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Scott Lobdell Wants YOUR Questions: 8/27/11 [UPDATED]

Submit your questions by Saturday 8/27 and get them answered by the writer himself!

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If you read our recent interview with Scott Lobdell, you're aware that he is writing Teen Titans, Superboy and Red Hood and the Outlaws. Here's the deal, Scott is not finished with us. Some of you may have spoken to him here on our forums in the past. Scott is a fan of Comic Vine and wants to present a Saturday with Scott feature. In other words, he wants to answer your questions. Here are the words from Mr. Lobdell himself.

Hello Comic Viners

As you can imagine I'm pretty crazy busy right now -- what with TEEN TITANS, SUPERBOY and RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS about to hit the stands in just a few weeks! But even so, I'd love to talk directly to the fans about some of the exciting things coming up in the books.

Yeah, I've done a bunch of interviews on websites, but I'd love for you guys to get some of your own questions answered directly. I know there is a lot of excitement out there -- as well as some "mild trepidation" -- so here I am! Rather than hop on one of the message boards, I am working with my buddies at Comic Vine to use this article and the comments section as a way to open a dialogue between us.

I'm going to keep it to one day of responses -- Saturday -- so that I don't wind up getting overly immersed in answering questions and blow all my deadlines! And, while I try to answer whatever questions I can, I'll tell you up front there are things I won't discuss because of future plot-lines and the like. (That is, I'm not going to reveal the final splash page of issue two of Teen Titans! It is too cool to ruin!) Leave your questions by Saturday at noon PT and I'll answer them all on Monday morning!

Naturally I'd love for you to refrain from the typical "Why do you suck?" and "Do you suck as bad as everyone says you do -- or worse?" But I'm not going to edit your questions -- so if that is what you want to put out in the Universe, I'll support you!

Okay, so lets try this and see what happens -- who knows, maybe we'll all have a grand ole' time!


So ask away in the comments below and check back next week to hear the answers to them.


Scott is ecstatic over the questions so far. He is attempting to answer all questions so far. We'll see how far he is able to get. He is determined to answer them all! Here's an example of some responses he sent over so far.

Mr.Hulk_Smashin'! is online on Aug. 26, 2011 at 3:50 p.m.

If you could write a book for another company, which company would it be and what would you write?

Since I am here to promote my DC work can you change my reply to "Due to the nature of this question I'll reply by PM."

RareCheshire is online on Aug. 26, 2011 at 3:54 p.m.

Will Roy meet up with Cheshire in the reboot? Cause if they wont... grrr!

Well don't start growling yet! LOL! I don't have any plans for it, but I wouldn't rule it out either! I will confess something though, I kind of don't like when characters are largely defined by other characters. Sure, character interaction and history is important -- but Roy should not only be as interesting as he is with Cheshire... any more than Kori is only as interesting as she is in regard to Dick. For that matter, I don't think Jason is only as interesting as his relationship with Bruce/Batman. So yeah, while I imagine Roy will meet up with Cheshire at some point, I'm concentrating on Roy first.

(Before anyone says "Um! You wrote about a hundred issues of Rogue and Gambit!" I would say that is sort of people's memories playing tricks on them. I wrote a few issues, yes, but I was not a big fan of Rombit or Gague or whatever cute name they probably have. I felt it was interesting, sure, but I didn't want them to be defined only by their relationship to each other. If you go back and read you'll see a lot of that was done by other writers, God Bless them one and all! It's like how, I think, I only wrote maybe three lines of Mr. Sinister in all the years I was on the book because I never got what he did besides scratch his beard in the shadows a lot.)

Primmaster64 is online on Aug. 26, 2011 at 3:55 p.m.

Will I get to see Jason kick Tim's butt?

I don't have any plans for the two of them to meet. And I'm not entirely sure who would be kicking whose butt. Hmmm.

Will Superboy be like his Young Justice counterpart?

The television one, I'm assuming? I haven't watched the show but I read the word "Goon" a lot on the message boards. If that is the case then, no, Superboy is not a goon. He is really smart -- like the way a baby processes so much more information than we do because everything is new -- and he's very funny. Not a goon, not surly.

Will Superboy ever wear a leather jacket ever again?

Unless we discover he is allergic. LOL. But I can't see why he wouldn't wear a leather jacket if the situation called for it.

Are Jason and Roy gonna argue about everything?

I wouldn't say everything! And certainly not on a level where they are angry with each other. These two understand each other in a way that no other two characters in the DCU understand each other. They sort of both look at each other and thing "Man! I am glad I did NOT turn out like THAT!"

damJadler is online on Aug. 26, 2011 at 3:55 p.m.

Which of the new 52 (aside from yours) are you most looking forward to, and will new readers (like me!) who have no idea what's going on in current continuity (Brightest Day, what? War of the green lanterns, huh? There's a guy who became evil but then died, but not really??) actuallybe able to follow along with everything?

I, VAMPIRE was awesome... it even made me a little frightened when I read it! Seriously, huge sleeper hit here.

I would say this: I would treat the books as first issues. There might be some stuff that is referenced, but I don't think it should hamper your enjoyment of the books. (Like I can tell you I used to be a stand up comedian between 1988 and 1992 -- but it doesn't mean you have to find old videos of me performing to enjoy reading this post!) Just sit back and enjoy the comics as they unspool in the moment and I think you'll be fine!

That said, there will be a lot of trying to read between the lines about what Tim has been up to before issue one of Teen Titans, etc... but I think that would be the case in any book. Even John McClane referenced Cappy Roberts his retired cop friend in Die Hard but that doesn't mean we needed to know anything more about him than he offered John his couch in Pomona!) So yeah, enjoy yourself.

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Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

If you could write a book for another company, which company would it be and what would you write?

Posted by RareCheshire

Will Roy meet up with Cheshire in the reboot? Cause if they wont... grrr!

Edited by Primmaster64

Will I get to see Jason kick Tim's butt? 
Will Superboy be like his Young Justice counterpart?
Will Superboy ever wear a leather jacket ever again? 
Are Jason and Roy gonna argue about everything?
Will Jason and Dick interact?
Will Jason and Conner get NEW girlfriends?

Posted by damJadler

Which of the new 52 (aside from yours) are you most looking forward to, and will new readers (like me!) who have no idea what's going on in current continuity (Brightest Day, what? War of the green lanterns, huh? There's a guy who became evil but then died, but not really??) actually be able to follow along with everything?

Posted by redwingx

How old is Tim Drake in Teen Titans?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Are there any more characters joining the Teen Titans that we haven't seen yet?

Posted by Backflip

What's the relationship of Tim and Kon going to be like in Teen Titans? With such a thick history bonding the two, will we ever see a re-emergance of our favourite besties?

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Are the Oulaws intended to be the "New 52" 's answer to the Outsiders?

Edited by carnivalofsins00

With continuity being pretty unclear so far for the readers, as to what will stick and what won't, it's been said that Starfire still has her past with the Teen Titans. What about the other members of this Outsiders team continuity? And why this particular group of people on this team?

Posted by CrimsonTempest

Will there be a crossover of Teen Titans and Red Hood and the Outlaws?
Did the fight that Jason and Tim had before in the previous volume of TT stays canon or is it erased?
Will we see Wally West?

Posted by slick23

Will Dick and Starfire still had their relationship?  
Is the Outlawz the bad ass version of Titans? *That uses force, or maybe Kill?* 
Tell me how JLA works within the 52, if their 5 years YOUNGER, Then In Action Comcis 1, Superman is starting out, how does that all work out? I dont get it. Please explain ti to me! D:

Posted by Benzo

What would your advice be for aspiring writers, who want to work in comics? :)

Posted by iLLituracy

Why did you give Red Robin wings? 
Will we see Cheshire in Red Hood and the Outlaws? 
If you could write any character other than the ones you're doing now, who would it be? 
Who's your favorite artist you've worked with? 
What can you tell us about the new characters in Teen Titans? 
Will we be seeing Batman or Green Arrow or Nightwing in Red Hood and the Outlaws?

Posted by harleyquinn12

What will Wonder Girl and Superboy's relationship be like in Teen Titans?
Posted by iLLituracy
Also, why did you give Red Robin wings...? ):
Posted by Mercy_

@slick23 said:

Will Dick and Starfire still had their relationship?

Yes. Their relationship is still canon. They're not together now, though. Nor will they be in the foreseeable future.

Posted by noj

Why does Superboy have a different costumes for his solo, and Teen Titans?

Posted by cyberninja

Why is Teen Titans so awesome, and why am I addicted to it?

Posted by Outside_85

Was it nessesary to butcher Titan-history to the degree it seems to be?

Posted by Jslab425

Aqualad will appear eventually right?!?
Will he look like Brightest Day Kaldur or Young Justice Kaldur?

Posted by Munsu

Is Rose still Deathstroke's daughter in this continuity? I am assuming she is.
Is Bart the first Kid Flash in this new universe?
Is Roy's relationship with Dick Grayson strained like Starfire's is?
And I like the friend/rival relationship you seem to be building between Red Robin and Wonder Girl. Not really a question, but just thought I'd mention it, lol.

Posted by Zur_En_Arrh

Has the current batman continuity limited your use of Gotham-centric characters? 
Is the tone for your Teen Titans more mature than recent Teen Titans stories? 
Has the Young Justice series influenced your work on any of your character interpretations? 

Posted by Or35ti

Will Starfire find any new romances in the course of her book (Jason and/or Roy)? cos that could certainly be a lot of fun :) 
Also how are the new characters in Teen Titans going to interact with the current one? (any best friendships, romances, etc.)   
Are there gonna be any major story arcs that cross between both titles (Superboy and Teen Titans)?  
Is it stressful or hard writing three ongoing books at the same time? I admire you for that, it seems like a ton of work

and one more thing: which book are you most anticipated for?

Edited by CapFanboy

Am I fun to be around?...Ok, that wasn't serious....but if you wanna answer that it's cool with me :) 
My actual questions: 
Does the series explain the history of the titans so far? as the only thing I've ever picked up titans wise is the 2003 volume I think when cyborg comes back after a year of inactivity. It's collecting dust on my shelf at the minute... 
Also any tips for writing a team book? It's connected to the titans....a little...

Posted by MAllen

IMO, one of the most entertaining comics you ever wrote was Generation X.  Now, you're taking on Superboy and Teen Titans.  Is there something you like about writing young people, coming-of-age stories, etc.?

Posted by MuadDiab

Red Hood and the Outlaws is a new comic and a team book. You've got 2 characters, Jason and Arsenal, who a lot of people really don't like. Do you hope to change people's opinions of them by not necessarily changing those characters, or do you actually intend to change them? 
Also, do you feel this book has an advantage or disadvantage because it's a little different to your standard super-hero book? As in, these here are a team of not so popular characters, in a sense, but it's just so crazy it might work.  
I'd like to think it will do well in any case and I truly adore the art

Posted by CanucksXVX

Where is beast boy? will he be a permanent member of the teen titans or is he eliminated from the new 52? same with raven, or will they do a series together? 
actually since congorilla is going to find a new freedom beast, beast boy and him should team up to do that and meet up with batwing, maybe he should form a justice league africa.
Posted by FLStyle

Considering how different his character is and the fact that he almost became Batman, what aspects of Red Robin will be brought over to the Teen Titans to ensure that Tim leading the group isn't a repeat of the last time?


@iLLituracy said:

Why did you give Red Robin wings?


Posted by sora_thekey

You mentioned that the Teen Titans is not going to be a team of sidekicks. Then why are there notorious relations between these teens and someof the "A-List" characters? Is there still going to be a relation between the team members and their "original" counterparts?

For example: Superboy and Superman, Red Robin and Batman, Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman and Kid Flash and Flash.

Posted by Cervantes

Since you're writing Teen Titans AND Superboy, any chance we'll see some SuperMAN villains take on the Titans, and if so which would you like to feature? 
Posted by sentryman555

Will we see Beast boy or raven make an appearance in Teen Titans or another one of your books?

Posted by Bestostero

Does Cheshire and Roy still have history? Will they have any relationship/contact? What about Lian?
Will there be any early new additions to the Teen Titans roster? Just started to warm up to Solstice and yeah... Raven and Beast Boy?

Posted by Darthmat
Would not reading Superboy negatively affect my reading of Teen Titans or vice versa? 
"Under the Red Hood" is, I feel, one of the most tragic stores ever told - will Red Hood and The Outlaws have a similar tone? If not, what will the tone be like? (I can only use Todd's character for this question, as I've never read stuff of the other two) 
And, as an author, how much detail do you put into your comic scripts? Do you leave most of the art up to the imagination of the artist, or do you go into details such as the color of the characters' shoelaces, and why do you feel one is superior to the other? Unless it's somewhere in the middle?
Oh, and I'm really excited for your comics and The New 52 in general. Best of luck! You all rock! :D
Posted by November_Fox

Is there any chance of Rose joining the Outlaws after Superboy joins the Titans? Many fans were expecting Ravager to be included in Red Hood's book and it would be nice not to have her tied down to Superboy.

Posted by danhimself

With the DCnU and the Wildstorm universes merged is there any chance of the Gen13 characters making an appearance?

Posted by SpiritGoat

Will Tim and Conner ever be a relationship?

Posted by Z3RO180

Will super boy star of with his kryto powers??

Posted by TriSkeith13

What aspects of Jason Todd's past are you keeping?  
From his use of the Red Hood persona it looks like his death took place, but what are your circumstances around it? 
What about his war on crime?   

Past combat with the rest of the Bat-Family?  
Is Scarlet still in his life?   
Is she still creeping things up in the dollatron get up?  
Please don't have the dollatron get-up.  

P.S. After watching the cartoon as a kid, I picked up my first non-batman comic book in the form of Uncanny X-Men. Thanks for helping start a long and very much loved passion of mine.
Posted by darkxmen

will we see the return of Trigon? i absolutely love the stories when he is involved.also is there a chance of seeing a clash between the og teen titans and the new ones?

Posted by Red_Hood_Fan

Sorry for my bad English:)
First to say, I've been waiting for a Red Hood's ongoing for a very long time. So, thank you, Scott.
My question is: Will Jason accept the batfamily methods? I mean, will he stop killing criminals?

Posted by -Vigil-

Any big romance plans for the characters, especially Tim? 
I personally would like to see the reintroduction of Tam from Red Robin, and have her and Tim be a couple, but Stephanie might also work, because at least that would mean she still exists!

Posted by Red Rum

Will these DC Reboots affect the DC Universe MMO in any way?

Posted by KINCART

Will Superboy still have Kryptonian powers and Tactile Telekinesis?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Not sure if this has been covered yet but here goes. One of the questions CV put to you regarded familiar faces that would be seen in Superboy...references of "No way!" or "...I didn't see that coming" being your wording.  What makes me curious then is, with the supplanting of CADMUS by N.O.W.H.E.R.E., will some of those familiar faces be a revamped Dubbilex or perhaps even Jim Harper?  How about the Newsboy Legion? Furthermore, from what I have read it seems that you're still sticking with the idea that SB is half human/half-Kryptonian.  Without a doubt I can pretty much conclude who the Kryptonian half will be, but what I'm curious of is, who contributes to his human half?  Is it still Luthor or someone else?  And while we are on the subject of N.O.W.H.E.R.E., did you derive inspiration of that term from the team Men From N.O.W.H.E.R.E. in Vertigo Comics? I'd love to hear any and all answers you can provide!  And thank you for your consideration.

Edited by TheBlackHood

From the solicits for Teen Titans it looks as if new members will be added to the team over the first few issues, while the solicits for Red Hood and the Outlaws only show the same three members.  Do you have plans to add additional member's to Red Hood's Outlaws and if so, can you give us any hint to who?
Also, and this is more a comment than a question; but THANK YOU for returning Red Hood to his badass Biker costume, that Conehead one in Batman and Robin was THE Lame!

Posted by blur1528

Any plans for Jackson Hyde (Aqualad)  in Teen Titans?  
I cannot wait for Teen Titans #1!!!

Is Superboy robotic of any kind in his own series?
Coming off of Lemire's run why should I buy this new series?

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I guess without revealing too much, can you say if the Teen Titans by George Perez and Marv Wolfman will still be in continuity?  Or will the Teen Titans sort of be rebooted all together?

Posted by moviegeek17

Who are the five characters you would want to write the most? (in DC, Marvel, etc.)
Also if you don't mind me asking you another question, i honestly haven't read any of your work before (sorry!) do you have any of your past work that you could recommend for me to read? 

Posted by TheLastLantern

Is Superboy's name still going to be Connor? Or will it be changed to something more evil?
Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

Some of my questions are mostly Ravager related:
-What issue will Rose/Ravager first appear in SUPERBOY?
-Being Superboy's handler, will Rose develop a relationship with him?
-Will she wear a mask in the future? Eye-patch?
-Will she even be called "Ravager" in the DCnU?
-After RedRobin, WonderGirl, KidFlash, Superboy, Bugg, Wall, and the mysterious "Charol Girl" become the new roaster of Teen Titans, will we see fresh new characters AND/OR the return for familiar faces as the series continues towards the future?
-For creativity for your run on the Teen Titans, did it came from Jim Lee's GEN-13?
 -Will the Teen Titans clash into RED HOOD & THE OUTLAWS?
-Will their be newer members for the OUTLAWS?