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San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Cosplay Gallery

The official Comic Vine cosplay gallery, with 1100+ cosplay photos from San Diego Comic-Con 2011. Enjoy.

The gallery you've been waiting for is here. While Tony and Sara have been busy this Comic-Con interviewing comic creators, shooting booth tour videos, or attending panels, I've been walking around the convention floor non-stop on the hunt for cosplayers. There are many familiar faces from past cons and even this year's Wondercon, and surprisingly few Batmen in attendance. This year's big cosplay trend seems to be Captain America. Update: The gallery is now complete. This year's final tally was 1,143 photos!

Tell me which costumes are your favorites in the comments! (To scroll between images, open one, then press left and right on the keyboard--Chrome Only!)

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Saturday and Sunday


Wednesday and Thursday

Hungry for more cosplay? Revisit my gallery of 850 cosplay photos from last year's Comic-Con.

Posted by Primmaster64

Lots of Captain Americas....

Posted by jim_therabidcow

  Holy Crap, i just saw Hawkeye and Ms.Marvel, i wounder if the rest of the team was there?

Posted by ahgunsillyo
Isn't this Jill Pantozzi?  She writes the "Hey!  That's My Cape" articles for Newsarama.  I have to say, that's a grossly effective Daenerys cosplay.
Posted by norman

@kenseven: there's a story behind every photo i took. and yes, this was not a posed shot. i took a "normal" one right before, but some other attendee rushed past the tinkerbell and almost knocked off one of her wings. this is her reacting to that guy just as he was out of frame, which is why there's some movement in the wings. timing is everything :)

Posted by kenseven
@norman: oh, so that's why the expression on her face was so natural. I'm sure it was a drag for her getting bumped, but i hope she liked her beautiful photo.
Posted by ooochoa

Wow that Ewok cosplay from the Sunday and Saturday cosplay section is pure gold!

Totally psyched that you got Linda Le in there too!

Posted by xerox_kitty

So many amazing costumes... but I'll always hold a special place in my heart for Disco Stormtrooper! ;)

Posted by igbarriga

The She-Hulk one is insanely good! and the AH! Power Girl was dead on!

Posted by igbarriga

That first Maleficent is also insanely awesome

Posted by craigbo180

Norm you have certainly held it down this year sir. Though there was less on Saturday I believe some of the best quality cosplays are from that day.

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

God bless all the wonderfully giving women who dress up in the Slave Leia costume.

Posted by SirSparkington

Props to the Cosplayers for doing it. I wouldn't have the nerve to.

Posted by DazzHardy
Posted by The Mast
I never, ever use this acronym, but...O.M.G. Linda Le.
*Dead, passed out*
-The Mast

Posted by sora_thekey

Did anybody else recognize the Vampire Girls from last years Booth Babes video?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus
::Falls over dead:: GIGGITY... 
Posted by damswedon
Posted by ryanwh

I forgot you had boobs, solid 6, thanks for splaying them out like that. 
I wish the Lilu outfit was something girls just wore. Find a way to integrate that into modern fashion.

Posted by rmanthorp

@JoeyF said:

Watching this man do his thing was nothing short of amazing.

I bet.

Posted by RobReindl

WOW! So MANY great pics!

Posted by No_Name_

@igbarriga said:

That first Maleficent is also insanely awesome


Posted by Aiden Cross

Some really good cosplay outfits in here =) (and hot).

Posted by Shatterstar

Grats on getting to the reddit front page

Posted by pixelized

Nothing ruins my day like a bad wig, and there are so manyyyy.

I loved that Poison Ivy

Posted by Sergotron

You the man Norm.

Posted by KeanuDowneyJr
Posted by patapatitos
@norman:  excelent :)
Posted by Klaimore

Wow Mileena was one of the best.

Posted by patapatitos



Posted by naturalblue
 My man made the leather hood for this costume! I wish it was a better pic of it, it turned out great!
Posted by patapatitos


Posted by Physic

Is that LL Cool J?

Posted by Tacobot

Wow Awesome gallery Mr.Chan. With that many pictures i hope you had time to enjoy the con, the two times i saw you i would have said hi but you were movin like a man on a mission. Anyway thanks for this huge gallery i don't know how you got so many get pics in such a short time but great job n tnx.

Posted by Tacobot

@physic:yep that's ladies love cool james.

Posted by fox01313

Lots of good ones though my favorite is the redhead as a 1940s alternate history version of Captain America. Always enjoy seeing the alternate what if? costumes with some slight twist on what we know on how some hero/villain looks like.

Posted by Sonata

I am over whelmed by the awesomeness of this galleryXD

Posted by guardedsoul
Posted by TheCupcakeRogues

Yay! We made it in the Comic Vine gallery! We took a lot of pictures you can find here -  but I think my favorite from above is the Deadpool shooting himself. There were a lot of great Deadpools - including one yelling "TACOS!" at the top of his lungs.

Posted by TimDrakeRedRobin

i think im in love
Edited by CrimsonAvenger
My favorite. 
Posted by Valerie
Posted by MrGutts

@Valerie said:

@Gorehorn said:

@Judge_Dredd said: This gal, portraying both Scarlet Witch and Wonder Woman, wins hands down! Is she a model?

I'd say that's porn model Devon Michaels.

My name is Valerie Perez and I do frequently model for comic book artists.

Crack that whip woman!

Just curious, do you have team make your outfits for you?

Oh and you looked awesome in that Zatanna outfit a while back.

Posted by Gorehorn


Oh, sorry there, honest mistake.

Posted by Aqua11500
Lol WTF Ms.M outta BOTOX??/
Posted by Thor'sHammer

Is there a way to make this a slideshow?  Please?.

Posted by Jhyde

cosplay is awsome

Posted by Kyle C
the world's most creatively bankrupt harem
Posted by MysteriousBlack

WOW. This is what all cosplays should look like: everyone here did an amazing job. Better than that actually...

Posted by LP


Edited by KenTheProfile

wow all of them are just mind blowing but the real life jessica rabbit. i need some ice i think! 
not my thing but great to see such passion... 
upon futher review of things ( I.E. find hot sherlock homes) cosplay is totaly my thing ; )