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Sara Lima Says Goodbye

It's been a great four years.

Dear Comic Vine,

It's hard to believe it has been four years: four years of my working here at ComicVine. It feels like only yesterday when Whiskey Media brought me out to San Francisco for a face-to-face interview and offered me a position as Associate Editor of the site. It's kind of surreal to think about -- being plucked from a community I loved, fresh out of college and being given a chance to live on the other side of the United States (where I knew absolutely no one!) doing something fun and getting paid for it. I took a risk accepting a job and moving to a place I didn't know, but it was so worth it.

Come to think of it, I was pretty lucky: how many people get the chance to read comic books for a living? Not very many. Now, with four years under my belt, and hundreds upon hundreds of articles, editorials and video interviews, it's time for me to say good-bye.

Good old days on The Big Red Phone

It's crazy to think back to how I was hired. I remember how excited I was to go to New York Comic-Con for the first time and can recall asking Jim Lee for a short, on-camera interview -- guerrilla style. I had borrowed a camera and my sister held it for me while I asked Jim questions. He was at his table and he was even nice enough to sign my copy of HUSH. Years later I would interview Jim Lee and he would tell me "great job on the interview, Sara -- you've gotten a lot better." I had gone from stuttering nervousness on-camera, to being composed, calm and collected -- and a big shot like Jim Lee had noticed.

I can remember my very first San Diego Comic-Con, my first interviews (yes, the ones where I was wearing a Wonder Woman costume…those boots nearly killed me!). I remember the excitement and the feeling that I was doing something really interesting -- I was getting an opportunity to work with the comics industry. Not only was I getting a chance to write about some of my favorite characters, I was also given the opportunity to present information, opinion pieces and interviews on camera to all of you. I hope you all enjoyed it, because I know I did.

Working for Comic Vine for the last four years definitely changed me: it gave me opportunities to meet exciting and interesting people, go places I had never been, and move far, far away from home. It forced me out of my comfort zone and taught me a lot about my self, my abilities as a writer and on-camera journalist, as well as what I want to do with the rest of my life. I won't lie and say this letter was easy for me to write, because it wasn't. In fact, it was pretty damn difficult. I'm glad I was there early on to meet so many members of the community, to share in the excitement of the conventions, and to watch as comic books and comic characters become popularized through other forms of media.

I just wanted to take time to thank you all the members of the community for giving me the opportunity to work for you. Thank you for the support you have given me, another member of the community, over the years: your opinion of my work has meant a great deal. i just want you to remember; it's you who make this site what it is, and that's not something I have ever forgotten. You are what makes Comic Vine unique and different from other websites. That sense of community, the forged friendships and the interactions are what is most important about CV.

Saying goodbye has never been easy for me, so for now, as they say in France, I'll say à bientôt!

Be easy,


P.S. - If you want to follow what I am doing now that I will no longer be working on the Vine, you can head to my own site, And of course, you can still follow my ramblings on Twitter.

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Awww, man...

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I think a little bit of me just died inside. Goodbye Sara you will be missed.

Posted by knightofthechronicle

The first time I ever came to Comicvine you were the first face I saw (back when you did the weekly news videos). I'm really sorry to see you leave, but thanks very much for the years...hope you have a good life.

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... I feel like if @babs is gonna cripple the community with this whole "leaving" business, she should have to fulfill for us one final request.

... So here I am starting the "One Final Sara Rap" petition. Let the guilt train roll!!!

Posted by daredevil21134

Later Sara,you were awsome girl

Posted by SandMan_

Bye Sara :(

Posted by Herx

Bye Bye Sara :(

Posted by Med

You go be awesome, Miss Lima. Keep being awesome.

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I saw this coming for awhile, you will be missed and you and Tony are the ones that got me back into comics so thank you.

Posted by Strider92

Good bye and good luck in whatever you choose to do next. Your presence will be sorely missed here :(

Posted by Raw_Material

Wow...speechless. You'll be missed Sara!

Posted by JamDamage

Bye Babs

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I, like many apparently, unfortunately saw this coming for awhile. I don't know the reasons and I genuinely hope it's on good terms... unlikely as that may be. Good luck in all you do, Sara. Will miss you on the podcasts badly.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

You will missed Sara. You and Tony inspired me to make video reviews. Don't think my show would be where it is without you guys.

Posted by Daveyo520

Bye Sara

Posted by bladewolf

A shame to see you go. I was glad that at least one of the Comic Vine staff reviewed (and mourned the cancellation of) Demon Knights.

Posted by blur1528

Bye, Sara! :'(

Posted by modunhanul

Goodbye, Sara...We will miss you.

Posted by RoninAutomaton

Vaya con Superhombre, Sara! Best of Luck to ya!!

Posted by mrdecepticonleader

Best of luck I guess.

Posted by NICKXH

To be honest, I'm not surprised Sara has left the site. CV has been slipping for sometime awhile now and maybe this is a strong reason why she left.

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Good luck for the future. Comicvine is all the poorer for losing you.

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Goodbye Sara! Thank you for all the great reviews and articles!

Posted by Om1kron

Oh man, I remember the Big Red Phone lol

First Sara and now Patrick WHY IS EVERY BODY LEAVING!!!!

Who's gonna tell us what they actual think about the comic without sugar coating it now?

Patrick is visiting his parents... he didn't leave Giant Bomb

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Best of luck and may God bless you with your future endeavors, Sara.

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goodbye Sara.

Posted by tim_mik

WE'll miss you!!

Posted by consolemaster001

Goodbye :( good luck !

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I can't say that I haven't been expecting this for a while, so the sting of this news is a little diminished, but it still doesn't make it any better. Sara was a major part of what made comic vine so great, and even though I'm sure the site will eventually recover from this loss, it will take a good long while.

Sara, you will be greatly missed! Endings are new beginnings.

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

Gonna miss ya.

Posted by bsavelli

Good bye, and thank you for the amazing work, Sara. I'll miss your great articles. Good luck :)

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Good luck in your future endeavors. It was always great to have someone to argue with Tony in a rational manner.

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You will be missed........

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Sad to see you go. You'll be missed

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@nickxh said:

To be honest, I'm not surprised Sara has left the site. CV has been slipping for sometime awhile now and maybe this is a strong reason why she left.

That certainly is possible. I definitely agree with this post.

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Im really going to miss you Sara, you, Tony and Corey made a great team together and no longer having you be part of that is incredibly sad for us all. That said, id like to thank you for helping to make the site so great and always making us smile during your video features and during the podcast. I hope you find a role elsewhere that you can make your own the same way you did here, that you can enjoy and grow in and become that future version of yourself you have always dreamt about.

Hope you will drop in on us from time to time and let us know what you are reading and playing, take care and good luck, im rooting for you! ^_^

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I suspected this was coming when Sara moved back out to New York. And then even more when they brought in a new female writer for the site.

Awww, man. the feels.


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Sucks. Especially gonna miss your Earth 2 and Wonder Woman reviews.

Best of luck in all your future endeavors.

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Dang. Sara was the only one that wasn't afraid to say when comics were total garbage. Tony is way too soft on the subject.

She was also the only one reading Mignolaverse stuff. You know, the most consistently good thing on the stands for years.

RIP Sara, you'll be missed.

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No! You guys are breaking my Whiskey Media! Why!?


I somehow saw this coming, but it's so sad.

Change is stupid...who invented that?

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Bust of luck on your future endeavors Sara. Its sad to see you go since it was your video blogs from comic con four years ago that brought me here. Keep being Sweet. God Bless.

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Good luck and Godspeed

Posted by chalkshark

Safe Journey, Ms. Lima.

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Sad, sad days... :(

We'll miss you.