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Sara's SDCC Journal: Recap

One day later, and my mind is still a blur!

 I stole Thor's hammer...
What happened the last four days? I don't think I even remember! What else can I say but that it was one of the best conventions I have ever covered, which is shocking considering there were several points which I found myself unable to move across the show floor. Seriously, the crowds were insane! One thing I really don't like about Comic-Con is the fact that there is so much information that is revealed at the show, that I often don't even hear about until I am off of the convention floor! First, thanks to all of the Comicvine staff for coming to Comic-con and covering the convention with Tony and I. It was a lot of fun to see Inferiorego, Tom Pinchuk and SoraTheKey at the big show. I hope you guys had a great time, I know you certainly looked like you had fun, and I really hope that you guys have had a good time watching all of our coverage of the show! Aside from a lot of the incredible cosplay which Norm ( captured for us on film, Tony and I were able to score some great interviews on the floor. Among them were Grant Morrison and Stan Lee, which, I admit, I was very nervous doing. It was also really cool to meet some of you guys that showed up at our meet and greet! We had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys and I hope that the next convention we go to, we can meet many more of you! Below I have included pictures that I took with my iPhone. My favorites include the shot of me interviewing Grant Morrison, a close up of an Eisner award, and an amazing Hawkgirl costume. I hope you guys have enjoyed our coverage of San Diego Comic-Con so far, and that you continue to come back for more as we trickle out the remainder of our interviews and floor coverage! 

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Posted by TheMess1428

It was great to meet you!

Posted by doordoor123

sounds like you had a blast.

Posted by kungnima

Awesome weekend! Wish i were there though..
Really enjoyed the Morrison interview!

Posted by Tyler Starke

Wish i could have been there with you guys! Hopefully I'll come next year.

Posted by No_Name_

Sorry guys, there are a lot more images but they aren't working right now. I'll try uploading them again later. 

Posted by damswedon

Babs does Etzio know you are cheating on him with his ancestor?

Posted by jamdown

I will probrably never get to go to san diego comic-con, 1: my fear of spontaneous earth quakes that could seperate my state from the U.S. 2: Im only 15, and my parents don't like comics
Posted by B'Town

Hey Babs you did not look nervous, you looked every bit the Pro with these interviews.  I appreciate all the work yourself and everyone at Comicvine did to bring the Con to me. 
Posted by sora_thekey

It was great seeing you again!
It was definitely the best Con I've ever been to...

@Babs said:

"I know you certainly looked like you had fun"

So did you! Especially while you were dancing! 
I now think even more highly of CV after this experience... Thanks!
Edited by waruikumo

I can only imagine how hot that dude in the deadpool out fit was.

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

I had to wach it on G4, and the rest online.

Posted by Legacy_

Great jobs Babs, G-Man, and crew!!!

Posted by mavfan626

Hey! babs you not dressing up this year?

Posted by Kryptonian472

Sounds like Comic-Con was a blast hopefully ill make it next year

Posted by .o0Johnny0o.

That Deadpool one is insanely good. j

Posted by logan48227

So does that pic mean that Babs is worthy?

Posted by Sexy Merc

That's a pretty cool Deadpool costume.

Posted by ComicMan24

You did a great job guys. Babs, I hope you didn't forget to return the hammer.
Posted by Mbecks14

i'm almost disappointed you didnt dress up babs! just kidding

Posted by inferiorego

I'm dressing up as Babs for the next Con...
great seeing you again ma'am

Posted by No_Name_

YAY! I updated the pictures, guys! Much better! Sorry about the issues with the image upload from yesterday!

Posted by Asymmetrical
@Babs: is that you and Milo looks up spelling Ventimiglia???
Posted by Pheonix of the white throne

i love to Babs and Harley Quinn Picture
Posted by xboy79

Nice :))

Posted by No_Name_
@aztek the lost said:
" @Babs: is that you and Milo looks up spelling Ventimiglia??? "
Yes :)
@Pheonix of the white throne said:
" i love to Babs and Harley Quinn Picture "

She looked great in that costume!
Posted by Pheonix of the white throne
it was a good costume but the massive Gun is so cool
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Are you worthy for the hammer of Thor!!!
Posted by NightFang
@Pheonix of the white throne said:
" I love to Babs and Harley Quinn Picture "
             That was a cool picture. 
Posted by Decept-O

The Hawkgirl costume is awesome but *ahem* she should be called Hawkwoman.  Still, incredible work on it, very impressive.   
Thanks for sharing these pics.   Great job on the interviews, too, very professional!
I love all the work you guys did covering SDCC.
Posted by Waerloga69

I really wish I could have gone, but thanks for keeping us posted!

Posted by ThomasBryant

some of these are really good, and babs looking good as usual

Posted by Deonaris

Those cosplayers don't mess around. Luke Cage and Hawkgirl are lookin FIERCE!

Posted by nick7913

 This look like great fun! Wish I could get there but I live in Greece so...

Posted by FierceYouth

bahaha that's a great Powerman xD 

Posted by CosmicToastStudios
@Babs: Looks like you had a blast!
Posted by Pokeysteve

Wow look at that Harley costume. I wonder if she made that.

Posted by GL 2411

Classic Powerman is fantastic :)
Posted by scridge

i wouldnt mind pinching thors hammer myself

Posted by Baron_Emo

I'm gonna try to go this year. 

Posted by UltraHeroix

Wow! it looked a lot of fun!

Posted by freedom

really loved the dp costume! sdcc '10 rocks!

Posted by ryu_talkative_batman


Posted by Lex Diamonds


Posted by Cervantes

Good story.

Posted by roboticjesus


Posted by Zaber

nice pictures. 

Posted by Player1Affinity

Very cool

Posted by RavenVice01

Very cool. I like the creativity in the costumes.

Posted by thechessclub

Ok. That Luke Cage is pretty sick!

Posted by fodigg

That is a pretty badass Hawkgirl.

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