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'Sabretooth' Wants In The 'Wolverine' Sequel

But does he fit into the storyline?

But does he fit into the storyline?

 Back in January following the People's Choice Awards we told you guys that Hugh Jackman revealed that filming on the next installment of the Wolverine franchise would begin within the next year. He also confirmed what we had previously suspected, that the next story we'll see translated onto the big screen will be set in Japan, and will follow the Chris Claremont/Frank Miller story from the early 80's. So the question remains, will the film follow the original story, or will we be seeing some of the characters we have already met in the upcoming film? I mean, the last film (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) took a lot of liberties and injected numerous characters that honestly had nothing to do with Wolverine's character origins. Needless to say, I won't be surprised if FOX opts to make changes to an already perfect Wolverine story for the sake of building more character franchises. Recently, MTV caught up with actor Liev Schreiber who played Sabretooth in the previous film to see if he has plans of appearing in the upcoming film.

"Hugh [Jackman] has talked about the fact that he wants to work on the Japanese angle," said Schreiber, "I’ve got my fingers crossed that Victor pops into that somewhere. I’m not sure yet. I don’t remember from the comic books [if he’s in there]."

"I was definitely a Wolverine guy growing up. But I also have to admit I was kind of a DC guy," said Schreiber, "It’s sort of an embarrassing thing to say but its true. Wolverine was up there though. I liked the dark noir nature to it. I had a ball with it. My guilty pleasure is I watch wacky action movies. I’m looking forward to 'Iron Man 2.' I’m always looking forward to the next installation of Batman."

While I like Liev as Sabretooth and thought his performance was one of the best things about the first Wolverine film, there is something about consistency, continuity and an accurate translation of a perfectly good story from one medium to the next that leads me to think his character is not necessary to the sequel. One of the biggest problems with the first Wolverine film was the fact that Fox insisted on adding all these unnecessary characters to the story. What do you guys think? Do you want to see Sabretooth in the sequel?
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Posted by NightFang

They put in everyone's else they could find, so why not Sabretooth too?

Posted by cmaprice

Is Liev inferring that Iron Man and Batman are merely "wacky action" films and a "guilty pleasure", after he starred in the Wolverine Origins trash?
He's a brilliant actor and I love him, but seriously. Seriously?

Posted by sora_thekey

They're already going to ruin it, so why not!
Posted by darth bul

hell no
Posted by Jayso4201

i agree i's rather see sabretooth in it than some other stupid charachter, but i think cyber would be an awesome choice, or maybe omega red.
Posted by mimschkin
@cmaprice: Amen to that.

The franchise was never that good to start with (going back to X1). So now I'm just indifferent. If they want to shunt an unrelated character into a decent story then go ahead. I am currently in a state of meh.
Posted by goldenkey
@sora_thekey said:
"They're already going to ruin it, so why not! "

No one could have said it any better.  Even tho the last one was ruined with Deadpool and the whole nice old people, I somehow enjoyed the movie. 
Posted by Omega Ray Jay
@Babs said:
"..Liev as Sabretooth and thought his performance was one of the best things about the first Wolverine film..."
Second only was the credits.
Posted by They Killed Cap!

...they are going to do what ever they want and ruin any good potential these movies have. With that said I don't know that I would be totally apposed to seeing sabbertooth in another movie. He was good.

Posted by joshmightbe

why are they making a sequel to that piece of crap?
Posted by 4Essence
I ask the same question everyday when I wake up in the morning.
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

agree with most here. the plot ? i didnt see it in the first one,
and honestly Liev was one of the things i actually enjoyed about the first,
so yes, they should definatly write him in into it.

Posted by Aerik
 This thread upsets my tummy!
Posted by Omega The Supreme Being

loved him as sabertooth

Posted by Nyogtha

I'm not going to be so hasty write it off. But I know it isn't going to be the same. It never will when Marvel doesn't do it diy. Get use to it. If they put anyone in that isn't in the story, I want it to be Victor.

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau
@Omega The Supreme Being said:
" loved him as sabertooth "
Posted by MichaeltheFly
@Gambler said:
" @Omega The Supreme Being said:
" loved him as sabertooth "
Maybe they should try to explain how Sabertooth got so beast-like.
Posted by Bruce Vain

I never get tired of Sabretooth.


The only characters I really want to see is Silver Samurai.

Posted by simsey

sabretooth can always be in wolverine films eg hunts him down every year on his birthday to mess up his sh!t  
 dats a villian
Posted by xerox_kitty

Leiv Schreiber makes me want a Sabretooth movie!  Don't put him in Wolvie 2.  Give him more time in his own spotlight, and set him up against Mystique...

Posted by Branagin77


Posted by thatlad

While I don't like deviating from source material, they could make a slight alteration by having sabertooth chasing wolverine to Japan, trying to push him to embrace his animal side & Logan trying to find his human side through a code of honour etc. If done right I#d be okay with it but only because I loved Liev Schrieber's Sabretooth

Posted by Moomin123

I'd love to see Sabretooth again in Wolverine 2. Perhaps it could explain how he finds Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. I'd like to see the old team back together like Toad and Mystique.
Posted by CylonDorado

They should be less concerned about continuity, and more concerned about not throwing in a bunch of random characters for no reason. Sabretooth would be awesome to see again.

Posted by logansgirl
@simsey said:

"sabretooth can always be in wolverine films eg hunts him down every year on his birthday to mess up his sh!t    dats a villian "

Heck yes that is a true villian. 
I loved SchreiberTooth in Origins. He was one of the things that made it watchable. But since the sequel is to be the Japan setting they cannot leave out Silver Samurai or they fail!
Posted by Jake Fury

Liev was awesome as Sabretooth. He should be in the next film for sure. As wolvie's oldest enemy he'll have a place in any film Logan related.

Posted by NXH

What a pile of bullshit! This guy was shit as sabertooth in the last film. they should of kept the actor who played as him in the first x-men movie, he was awesome! Since the wolverine movie came out, ive kinda lost respect with hugh jackman and marvel movies. just have  that feeling this next film is gonna suck balls!

Posted by Yung ANcient One

i say yes

Edited by MemnochZERO

Considering it took them over TEN YEARS to render a faithful personality translation of Sabretooth/Victor Creed on the big screen AND the fact Leiv Schreiber’s stellar acting ability brought the character to life so perfectly even though he physically didn’t resemble anything on the page AND the fact he’s hands down Wolverine’s greatest adversary: I say go for it.

What’s the worst than can happen? Frank Miller and some purists throwing a hissy fit? If they need him to bring the conflict level up, there’s nothing I see that would make it a deal breaker for me, plus much like Deathstrike, he’s great in terms of the visuals for a action scenes/fights against Wolverine.

That isn’t to say Wolverine doesn’t have a stable of great enemies I’d love to see on screen like Silver Samurai, Omega Red, and Cyber, but Sabretooth... I wouldn’t object to round 2, provided he was written by someone who gives a shit about the character and with a solid grasp on what makes him so popular and doesn’t reduce him to a glorified extra. And as long as bringing him back in for Wolverine 2 made sense for their particular story.

But what I would rather see on screen, ideally in X-Men First Class, is Sabretooth factoring into the massacre of the Morlocks. We’ve already got perfect character rendering and an actor for him, as well as Gambit, that’s two Marauders down, all they need is the rest of them and Sinister and it becomes the greatest X-Men film to date. This would almost make up for Bryan Singer’s colossal dropping of the ball with him in the original X-Men film, which was far worse than even the most awful parts of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.    

Posted by The WeatherMan

They need a new villain. Since it's in Japan I'm hoping for Silver Samurai or maybe Gorgon? Somebody that makes sense.
Posted by GERALD

Yeah. Liev Schriber was the ONLY good thing about the first film, I really hope they don't just forget about him.
Maybe they can show how he slowly starts to resemble the Sabretooth we know from X-Men1.

Posted by CylonDorado

It seems like the fans want Sabretooth back :D. This is one of the few instances of me thinking that they should actually listen to the fans.

Posted by HaloKing343

I do want to see him because he undergoes a real transition from where he is at Xmen Origins: Wolverine to the first Xmen film back in 2000. So I want to see how he changes into a more "civilized" badass into an uncivilized beast. Like seriously, he's got tons of hair.  So yeah, I would love to see that transformation.

Posted by daveydavey

They shouldnt do a Sequel. The first one sucked.
Posted by Scissorhands

Dude definitely kicked ass as 'Tooth.
I'd be happy to see him in the sequel as long as it makes sense and doesn't feel forced.
I'm already sorta afraid that they're gonna shoe-horn Daken into it.

Posted by MikeIsrael

I would like the movie to follow the 80's wolverine /x men comics.

Posted by BIackFlash
@Omega The Supreme Being said:

" loved him as sabertooth "

I agree he was much better than Mr Wresler dude who got cooked by Storm
 Liev can actually act and he really brought the character to life
Posted by WoundingFactor
@simsey: I agree, I'd love to see him make a reappearance, even if it's only to show up ruin Wolverine's shit on his birthday. He doesn't even need to say anything or stick around after the fight.
Posted by 614azrael
believe hes implying the hyper real nature of comic films ingeneral and not particularly a degrating statment, and the movie wasnt total trash just 70% or so. wolverine sabertooth and deadpool were all good gambit was decent(only reason not good is wasnt cajin) and agent zero was a decent portrayl(my isue is he was a probability controling mutant in the movie wich he isnt). Note when i say Deadpool i am not refering to the wepon XIII or whtever at end of movie
Posted by N7_Normandy
@sora_thekey said:
" They're already going to ruin it, so why not! "