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Posted by Ikari

He forgot Colossus

Posted by xerox_kitty

I know it's so wrong, but I just love the X-Babies.  They're so cheesy & dumb... and that Skottie Young cover is fab!

Posted by damswedon

baby kitty pryde im sold

Posted by xerox_kitty
@damswedon said:
" baby kitty pryde im sold "
Baby Kitty (Shadowkitty??) is in love with Baby Colossus :)
X-Babies #1

Posted by jefprice

I'm so happy.

Posted by Vindellavon

Holy crap, Rogue looks awesome. 8D

Posted by Citizen 14

Haha! I can't wait. You gotta love em.

Posted by Goki

i cant wait for this

Posted by pixelized

awww it's only 4 issues??? i was hoping it was a nice on going.

Posted by danhimself

Nighcrawler looks awesome

Posted by Bruce Vain

I love X-Babies they're hilarious. The artwork just looks fantastic.

Posted by SuperXAsh

now all we need is for the return of the Power Pachyderms!!! XD

Posted by WonderBoy1132

seriously I cannot wait for this.. its so adorable!

Posted by Media_Master

looks like fun

Posted by G-Man
@pixelized said:
" awww it's only 4 issues??? i was hoping it was a nice on going. "
I feel the same way.  The good thing is it has a planned story.  When I first heard the announcement, it sort of felt like a novelty idea.  Something "cute" that would sell.  After talking with Greg, it's obvious he has a handle on this and it won't be a meaningless story.  My hope would be that everyone buys it and then it becomes either a series of minis or an ongoing.