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Scott Lobdell on Why You Should Check Out and Support ELYSIUM ONLINE

Here's another project that needs your support.

I would feel terrible if I didn't share this with the rest of the world!

Ilias Kyriazis, who is one of the most talented guys in the entire comic book industry as far as I am concerned, is putting together a 96-page graphic novel called ELYSIUM ONLINE. I've seen some of the pages and read some of the script -- and I can tell you here and now that it is going to be as disturbing as WALKING DEAD and as scary as CROSSED!

It is frightening in that way that all cautionary tales are scary -- the type of story where you say "You know, the way the world is going... this could actually happen some day!" And a moment later you think "And I hope to Hell I'm not around when it does!"

ELYSIUM ONLINE is a story of social networking with the very best of intentions -- the ability to reach out and contact with the Great Beyond. Who wouldn't want take advantage of the opportunity to stay in touch with those who have died? I can think of a few people I wish I could still talk to -- could keep them updated on how things went after they were gone. I'm getting misty eyed just thinking about.

Yeah, it is great for the Living. The Departed? Not so much.

They have scores to settle. Scores of scores. (Someone remind me to delete my profile! IIIEEE!)

I met Ilias a few years ago while attending a comic convention in Greece. His pages from MANIFESTO were heart-breaking. Imagine my surprise when I learned not only did he pencil, ink and color it himself -- but he was also the writer! (Grrr! I hate that!)

Yeah, some guys are slicker and others maybe sexier... but I'd be hard pressed to find anyone who brings as much heart to every page!

We've since worked together on GALAXY QUEST and GHOSTBUSTERS, both of IDW. And I know DYNAMIC FORCES was smart enough to pick him up for a recent VAMPIRELLA oneshot! (And of course we've all seen his illustrations right HERE on Comic Vine!)

So here is a link to his Indiegogo site.

You can even check out Ilias talking about it himself:

Take a look around, absorb it all, and then shell out a few pennies to one of the most talented guys I know so that he can bring his latest magnum opus!


Here's some new art added, replacing art from previous projects. ELYSIUM ONLINE will not be in Greek. You will be able to read it.

Scott Lobell is the current writer of SUPERMAN, RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS and TEEN TITANS. He occasionally to Comic Vine as well. He also claims to be a world renowned thumb wrestling champion.

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Posted by Target_X

This looks like a really cool book. I'm so picking it up!

Edited by JairamGanpat

... Will there be an English translation

Posted by doordoor123

As cool as this sounds, I have my problems.

1. I can't understand the writing

2. The art is bearable but I'm not sure I want to spend good money on it. I would need to hear great things about it if I were to read it. Unfortunately, I don't think a book like this can wait for me to hear reviews.

3. I'm VERY confused by these pages.

The cover looks awesome and the idea sounds great. I don't know how I would be sold, but I'm not right now. I would like to be though.

Posted by new_onslaught

@JairamGanpat said:

... Will there be an English translation

It will be in English. On the following link there is a preview of the first 12 pages. Hope it makes the money it needs to be published. It's a great concept. At first I was biased but the 12-page preview changed my mind.

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Posted by iliaskyriazis

@doordoor123: please allow me to clarify:

The comic is in english (read the first 12 pages here ). The article includes pictures from my previous works that Scott mentions. It's ok if you don't like the art but please don't judge me on 10 year old pages.

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@iliaskyriazis:Hi Ilias fellow Greek here. I was wondering did you sent an e-mail about ELYSIUM ONLINE to any comic shops? I see that no one has bought so far the retailer pack. They might don't know about it...

Posted by iliaskyriazis

@new_onslaught: Jemma expressed interest

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Oh man that guys accent is AWESOME

also looks cool, I like the art

Posted by Illuminatus

Scott Lobdell as a moderator?

Revolution will come. Soon.

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Meh call me when he's staff.

Posted by lykopis

I love these type of stories. I'm interested, absolutely.

Posted by DarkChris

Look, all the Greeks we are here!

Posted by RazzaTazz

Looks all right

Posted by G-Man

There's been some clarification and an update. Scott had included some art from older/previous projects. Art from this project are now included.

Posted by Imagine_Man15

I'll definitely check it out. Sounds really interesting.

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

seems pretty cool will check it out!

Posted by Icon

Sounds awesome, thanks for sharing this.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I'm actually kinda intrigued by this story, though it kind of smacks of the 2010 movie Legion for some reason. The art looks amazing and I'm truly amazed at how this guy does not only the pencils and colors but also writes the story too. I always have my hat off to the creators who do everything for the graphic novels they create. At the very least I will check this out if and when it is available.

Posted by iliaskyriazis

@RedheadedAtrocitus: thanks! I just wanna point out that the book won't have distribution. If the campaign is successful copies will be mailed to people who contibuted and that'll be it.

Also comic book store who order the "retailer pack" will be able to sell the comics they receive of course.