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Schreiber Wants in on WOLVERINE 2

Sabretooth's crossing his claws for good luck...

  He's so giddy about the prospect...

Reiterating his previous expressions of interest, Liev Schreiber said at a recent press conference for the organ-repossession movie REPO MEN that he’s dying to stick the fangs in his mouth again and play Sabretooth for WOLVERINE 2.

So speaks Schreiber…

I just had dinner with [Hugh Jackman] last night and Hugh read the first draft of the script and I was really excited about it. It's still not clear whether or not Victor will be present in the Japan storyline. In the Japan storyline as I remember it from the Wolverine comics, Victor wasn't there. So I don't know, of course I've got my fingers crossed because I love the character so much, to have the chance to do it again would be a lot of fun, but I'm not sure.

 To this, I refer.

Considering that the movie won’t start shooting until January of next year, I’m sure there’s plenty of time to figure that out. Plus, I don’t suppose Sabretooth not being in the Claremont/ Miller Japanese storyline the movie’s based on will prevent him from showing up in the movie. X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE took plenty of creative license with the source material, though perhaps not as much as this other “Wolverine in Japan” movie in the works (and thanks to sora_thekey for the head’s up)… 


 Sabretooth drew first blood! Not me!

I’ll put this out there too… was I the only one who thought Wolverine was going to be more of a stripped-down action flick initially? The first trailers made it look like it was going to be more of 80s-style, mean, down-to-Earth, macho-movie-in-the-mountains like FIRST BLOOD. Obviously, the finished project was a lot more fantastical, but that initial prospect seemed mighty appealing at the time. Am I alone here? 

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Posted by iLLituracy

No means no.

Posted by Agent Buttons
I can't take Schriber seriously after his little lion dash  thing he did in Origins....No thanks...
Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

he was really the only good actor in the movie

Posted by Bruce Vain

I say put him in. The more Sabretooth the better. Plus, he was great in the first one.
Edited by Moomin123

I'd like to see Sabretooth in Wolverine 2, but he better not keep growling and roaring at the camera and he also better not always do the running on all fours thing when he attacks, it's wierd after seeing it over and over again.


Ooooh, a ball of yarn, I wanna play with it.


Posted by dondasch

Sabretooth has no business being in the Wolverine story by Chris Claremont/Frank Miller.  I can only hope that Hollywood can actually say no this one time and stop messing with source material

Posted by Erik

Schreiber easily stole the show for Origins so I say let him back in. 

Posted by They Killed Cap!

He was a really good Sabbertooth in a really bad movie.
Posted by hit11man

i say yes to sabertooth!!
Posted by mrduckluck

if he's back we're going to see his transmorfation to x-men sabertooth

Posted by Erik
@They Killed Cap! said:
" He was a really good Sabbertooth in a really bad movie. "
Absolutely correct. 
Posted by Tyler Starke

the only movies I actually want rebooted is Wolverine origins

Posted by Roninidas

I am not feeling the Anime Movie.  

Posted by Primmaster64
@iLLituracy said:
" No means no. "

Posted by Adam Michaels

One of the bright spots of this first film. In all honesty, I think they had some real good actors playing the characters, I just thought the story didn't really need so many of them and despite the actors, the movie didn't live up to the hype.  

I love Hugh as Wolverine, Liev as Sabretooth, Ryan as Wilson, and I even felt that Kitsch was good for Gambit, but he had no business in the movie. 

It also makes me happy to hear that these actors are excited to play these roles. Jackman is devoted to Wolverine and I love seeing that excitement. Reading about how Liev would love to play Victor again is assuring as well. And also Reynolds who speaks so passionately about Deadpool. Big actors usually prefer going around playing different roles. But it's refreshing to see some of them determined and confident enough to play the same characters. Especially when I know they do a great job with said role.

Posted by Sapphire Warlock

So...X-Men reboot, anyone?
Seriously, that whole movie was crap and a disgrace to what Singer did with the first two. I think since they're trying to reboot Spider-Man, they should do the same with X-Men and go with the "Tomorrow People" arc in Ultimate X-Men.

Posted by Nyogtha
I agree with Vain, more Sabretooth the better! He was great in the movie. I have always been a fan of him but you couldn't keep your eyes off him when he was on screen. Sapphire, I highly doubt they will EVER reboot X-Men, but then again, who ever thought they would reboot Spiderman?
Posted by Edamame

"We're brothers, Jimmy. We'll go to Japan, together, no matter what."

Posted by War Killer

I'd really like for them to forget the whole Origins movie and just make an awesome Japan movie (off the comics of course), they actually could have him in this story as for Sabretooth is never far behind Logan where ever he may go, it doesn't seem like he would mind not being in it if he's not apart of the story, which is nice to see that he seems to respect the comics enough to be okay with it.

Posted by simsey
@Mr.Hulk_Smashin'! said:
"he was really the only good actor in the movie "

yeah i agree he would be the only reason i would watch it again but dat film was so all over the place  
ok dat video looks good but come on its not a wolverine film looks like vega from street fighter i will watch but cant see myself liking the film it will be another thing to complain about in a few months time the iron man one looks class tho i know there riding the shit out of iron man but fuck it
Posted by Mutant X

Shreiber was awesome as Sabretooth.

Posted by goldenkey

The way they destroy the comic versions anyway they should just put him in it.  I loved Sabretooth
Posted by Bats

I thought that Schreiber was great as 'tooth in Origins.
Even though 'tooth doesn't appear in the Japan storyline, I still wouldn't mind him making an appearance.
As long as it makes sense and doesn't feel forced, I'm all for it.

Posted by mimschkin

Lol, I remember when that Wolverine anime trailer came out. Everyone was like 'WTF mullet?'
No more Schreibertooth, the most I could take would probably be in a post-credits scene, or not at all.

Posted by The Wind-Stalker

is this gonna be a tv show if so when does it come out