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The guy waving in a the background at 1:54... whoa he's just so awesome. Does he like s&*# gold or something? Because you obviously have to be the coolest person on the face of the Earth to decide to get in the way of an interview by waving your  hand in the background. 

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So, is Babs like the Joseph McCarthy of comics???? She seems to find all the traitors. lol

Strike that. Let's go with Mata Hari instead. Sounds a bit more complimentary.
Really, nothing but love for you. Great work. Please, try and interview Fred Perry, creator of "Gold Digger". I believe he's there.

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Nice one, Babs!  You got some in-depth answers to your Q's, even with all the distractions of several numbnuts around you guys.  Are you sure you're not Lois Lane instead?

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This guy is fricken HUGE!!! Good interviews guys.

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Good info about the Black Panther!

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This is my favorite from yesterday. Axel loves Black Panther as much as I do, so to get him to talk about the Black Panther television series was awesome. Very cool interview!

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Nice work Babs. I'm loving all the coverage...I've made it my goal to be there next year

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Black Panther animated series sounds excellent!!

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Is the animated series  still on BET?

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This is completely irrelevant, but... how tall is he!?!  Anyway, it's always great to see a man so enthusiastic about the titles he works on :D

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I was wondering what was going on with the Black Panther animation, The last thing I heard was the casting and that it was gonna be on BET & that was it. So now we know what's going on. Thanks for asking that question Babs.

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Is that the guy ho made storm marry black panther? >=(

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I'm sure the picture of Babs was for himself.