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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated "The Wild Brood" Clips

A rowdy Orc biker gang rolls through Crystal Cove. People aren't too happy for some reason.

It's time to get ready for another all-new episode of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. Tonight, May 10, at 7:30 pm ET/PT on Cartoon Network you can check out "The Wild Brood." A rowdy Orc biker gang has decided to roll through Crystal Cove and no one is very happy about it —especially Fred, who freaks out when Daphne gets a crush on their leader Odnarb. What makes this even worse is it happens while their on their first date. Daphne is convinced that the Orcs are misunderstood, but Fred and the rest of the gang think differently. When valuable military equipment begins disappearing from around town, all fingers point to the Orcs. It's up to Daphne alone to prove their innocence. Unfortunately, Fred and the rest of the gang are there, every step of the way, to prove her wrong.

Check out these video clips provided by Warner Bros Television and Cartoon Network.

And here's some more images as well.

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Posted by damswedon

Poetry reading Orcs? Man Scooby Doo got weird.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Scooby Doo has gotten funny for the first time in awhile.
Posted by brc2000

Scooby Doo and Orcs - Two things I never expected to see together.

Posted by Mbecks14

Not the best episode of the season but enjoyable.

Posted by DH69

lol canada keeps beating cartoon network to the punch :P, ive seen this ep atleast 4 times on tv, one of my favs too XD

Posted by Bestostero

this show is awesome lol

Posted by fenrirfear93

well not creature are evil

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

orcs!?! what is this Lord of the Doo? lol jk it should be an enjoyable episode

Posted by NightFang

Another funny episode.

Posted by Eyz

Ah, my favorite Scooby cartoon is back on! :D

Posted by thaliagrace14

lol they look better with the masks on 
Posted by Johnnyjavavee

jesus christ. This show is terrible. I wish the shows were more like the newer movies cause Camp scare was incredible and I can't wait for legend of the phantosaur. but? I mean.. Romance between characters in Scooby Doo? c'mon. Just stop it. I miss when people just didn't know what happened between Fred and Daphne. We just never knew! It was good and fun! Why is it that since William hannah and Joseph Barbera have passed away it's suddenly okay for people to mess with characters they created? Why don't they make a show called The Tom and Jerry Make out sessions? damn it all. This show makes Whats New Scooby Doo? look like gold and that show had Simple Plan as guest stars.