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Root For The Bad Guy: Spot

There are some villains that are so bad that they get no respect (and often don't deserve any).

Everyone loves a cool villain. There are many in comics such as Joker, Norman Osborn, Lex Luthor, etc. For every 'great' villain, there are loads that don't quite have what it takes to achieve true villain status. We figured we'd start a monthly feature to spotlight some of the weaker villains that could someday rise above the odds and achieve a place in the Supervillain Hall of Fame. But most likely they will continue to be an embarrassment.

Today, let's take a look at SPOT.

The first problem is the name. Coming up with a name if you're a hero or villain can be tough. Coming up with a really cool name is even tougher. Based on his intelligence, you would think he could've come up with a better name. During his first encounter with Spider-Man, Spidey couldn't stop laughing at his name.

== TEASER ==

What is his story?

Johnathon Ohnn was a scientist working for Kingpin. He was working on helping Kingpin create another super-powered henchman after the Answer disappeared. During a fight with Cloak and Dagger (and Spider-Man and Black Cat), Ohnn managed to get a reading on Cloak's powers. Kingpin was hoping for some information on Dagger's powers as her light powers could help his dying wife Vanessa. Kingpin wasn't too interested as his mind was on his wife. Ohnn continued to investigate. As the radiation energy was being reproduced, a giant black hole appeared.

Being a scientist and having an inquisitive mind, Ohnn had to investigate. He also wasn't sure if he'd be able to reproduce the circle. Stepping in, he immediately felt coldness and once transported to another dimension, passed out.

He finally awoke and found a familiar grouping of spots. Making his way towards them, he went through and emerged back in his lab, covered in spots.

This is where he showed his true...spots. First of all, working for the Kingpin didn't say much for his ethics. But rather than try to figure out how the power could be used for good, he decided it would be best to test out the powers against one of Kingpin's enemies before telling him or anyone. This lead to him encountering both Spider-Man and Black Cat.

Spot was off to a great start. Removing the spots from his body, he had portals all over the place. This allowed him to be able to punch Spider-Man while keeping his distance from him. If Spider-Man did get close enough to try to hit him, he would swing into a hole. Unfortunately he kept removing more and more spots.

One punch and he was ready to run away. You have to remember, Spot didn't set out to be a supervillain. As a scientist, he was curious about harnessing the power. He was working for Kingpin but once he gained the power, he had thoughts of using it for himself to further his own research. Soon he changed his tune and did sink to petty theft.

Spot later formed a team with Grizzly, Gibbon and Kangaroo. Going under the name of the Spider-Man Revenge Squad, they very quickly became known as the Legion of Losers.

With the type of power at his disposal, you would think he could make something out of himself. If he was interested in money, he could easily use his spots to teleport into restricted areas. Of course he'd have to find a way to leave a spot behind so he could enter the location later.

He continued his attempts at being a villain and was even part of MODOK's 11. When his son was put in a coma as a result of a drive-by shooting, he began killing members of the Russian mafia. He recently showed up in the pages of DAREDEVIL hired to kidnap another mafia member's daughter. Again, he demonstrated his willingness to kill.

This could have been the beginning of a more deadly Spot. One that could be taken a little more seriously. But of course, he was easily defeated by Daredevil, made to look like a fool and left for the authorities.

Is there any hope for Spot? Would a new name improve his standing as a supervillain? Will he always be just a villain to be made fun of? There is some potential in him. He could use his powers in interesting ways and has shown signs of being deadly. But he's just lacking that edge that could push him higher in the ranks of great supervillains.

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Posted by Deadcool

His powers are awesome, he could work to teleport big groups of villains, like the Sinister Six.

Spider-man Won
Posted by webling

I've always liked the Spot's power set after seeing it in some random Spider-Man cartoon, but I have yet to see him in a comic. Also this article made me think of this video:

Posted by Nuec_Sol

Spots power + skills of a deadly melee fighter + a new name = would make cool villain

Posted by TDK_1997

I like him because he has nice powers and a cool costume but writers don't use him often and when they do,they just joke around with him.

Edited by cbishop

When Spot first appeared, my first thought was to call him Dalmation Man - it never made any sense to me that the Darkforce manifested in spots, rather than all encompassing darkness, but the Darkforce doesn't seem to manifest the same way twice. I've always thought the powers of this lame villain should work similar to the powers of the lame hero, Doorman, from the Great Lakes Avengers (X-Men, Defenders, whatever). Doorman could back up to a wall and make himself a teleportational portal for others to walk through. I think the Spot should be able to gather more spots on his body, and have things pass through him like that.

I could picture him standing in the middle of a street, facing down an oncoming eighteen wheeler. The truck rolls right over where he's standing, only to fall apart and crash a short distance later - a human-shaped hole having formed in the length of the truck and its contents, as everything that touched the Spot passed into the spot/Darkforce dimension. The Spot remains standing right where he was. Coupled with his willingness to kill, he should certainly be a bigger threat. The name is weak, but it was originally meant to be, because the character was designed for ridicule, not seriousness. A name change would be in order.

Posted by viin

kinda a joke/funny character...he would be good with deadpool

breaking the fourth wall perhaps

Edited by kfhrfdu_89_76k


I agree with you. Also, that video is pretty funny. I didn`t like a few things in it. For example, Spot acting out like an ***. But you can understand that, since he`s a villain.


I don`t really think that he needs a new name. It has a nice feel to it.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

You know you're lame when in your debut, the hero actually says "Yuk Yuk Yuk". And it's Spider-man of all people, so that just stings even more!

Posted by clemj
@Nuec_Sol: yeah like THE spot
Posted by ComicMan24

I liked when I first saw him in the 90s Spider-Man cartoon. He wasn't bad and his powers were actually quite cool.

Posted by MisterParker

@ComicMan24: Agreed, that was also my first time seeing him. I really feel that the Spot should get a lot more respect. His costume kind of needs a little tweaking, though.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Spot was a badass against Daredevil, but the ending of that fight didn't do him justice. He's awesome when used right.

Posted by SpidermanWins

oh Spot... never could find his way out of the League of Losers

Posted by Jorgevy

I never knew about it but he looked pretty cool when he made Spidey punch himself in the head :D

Posted by Decept-O

Yeah so Mort of the Month gets resurrected on Comic Vine. Not that I am complaining. Although Spot isn't too terribly lame. Well maybe. Least he didn't go by the name the Yellow Spot.

Posted by G-Man

@Jorgevy: I used that for the front page image:

Posted by Atary77

Nice article, have to wonder what other bad guys you'll talk about next.

Edited by That60sGuy

I'd like to nominate Porcupine becuase "After many defeats he decided to retire and sell his new armor to the highest bidder"!

Posted by JayUK

Hoping to see the mighty Blue Snowman making an appearance here in the upcoming months.

Posted by The Hooded Hero

He'd make a better hero.

Posted by Danial79

Daredevil #1 was the first time I'd even heard of this guy, but he seemed pretty damn cool in this issue... even though DD beat him pretty easily.

Posted by Joe Venom

Looter! Looter! Looter! Looter!

Posted by BloodTalon

I like the Spot the name is fine and his powers are cool. Any body know how he came back because if I am correct Wolverine killed him in enemy of the state?

Posted by PhoenixoftheTides

@TDK_1997 said:

I like him because he has nice powers and a cool costume but writers don't use him often and when they do,they just joke around with him.

I like him, too! In order for him to be taken seriously, he'll need to amp up his lethality. Maybe start carrying firearms and use the spots to snipe people from far away. He has a lot of potential. I am entertained by the fact that he's not really super villain material. It makes him more interesting than the standard super assassins that overpopulate comics.

Posted by thanosrules

Portal would be a decent name... I agree, he would make a better slapstick hero though...

Posted by karrob

@Nuec_Sol said:

Spots power + skills of a deadly melee fighter + a new name = would make cool villain

Posted by MP_SimonWilliams

Good stuff! I love articles on LAME super-villians. This original Spot story was my childhood wheelhouse for comic collecting. Even as a kid I thought that The Spot was like something I'd draw and come up with in my own home-made comic books.

Around this same era, there was an issue of THOR featuring a one-off story where he fought a dude called "THE ZANIAC!" I never knew if that meant he was supposed to be a Zany-Maniac, or if he was a Zombie-Maniac...but he had energy knives, torn sleeves off a raggy old dress shirt, yellow jaundice-looking skin, shaggy hair, big muscles and was super-strong. (And a horrifically bad origin story that I won't get into.)

The Zaniac is classically bad.....and he fought freaking Thor toe-to-toe! Time to bring back the Zaniac folks.

Posted by IFeelTeeth

He'd make a better DC villain.

He is pretty awesome though.

Posted by The Impersonator

The Legion of Losers should become Legion of Winners. =P

Posted by The_Ruiner

There's a DC villain with the exact same powers called Loophole...

Posted by Mrakbarman

He could be spidey's deadliest villain ( if he controlled his powers and amped them ) or a worthy ally. I hope he makes it into the UCSM series with scorpion.

Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

Anyone noticed that if you take his first initial and his last name you get J. Ohnn?

Posted by Solarflare32

Toad next

Posted by jordama

I loved the spot since he was in the 90's animated series.

Posted by Lvenger

@G-Man said:

@Jorgevy: I used that for the front page image:

This image would be even more awesome if the Spot was saying "Hey Spider-Man. Stop hitting yourself!" That would be a cool line that would get him some respect at least.

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

Spot is one of the most underrated villains ever. They need to do something with him.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus
Posted by CombatSpoon86

I love the Spot. I wish people would use him more. He may be lame but his powers are no joke. If you take an A-list villains brain and put it in the Spot's body, we're talking a major threat.

Posted by Hadez

spot thought he was just under used

Posted by sora_thekey

I understand how easily he could be made fun of, but his powers are some of the most original in comic history. Yet, I'm pretty sure he would be an amazing villain for some big story arc (He's got the smarts to pull it off), but he might be better suited as a superhero.

Although, his Ultimate Universe counterpart is pretty deadly:

Posted by leokearon

Once a loser alwaya a Loser

Posted by Illuminatus


Posted by X35
That Ultimate Spot looks awesome! 
Posted by SpikeSpiegel88

Omg.. I totally remember owning that comic:O

Posted by Mattlutn

i'd never even heard of this character until that issue of daredevil. and i thought he was really cool.

Posted by rum1929

I love obscure villains like the Spot! He has the potential to be a major threat to anyone if he places himself into a darker, evil mindset. He just needs guidance from a true, diabolical villain like the Wizard, Mad Thinker or Kingpin. Imagine the spot as a member of the Frightful Four, that would be awesome!!

Posted by Darkmount1

I thought they did a great portrayal of the Spot in the 1990's Spider-Man cartoon. Oliver Muirhead was a great voice for him.

Posted by The Poet

does seem like a cool villain...

Posted by KidSupreme

First time i ever hear of him

Posted by xScorchedx

@Darkmount1: 100% agree

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