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San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Cosplay Gallery

The official Comic Vine cosplay gallery, with 1100+ cosplay photos from San Diego Comic-Con 2011. Enjoy.

The gallery you've been waiting for is here. While Tony and Sara have been busy this Comic-Con interviewing comic creators, shooting booth tour videos, or attending panels, I've been walking around the convention floor non-stop on the hunt for cosplayers. There are many familiar faces from past cons and even this year's Wondercon, and surprisingly few Batmen in attendance. This year's big cosplay trend seems to be Captain America. Update: The gallery is now complete. This year's final tally was 1,143 photos!

Tell me which costumes are your favorites in the comments! (To scroll between images, open one, then press left and right on the keyboard--Chrome Only!)

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Saturday and Sunday


Wednesday and Thursday

Hungry for more cosplay? Revisit my gallery of 850 cosplay photos from last year's Comic-Con.

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Posted by UnosInfinitos

I love how how Bobarine/Wolva Fett is in every con you guys go to.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Now that is a gallery and a half, Top stuff by all :)

Posted by INCSlayer

ok the two people dressed up as lego versions of transformers WIN

Posted by craigbo180

There are two ridiculously hot girls who I have no idea what their costumes are, can someone identify the characters for me? First one is third from the left, three rows above the big Deadpool and Phoenix picture. The other one is second from the right under the giant Ghost Rider picture. She looks familiar to me so I think it might be a game character and the other one is what I assume to be a DC comics character. Beast.

Posted by kamionero

Someone actually dressed like the Jackal from 13 Ghosts? I could have sworn i was the only person in the world who watched that movie...

Posted by yeopop

The girl disguised as Imperial Officer resembles to Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Posted by guyver 0


Posted by Joe Venom

HOTT! surprised no Power Rangers showed up yet

Posted by DazzHardy

My fave's for far are the Mad Moxxi and 10th Doctor, though wow at just how many good costumed people are there

Posted by Nasar7

Wow so many hotties in here. I may just have to go next year.

Posted by KumoriKunoichi

Really good variety this time and far less wolverines than last time :D. 
The X-23 was good, ISSAC FROM GOLDEN SUN <3 <3, A lot of Wandas this year, some good Thors, Scout Spy and Sniper made an appearance, That had to have been one of the best Hawkeyes I had ever seen, Black Cat was awesome,  LOL at zoidberg indeed, TONKSSSS, Really good Cloud and Tifa..oh man it was just superb :D

Posted by WonderBoy1132

So much fun!

Posted by Chibi-Iroh

Since I was little I have always wanted to go to Comic-con, but I've never been able to.

Posted by TheLastNeo

Sweet Jesus, these are all amazing.. Great Job!

Edited by AlwaysBeClothing

For Friday, I have to give it to the Cassandra Cain era Batgirl. With the contacts and sewn up mouth, its off putting and frightens me a little. So, working as intended for a batsuit!

Though I never thought I would see Homer-geta.

Posted by honeycut1

I never get tired of seeing the Stormtrooper costumes people have made. I need to make one some day.

Posted by pikahyper

That first Death sitting down is ridiculously adorable :)

Moderator Online
Edited by pikahyper
@kamionero said:

Someone actually dressed like the Jackal from 13 Ghosts? I could have sworn i was the only person in the world who watched that movie...

loved 13 Ghosts !!!! I've wanted matthew lillard for ages.
Moderator Online
Posted by Malhavok

I love these costumes.  Why can't Hollywood ever make stuff this cool?  These guys are just doing it for fun and they really get it right!
Posted by Taka

man, female south park group just blew my mind

Posted by Gorehorn
Posted by Samimista

So much hot people in one place. <3

Posted by invadernick

AHHHH I want that red hood helm!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus
Adrianne Curry...GIGGITY GOO GOO GOO!
Posted by shrinerr

Yeah Celty from Durarara!!

and the stewardesses from Pan-Am are pretty hot as well

Posted by Parsnip

Ha, that Iron Man & Black Widow pair is dressed up in "civil" clothes on the updated gallery. Nice.

Posted by ultimategirlshileha1236

i love that little girl that went has ashoka from star wars the clone wars was costume was dead on the first iron man costume is amazing that the last wonder woman one is great! those disney princess were cool but no one went as princess tiana from the princess and the frog booooo!!!

Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones (The first one, eating the horse heart.)
Posted by Flap_jackson


Posted by Decept-O

@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

Adrianne Curry...GIGGITY GOO GOO GOO!



I THOUGHT that was Adrianne Curry! I didn't catch all the photos first time I looked at these, but if that isn't her, its her clone! It has to be her. Looking good either way!

Posted by 672253

Was that Holly Conrad's Commander Shepard I saw..! :D

I did a double take with that guy as the Tenth doctor, looks almost like David Tennant.

Some what disappointed at the lack of ME2 cos-play but I tip my hat to every one else.

Posted by ArchTeckGuru8

Any pick of Adam Savage as No Face?

Posted by maxB

Cool a Commander Shepard

Posted by btman

Good job with the photos Norm.

Edited by Zatoichi


Also, no idea what the costume is, but this girl sure is pretty:

She makes me feel all funny.

Posted by kenseven

awesome effort on the costumes. thanks for the pics!

  Felicia, you're so purr-ty.
Posted by kenseven
  Much Respect.
Posted by HellionVulcan

Some were great & afew weren't but atleast its cool thing to do thou but i'd never do it just not my thing even thou i could pull off a wolverine as i have the facial hair lol  .

Posted by JoeyF

Watching this man do his thing was nothing short of amazing.

Posted by DarkestLeader

whoa man, this is all great  
Hopefully i''l go next time  
I am gonna get build up so i can take my batman costume and impress that pretty ladys

Posted by ghelba2

My favorite hands down was the lego Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.  Really creative and Awesome

Posted by notarandomguy

wooow how cool *O*

Posted by xberserkx

Iron Man/Black Widow is epic

Posted by maxicere

My God!! I love a lot of girls!!!

Posted by bored_and_agitated

hey! where's a pic of the Squirrel Girl that was running around?
*sad face*

Posted by damswedon
Posted by kenseven

the composition for this photo, with the slight bokeh effect of the lights in the background, is beautiful.  
if this is a stolen shot, then the timing was brilliant .