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Posted by damswedon

Babs, Either all these videos are from different days or you gained the super power to change your clothes super fast between videos.

Posted by No_Name_

Didn't you know?? I just have to spin around a few times and poof! costume change! Lynda Carter, eat your heart out.

Posted by xerox_kitty
He's the one who did those beautiful Elektra covers??!  Is it incredibly shallow of me to say he's unbelievably cute?!?  I'd buy his graphic novel for his artistic talent alone :)

It's good to see Babs in her secret identity clothes too :)
Posted by burr787

The Joker was my favorite Batman GN hands down and his art was suburb all the way though. I hope he shows at the Chicago con.

Posted by Mars_19

his daredevil covers are supreme

Edited by Omg chris

his joker graphic novel was so amazing XD

Posted by LastSon1027

I love his work on Wed Comics, he has a beautiful style which really tells a great story on its own.

Posted by Media_Master

JOker graphic novel art was excellent