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Runaways Movie Delayed

Until when?

 Coming to theaters 2012... er... 2013.

I’ve described the RUNAWAYS movie as being like Marvel Studios’ “stealth sub” because, even though the project’s been steadily coming together, the announcements haven’t (so to speak) been trumpeted from the top of the mountain. I wasn’t sure how this flick was going to fit into the greater latticework of the Marvel movie world, and it seems like the involved personnel are still trying to figure that out, too. The project seemed locked for a start date early next year and, now, Bleeding Cool and Deadline are saying that said “inception” has been pushed back; likely to sometime in 2012. The reason seems to be that Marvel’s just too busy with AVENGERS and all its related solo movies at the moment to give this film the proper attention it needs. It’s still going to happen, but Peter Sollett will probably have enough time to squeeze in another movie before he starts this one.

While I was looking forward to seeing these kids get their shot, I’m actually glad that this delay’s happened. Would prefer they take a little longer to do this thing properly instead of hurrying while everybody’s spread thin? Fans always ask how bad movies can be made with big budgets and it’s usually for these kind of reasons. If the studio needs to have a movie out for an already-advertised release date, then they have to keep the train moving along even if the tracks haven't all been laid down properly. Thus, a movie might start shooting a script even when it isn’t ready or go with a star even if she might not be right for the role.  == TEASER ==

I can already picture the "making of" documentary on the RUNAWAYS special edition Blu-Ray where Sollett and all the crew are going to be talking about this delay and saying how grateful they are that the extra time was taken to do things correctly.

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Posted by sifsclub

As long as they don't F*CK UP THE MOVIE, then I'll be fine.

Posted by weapon154

I agree with sifsclub, but I'm sincerly hoping they pick good actors to play them.

Posted by Punishment

wow by 2012 will b lke dea bro. theyshould try to make it faster bro

Posted by reptilia_kun

as much as i would like to see the movie adaptation, i'd like to see the series continue at least?

Posted by They Killed Cap!

Im so not looking forward to this. They could have done so many other good stories besides this.
Posted by FierceYouth

Runaways is a strong and really good series. And hopefully it'll open some doors to other young hero stories, since Marvel's currently got a good half dozen young ______ teams running around whether they're from Avengers Academy or the New Mutants.  
I'm still holding out for YA though... 

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I guess I was kind of upset to see delays but, then I thought it is a good thing also because this means they want to make the movie good and concentrate on it. 

Posted by Journey Into Chaos
@sifsclub: agreed.
Posted by TheMess1428

I love how you said "she might not be right for the role" like you're referring to something in particular.

Posted by dvorak

At this point I just wish that they would bring the comic back. I got pretty attached to those characters. 
Also how about Chloe Moretz for Molly? How perfect is that?

Posted by jamdown

Posted by sifsclub
Good. I thought i was the only one who cared. I'm really hoping they do The Runaways right, really because of our history.
Posted by sifsclub
@reptilia_kun said:
" as much as i would like to see the movie adaptation, i'd like to see the series continue at least? "
Definitely that too.
Posted by Eyz

I had forgotten about this one X__X
Do they really need to make a movie out of everything?!

Posted by imaginaryman
@sifsclub said:
" As long as they don't F*CK UP THE MOVIE, then I'll be fine. "
totally agree, if this was facebook i would like :))
Posted by FireFlare153

My first post! also, i've only read 2 issues of the Runaways and it's awsome! Now a movie? Great! I guess i don't mind the delay. I havn't read all the issues yet.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

As my buddy FireFlare153 says.. 
I don't know that much about the runaways, but the things I read are very addicting.

Edited by sifsclub
And i would like yours as well.
Posted by CellphoneGirl

Even though i've been practically dying for over a year now waiting for this movie to come out, i guess i'll live with waiting a bit longer if this delays ends up doing better for the movie.