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Posted by The_Martian

Nice Job, G-Man. He has a killer stashe!

Posted by Sick_j0k3

lmao with the mustache question. 

Posted by G-Man

Since 1957!

Posted by jefprice

lol wow. thats funny stuff.

Posted by Decept-O

The most important Q--the mustache.  I suspect it trumps Chuch Norris' any day of the week.  He's great, loved his stuff in Mad Magazine.  However, he does need to let the ponytail go.

Posted by LastSon1027

Nice Job Guys! These Micro interviews are great.

Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

Sergio was one of the first guys I started reading back in the 80s.  I still have all my Groo: The Wanderer issues!

Posted by Media_Master


Posted by xerox_kitty

I can't imagine the Simspons world in the Groo style... Weird!!  But he's so lovely :)

Posted by Bruce Vain

He reminds of the dos equis most interesting man in the world for some reason lol

Posted by The Sharp Dressed Lady

Great!! What a man!! What a stache!! One of my all-time faves forever, and now on The Simpsons!! Thank you so much, G-Man!! Another awesome interview!! 8D

Posted by Brackynews