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Rumors - More reports on Galactus in FF movie

Minor spoiler alert, but you'll likely want to read cuz it's so lame and then we can all collectively bitch together. just recieved a report that Galactus in the FF movie will not be a giant robot, but appear in the form of a cloud. Yes kiddos, that's right, the devourer of worlds is a simple space cloud. Not that any of this is surprising of course. We all remember how badly Doom was ported onto the silver screen, why should this be any different. While they're at it why don't they have the silver surfer fly through solid objects.... oh wait. Here's the rumored email to Harry:

Wanted to let you know what Galactus is going to look like / be represented as in the FF2 sequel:

A storm cloud.


That's it. That's the solution from the creatives.

(clears throat).....pretty lame.

Think Superman/Silver Surfer flying through clouds with Galactus / Jorel VO.

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