I think he either has a really big crush on tim or is a troll.
Posted by TheRedRobin

Why did you feel neccescary to make Starfire an oversexual character

Posted by DarkShadows

If you ever get a chance to use Wally West, are you going to reintroduce his relationship with Raven? Even though they never started an actual relationship, he was in love with her, and all of the sudden his feelings for her disappeared. I always found their relationship interesting and cute.

Who is Dustin? I don't remember any Dustin in the Teen Titans when you mention him at Outlaws #1.

And, do you know how awesome you are for finding the time to answer fans questions?

Posted by SpiritGoat

@Avenging-X-Bolt: Who doesn't have a crush on Tim Drake have you seen his hair

Posted by Grubich

Without sounding sappy or anything, will we see any emotional conflict with Jason in the Oultlaws? Something giving him a defining characteristic moment like previous story arcs? And I don't know if you've answered this or not but do you have any details about the 4th character Crux that you can share?

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt
@SpiritGoat said:

@Avenging-X-Bolt: Who doesn't have a crush on Tim Drake have you seen his hair

...............I can't even argue with you. There's just too much truth in your statement.
Edited by mickeyangel

Since the New 52 was first announced there have been a few debated topics, some very poignant about the industry and some more minor about character and continuity: the extent of female artists in the comics industry; or Barbara Gordon walking and handi-capable heroes; or Supes and Lois never being married; or WW's pants, etc. All this seemed to fade into the background when Catwoman and Red Hood and the Outlaws comics started a whole new, imo, frank discussion about portrayal of women in comics. I am not going to ask about Starfire because about dozens of questions before mine asked it and you may answer it. My question is how did you feel about the reaction - were you surprised? Has it made an impact on how you approach the material going forward or do you just disregard it and keep to your story?

Posted by moviegeek17

As an aspiring comic book writer i have to ask you. How do you write multiple books on a monthly schedule and my follow up is do you have any tips on how new writers can prepares themselves to write multiple books in a month?

Posted by Miss Marvel

Did/Does Stephanie Brown exsist and does Tim Drake know her? 
And if Steph does exsist-- will she ever appear?  
Posted by buttersdaman000

Will Superboys Tactile Telekinesis finally be further utilized?  

Posted by papo

Was really necessary to change Tim Drake written by Geoff Johns on teen titans?

Since it lead him to be Red Robin a full developed character and now he is just another member of a team.

Posted by PrototypeEnchanced

@JimmyOlsen1: How do you translate the different personalities of these characters onto paper and make it so that they are their own unique people and not faceless mannequins or over-exaggerated stereotypes of like the antihero or over-sexualized vixen?

Edited by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

1.) In regards of your new Titans (Bunker and Bugg), will we soon know the name of your third new Titan that several people/sourses have called “Charcoal Girl”? (I’ve always thought a name like “Abyss” or “Ebony” would work out.)

-Why did you changed Buker from “The Wall”? Did it sound better than the other?

-Is “Bugg” a name we can take seriously as a Teen Titan.

2.) After receiving much controversy about Starfire in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS, are you proud or ashamed of yourself? Or both?

3.) What does N.O.W.H.E.R.E. stand for?

4.) Not only I was surprised to see Rose Wilson/Ravager in SUPERBOY, but I was also surprised to see Catlin Fairchild from Wildstorm’s GEN-13. Why have Fairchild as a supporting character for Superboy?

-Will she become Superboy’s love interest?

-Will she become an ally to the Teen Titans?

-Will she go gen-active at some point? (Meaning, will she have powers again soon?)

-Will we see the other members of GEN-13 in the DCNU? (Grunge? Rainmaker? Freefall? Finch? Burnout?)

Edited by TheRedRobin96

Scott, alot of people are mad about Starfire, I for one am allowing the change, so how are you going to make it up to the fans? Or do you have something epic like you usually do, already planned out?

Follow up: Dude I want your autograph on Teen Titans bad, so are there any conventions you are going to in Washington region???

Edited by The Impersonator

If there hadn't been low sales, would the 52 event still happen? Or has the 52 event been planned before the low sales?

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt
@Miss Marvel said:
Did/Does Stephanie Brown exsist and does Tim Drake know her? And if Steph does exsist-- will she ever appear?  
It was confirmed weeks ago that Steph does exist and will return in December as the Spoiler
Edited by Fantasgasmic

Question about characters: A lot of attention has been given to characters who didn't survive the reboot/ haven't shown up yet even in press releases (Raven, Donna Troy, Stephanie Brown, Wally West, etc.). What characters were included in the reboot that you could live without, and why (or why are there none, if that's your answer)?

Follow up, also about characters: Do you think Wildstorm getting folded into the DCU (e.g. Fairchild) was in any way related to Jim Lee wanting royalties for characters he created that were going unused?

Edited by kennybaese

In the first issue of Red Hood, it seems, to me, that Jason and Roy have some history. Am I just reading into it, or is that a story you'll tell eventually?

Also, Red Hood, as well as a couple of other books in the DC relaunch, have gotten some flak for being a bit gratuitous. Is the pretty consistent "sexy"ing up of the DC books something that is just happening coincidentally, or is it something that DC is pushing editorially?

One other thing, why does Jason wear a red bat symbol on his chest? I think it's been said that Jason is past his obsession with Bruce Wayne at this point, so why is it there? Is it just a visual way to tie the book to the other bat-books or is there something deeper? A big middle finger to Bruce and Batman Inc. maybe?

Posted by Amaron

I was so looking forward to collecting this series. I bought all 52 issues of the New DC. This was one of the comics that really disappointed me. That it made me drop several titles. Second issues are down to 23 books. Culling the bad from the good. Why in heaven's name did you make Starfire into an absent minded bimbo, that jumps anyone that is just around. Yes Roy ended up in bed with her, but she would have done anyone just the same. This has to be the worse depiction of any female since Power Girl was created and drawn with a huge set of mammeries. So why pander to 14 year olds? When there are several other readers who would have preferred a real good story over a sexulised alien. Not a prude here just think it does Starfire a disservice to her character and besides she was a lot better with Animal Man, Lobo and Adam Strange in REBELS. Now that series had potential and good stories. This series actually sucks, I guess Starfire will do that. How can you win me back? Write a good story and drop the pandering to 14 year old boys.

Posted by tensor

Out of the three comics superboy,teen titans , redhood an the outlaws ,which one do you enjoy writing the most ?

Posted by Grim

You answered my question about Red Star last you graced us with your question answering magic. My question now is: What 5 characters would you like to have integrated into your titles (weather you have or have not already made plans for them is irrelevant. i just wants to know how your brain ticks)?

Posted by boism

the first 2 issues of superboy refer to teen titans #1. While superboy is in my pull list, I've dropped teen titans after the first issue. Will superboy feel incomplete without reading teen titans? would one title keep referring to the other? Also, will rose wilson or caitlin fairchild join teen titans in the future? (please answer no to all these questions :D)

Posted by KainScion

will you make starfire's rack bigger??

Edited by Eyz

Here's mine, somethings that had been running around my mind for a while, which I'm not sure have been actually cleared out/answered as of now.

Was this new Roy Harper ever a sidekick to Green Arrow? I mean, on G.A. it seems Ollie's starting all over from scratch and since I didn't see any precise mention if this new Roy's ever been Speedy/the old Arsenal (no Lian!)/Red Arrow on the JLA... Yes he's been with the Titans but it wasn't that clear besides that..

Did Starfire went through the Rann/Thanagar War in this new continuity? Where she sort of made peace with her sister (well not so much), lived with the Bakers (Animal Man), etc..

And finally..

Superboy started all over again? I mean this is more than just a retelling of his origins like "Year One" stories right, it's a proper reboot? Or will it jump some years ahead and preserve some of his old comics and his role during Doomsday?

Posted by Eyz

@PrototypeEnchanced said:

@JimmyOlsen1: How do you translate the different personalities of these characters onto paper and make it so that they are their own unique people and not faceless mannequins or over-exaggerated stereotypes of like the antihero or over-sexualized vixen?

huh... read good books?

Posted by PrototypeEnchanced

@Eyz: Sorry, I didn't mean to post that as a reply to you, but as a question in and of itself.

Posted by unipysc0

Would like to start of saying I loved Teen Titans #1 and look forward to the series. Is Cassie's lasso still just a lasso? because in Teen Titans it almost looked like an energy construct of some kind. Also, will Deathstroke have any connection to the new Teen Titans? Lastly, will we be seeing the return of Beast Boy at any time? (please?)

Posted by SuperJohnnyCook

Will Superboy meets Superman?

Posted by kingmiked

How the hell did you get Teen Titans AND Suberboy? So far I'm not impressed. After reading Red Hood and the Outlaws #1, I think I'll just refer to you as Comic Book-Michael Bay.

Edited by Jonny_Rogers

(Just to expand on my other question)

Do you plan to introduce the character of Jericho within any of your books? I think that the character has a lot of hidden potential, considering his unique history and the fact that he is the son of a villain. I understand that he may be quite difficult to incorporate into what you are currently doing, but if done correctly, the combination of his personality, powers and history could ultimately create a good character and one that not only adds to the team, but boosts it (not that it needs improving!).

Thanks for taking time to answer my question (if, of course, you do).

Edited by mfundo

Will there be any tension between Crux and Starfire, he must find Kori attractive even though she is an alien right?

Exactly, what are Crux's powers and abilities?

Posted by Gonshyk

We seen Kat Fairchald in Superboy. Could we see her father or someone from Gen 13?

Posted by Venoval

Hi Scott,

What do you think of the criticism regarding Red Hood and the Outlaws (and Catwoman)?

Do you think female comic fans are overreacting to the ''superficial'' depiction of Starfire and Catwoman?

And lastly: Did you have a female audience in mind when writing Starfire, or were you going for the male fan service?

Thank you for your time,