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Rose City Comic Con 2013: Cosplay Gallery

There were quite a few great costumes at the show. Here's some of them.

Last weekend was Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR. Me and Jen (MissJ) were pretty busy considering it was a smaller convention. Smaller here doesn't mean less. There was time to speak to creators at length (when they weren't at panels or talking to the lines of fans at their tables). We also got to talk to some members of the Comic Vine community which is always a plus. Between that, interviews and shopping from the venders (we both probably bought too many vintage comics and action figures), we did manage to take some Cosplay pictures.

Be sure to check out our videos HERE. We will have more!

Unfortunately, these photos don't even scratch the surface of what was there. We did see some really great costumes but weren't able to grab a photo at the time. Check out the pics we did take.

As well as Cosplayers, there was also a vender displaying some of the costumes they make and sell.

We'll have more pics from NYCC in a couple weeks.

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Posted by AllStarSuperman

Redhood is awesome

Posted by patrat18


Posted by Oscars94

I wish I had that Red Hood gear.

Posted by Bloxxeh

I need that Red Hood gear.

Edited by kaiklown

That is some butt ugly Red hood gear.

Posted by Wilbertus

Holy Smokes, Batman! Did Adam West step in a time machine and get out in this picture?!

Edited by RedheadedAtrocitus

Awesome cosplays! I enjoyed that Capt. Marvel one myself especially :)

Posted by Ostyo

Yeah, putting my state on the map!

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

I need that Red Hood costume!

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Man comicvine, I,m seriouly disappointed in you.You do this much coverage on RCCC BUT DON'T say shiz about the SLCC which broke all kind of record? Don't get me wrong i'm glad for the people of Rose City and there first comicon, but but pretty much spit in my city's face.

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

The Red Hood and 9 cosplays were the best. 9 was such an awesome, underrated film!

Edited by Mild_Karl

Not going to look through the entire gallery but I totally appreciate the 9 cosplayers. Very cool.

If only the movie lived up to its potential...*sigh*

Posted by Dabee

Whoa... that Red Hood mask looks super gritty.

Posted by CQSP_Atty

Nice masks! Jason Todd is the man... if we get out of the recent story arc.

Posted by G-Man

@cmarsh456em: Wow, I'm sorry but I have to say this is a pretty ridiculous comment. Do you realize back in January I have a seven-page print out of ALL the conventions happening this year? Do you realize it cost money to fly out to other cities and stay in hotels? Do you realize I'll have gone to ten different shows this year? So that must mean we're spitting in the other cities' faces, right? Oh, and by the way, I also had two meetings in Portland on Monday, one with Dark Horse and one with Oni. So yeah, comic convention plus business meetings. Oh wait, you didn't know that. How could you? It's also funny how some conventions send out press releases or even offer to fly people out. Did your city?

But thanks for checking out these pics and the hard work the cosplayers put into their costumes.

Posted by Trodorne

@g_man: You guys did a great coverage of the costumes. Good Job.

Posted by G-Man

@trodorne: thanks! Wish I could've taken more pics!

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@g_man: That's why I ignore some people. Because they are such a-holes and don't deserve have my response or waste of time. It's just sad how people can't appreciate that you have a life and shouldn't expect you to go to EVERY single comic con event. I'm really glad you told him off though. It felt like a KAPOWWW! lol . I really liked the pics you posted here especially Abigail Brant!! She looks so awesome and I think that's the first time I ever seen a cosplay of. I can't wait until you a picture of me and my boyfriend in cosplay costumes in NYCC, 2 weeks!!! ;-)

Posted by BoyWander


Posted by FlashDamn

my kind of cosplay

Posted by DonFelipe

The 9 (and 2) dolls looks absolutely amazing!

Brilliant movie and idea for cosplay.