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Rumor: Matthew Vaughn Wanted for 'Justice League' Movie

Could the 'Kick-Ass' and 'X-Men: First Class' director be the man to helm 'Justice League?'

Another day, another Justice League rumor. We now know J.J. Abrams is allegedly directing Star Wars: Episode VII, and this could apparently make Matthew Vaughn more interested in helming Warner Bros. big team up movie.

According to Cosmic Book News, the X-Men: First Class director is said to have previously turned down a Justice League offer because he was allegedly in the running for Star Wars -- he even wanted Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass) for the lead. Now that this apparently isn't an option, this opens the doors once again to the DC film.

The website claims their DC Entertainment source says Rian Johnson (Looper), Sam Mendes (Skyfall), and Gary Ross (The Hunger Games) are also in the running. Allegedly, Peter Jackson was on the list as well, but The Hobbit being turned into a trilogy soaked up his time. The website also alleges that Christopher Nolan will not produce the film. Furtheremore, they say the film will have a budget of roughly $250 million.

Once again, these are just rumors and only time will tell who's actually directing the film. But in the meantime, some fun speculation never hurt anyone, right? So, do you think Vaughn's a good choice or would you prefer to see one of the other 3 names direct?

Source: Cosmic Book News

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Posted by Cavemold

hmm kinda of let down if so

Posted by mk111

Hah, just watch. He'll turn it down like all the other directors!

Posted by Cavemold

Dont know why someone would turn it down

Posted by SUNMAN

with each rumor I get less enthused about a Justice League film

Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

Just give everything to JJ Abrams. He got this.

Posted by longbowhunter

I like Vaughn. They could certainly do worse.

Posted by HT101

I still say this movie will never come out. DC has only succeeded with their movies when they let the director truly do his thing and the only one who really succeeded was Nolan. Singer did his thing, and for better or worse, it was deemed a failure. The two Chris Reeves Superman movies were really good and the two Burton Batman movies were decent but other than that, they haven't done a good job. Their animation studio is awesome but their actual movie studio has not filled me with hope that they will make this movie and that it will be good. A JL movie would be really cool but I just don't see it happening.

Posted by ThanosIsMad

They should just do a big budget, animated Justice League movie. Get the cast of JLU to reprise their roles and call it a day.

Posted by Cavemold

@ThanosIsMad said:

They should just do a big budget, animated Justice League movie. Get the cast of JLU to reprise their roles and call it a day.


Edited by Gambit1024

Huh. They're gonna do this now too?

Wasn't he supposed to direct Star Wars like, a month ago? (And Ben Affleck was rumored for both too. Weird.)

I call shenanigans. But if I'm wrong, I'd still watch it because I respect the man's work.

Posted by SUNMAN

@longbowhunter said:

I like Vaughn. They could certainly do worse.

this is what its come too........."they could do worse." really? is this where we are at lol

We are settling for Mark Sanchez cause we couldn't get Peyton Manning?

Posted by RedQueen

He certainly has talent for doing good comic-book conversions... If he accepts this/the rumour is true I would definitely me more optimistic for this film.

Posted by WildStyle

Who ever directs this film is going to have a rough time man. Not only does the film have to be quality film but it also has to be a good launching point for the DC films that flow out of it like The Flash. This can't be a bad movie folks. Good luck to whoever takes the job.

Posted by Oscars94

@Cavemold: Avengers happened ;)

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Hmmmmm Kick-Ass sucked hard, but X-Men First Class was excellent.

Posted by JamDamage

No complaints here. That coin scene from X-Men is fantatstic

Posted by OutlawRenegade

All good choices for director other than Jackson. Use Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Cyborg. Make it long. Give every character loads of time and development.

Posted by mk111


Yeah, one of my favorite scenes in the film. And Shaw totally deserved it.

Posted by OutlawRenegade

@ThanosIsMad said:

They should just do a big budget, animated Justice League movie. Get the cast of JLU to reprise their roles and call it a day.

Career and fan pressure. iIt is a high profile gig

Posted by The Stegman
Ew, no!
Posted by OutlawRenegade

Why is the internet an endless pit of hate?

Fans hated in Leder, Thor, First Class, Avengers, and numerous other films. And the so called fans were wrong.

Can we see some hope, optimism , or support?

Edited by OutlawRenegade

He did a great job on First Class and Kickass, so i like him

Posted by roboadmiral

Not a bad choice. I'd prefer the guy who directed Skyfall, but I have no objection to Vaughn,

Posted by bloggerboy

I really hope this turns out to be true. Layer Cake, Kickass, First Class, they were all great!

Posted by Chewish

Rian Johnson! Rian Johnson! Rian Johnson! Rian Johnson! Rian Johnson!

Posted by Yung ANcient One

Trippy my Brother was just talking about this loser yesterday.



Posted by GothamRed

@Cavemold: Lack of interest in the material, other film projects, conflicts of interest between the studio and director, there's lots of reasons why a director would pass on it.

Posted by Icon

He'd be a great choice. He even made X-Men good when everyone thought that would fail.

Posted by dondave

Kick Ass and X-Men First class were good, so I have high hopes for this. To be honest I'd still watch Justice League even if it was rubbish

Posted by alexanderdesorro

@WildStyle: I totally agree. The problem is the script. If the rumors are true what the script is about using Darkseid then its turning off all the major directors. They have to live up to the Avengers and that's going to be hard.

Posted by Chibi-Iroh

@ThanosIsMad: If I wanted to see an animated Justice League I could watch any number of their shows or animated movies.

Posted by Mbecks14

@ThanosIsMad said:

They should just do a big budget, animated Justice League movie. Get the cast of JLU to reprise their roles and call it a day.


This is what I've been saying! Animation is what DC does best and really the only thing DC does well anymore. A big budget animation movie, spin offs, and possible animated series would be phenomenal both in quality and commercially!

But I like Vaughn's work with both Kick Ass and Xmen FC, so i'd be ok with him.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

As many have stated, this is going to be a huge job for whoever takes it on. I think Vaughn could do a good job but I'm interested to see some other possibilities come to the table.

Posted by Misterwizz

The Justice League movie is shaping up to be a disaster, don't be surprise if it flops hard.

Edited by Misterwizz

“We now know J.J. Abrams is allegedly directing Star Wars: Episode VII, and this could apparently make Matthew Vaughn more interested in helming Warner Bros. big team up movie”.

Why the hell would that make Vaughn interested in making a Justice League? Star Wars and Justice League are nothing alike.

Plus Cosmic Book News is not a reliable source; they often post articles about things that don't turn out to be true.

Posted by braynehurricane

@Misterwizz: Well they conjectured that he'd turned down Justice League before because he was in the running for Star Wars. If Star Wars is no longer an option, maybe he'll say yes to JL.

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

I have my doubts on this, but it isn't exactly hopeless.

Posted by sinsear912

this will probably never get made and when it does, it will suck something epic!

Posted by sentryman555

@The Mighty Monarch said:

Hmmmmm Kick-Ass sucked hard, but X-Men First Class was excellent.


Posted by nappystr8

They wanted Ben Afflek too, but he turned them down hard. I see Matthew Vaughn doing the same thing. He's done his super hero movies already, any more he might get type-cast. It feels to me like he'd be ready to move on to a different project. Even if they did talk him into it, he may skip out last minute like he did with X-Men: The Last Stand. Sam Mendes also not very likely, it's possible he'd be interested in trying his hand with the genre, but they would have to throw buckets and buckets of money his way. Rian Johnson and Gary Ross seem more likely, and both have done good work. I'd lean towards Johnson as a personal preference as his writing skills would come in handy in case the JL script needs some reworking.

Posted by Galactic_Man

How bout we stop getting "rumors" and start receiving actual updates/confirmations :P

Posted by hunter5024

I am so good with any of those choices, though I think Rian Johnson would do the best job.

Posted by mk111

The Justice League film is doomed...


Posted by Reignmaker

Mixed feelings about that choice. Not a lot of star power here, but Chris Nolan was kind of an unknown also when he took over Batman Begins. I really liked Kickass but I think the Hitgirl casting really made that movie. First class was decent also.

Posted by Reignmaker

To the nerds that are asking for a big budget animation film, it won't happen. Only nerds would go to see it, that and the kiddies - assuming it's not one of those ridiculous PG-13 cartoons.

WB wants something that can make Avengers-level money. Mainstream audiences aren't going to come to the movies to watch cartoons. This movie isn't for the nerds. If it was, it would bomb. I'm sorry to be the party-pooper, but the dream dies here.

Posted by JamesKM716

Mendes, Vaughn and Johnson are all good directors, Johnson is the only one I'm not entirely sure could make JL work

Posted by Lvenger

Not familiar with Vaughn's work but if his reputation is good it could be interesting. However, it's an unconfirmed source so I'll take it with a healthy pinch of salt.

Posted by LordRequiem

That's funny, they'll be asking Joss Whedon next or anyone that has made a decent team film.

Posted by DarklyDreamingDeadpool

i think vaughn is a very good choice, he even resurrected the x-men movies, which in my eyes was dead as dead can be after x3 and the shitty origins.

Posted by Misterwizz


Okay. It's just stupid. We don't even know if he's interested in doing Justice League.

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