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San Diego Comic Con Toy Exclusives

Robot Chicken, He-Man and Starro, for a limited time only!

 In a way, this makes a trip to the dentist fun, doesn't it?

We found this video of Attack of the Show’s coverage (watch it below) and I can’t help chuckling about the MO-LAR, DENTIST OF ETERNIA playset that Mattel’s putting out. My amusement doesn’t stem as much from the notion of there actually being a totally jacked dentist in that fantasy land and mean old Skeletor getting anxious over Mo-Lar plucking his front tooth out… my amusement stems more from this box set being labeled “adult collector.” What? Mattel doesn’t think that children watching the latest HE-MAN cartoon are ALSO familiar with Robot Chicken, a TV-MA that mostly airs at midnight on Adult Swim?

Mattel’s gotten wise to the adult collector demographic, obviously, and I reckon that’s why the MO-LAR set and all the other toys previewed in this AOTS segment will ONLY be available at Comic Con. Call it a hunch, but I figure SDCC attendees will get a kick out of the Orko set with Prince Adam accessory while the gag will go over the head of any regular, normal shopper at Toys R Us. Although, that IS a pretty cool trick to have Orko turn translucent whenever he’s dropped into hot water. I remember a BATMAN movie Joker action figure I’d play with as a kid that would similarly switch between a made-up face and regular face. I honestly can’t figure out how Mattel pulled this off.

 How hard could it be?

There’s also a preview of a Starro action figure and Justice League of America #1 commemorative figurine line. I’m a little puzzled that there’s NEVER been a Starro figure, as they claim. You’d think it’d be as easy as going down to the beach, picking up a starfish and dipping it in some dye. 

What other segments from Robot Chicken would you, the collectible-ComicVine community, want to see turned into toy sets by Mattel? Myself, I’d love to see that Mario Brothers in Vice City playset, with a Raccoon City variant. Anyway, Check out the video below...
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Oh man! Your old Joker figure comment made me think. If they made Batman (1989) Movie Masters figures, Jack Joker and Keaton Batman up to todays figure standards...I'd be in heaven!
Posted by Illyana Rasputin

" MO-LAR, DENTIST OF ETERNIA"  - Now that's funny!

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Im going to San diego comic con and I defently have to buy one of these amazing toys
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

odd. those were the same exclusives at Toy Fair.
sounds like they had overstock. thats not good.

Posted by iloverobots

Damn it. Now I have to find someone who's going to SDCC that can pick up that Starro set for me and ship it to Canada! It. Looks. AWESOME. Even the back of the box with the old school JLA covers. I'm really impressed with Mattel, good work!

Posted by leokearon

The He-Man figures look great