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Rodriguez Says He's Doing Sin City 2 After Spy Kids 4

Can't he just combine the two?

 They need to use at least some of this. It's my favorite right behind THAT YELLOW BASTARD.

Ryan Reynolds isn’t the only one whose juggling of projects has been effected by the DEADPOOL movie. Robert Rodriguez (that other Double R) was also deciding whether he’d doing the Wade Wilson biopic or some other projects, namely SPY KIDS: ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD (I hope everybody notices the irony of that sub-title) or SIN CITY 2.  Now, Slash Film says that Rodriguez says he’ll be taking another jaunt into the place where-you-can-find-anything-just-by-walking-down-the-right-alley after he’s done with SPY KIDS 4.

Talks of this movie have been flicking in and out like the business part of a switchblade ever since the first one came out in ’05. Judging by RR’s comments about how they're waiting to do this depending the script... I get the impression that a second movie would’ve come out almost right away if they’d just stuck to doing comic-panel-to-film-frame adaptations of the existing books. As I recall, movie #2 was going to be A DAME TO KILL FOR (probably with portions of FAMILY VALUES) while movie #3 was going to be HELL & BACK (likely with some shorts taken from BOOZE, BULLETS & BROADS.)  At some point, Miller got inspired to write some brand new material for the movie that’d feature Nancy Callahan avenging Hartigan’s death, as well as some flashbacks featuring more of Hartigan, himself (as he’s such a badass.) However, I’m sure the time he had available for doing that got a little scarcer in between THE SPIRIT, that FIXER anti-terrorism story and ALL-STAR BATMAN.

It’s a shame this has been so long in coming. SIN CITY was not only a wickedly-good time, it was also one of the rare non-capes comic-based movies that seemed cool to my non-comics-fan friends. I suppose the question now is, if I had to twist the arm of the collective Comic Vine community and forced you to pick only one remaining SIN CITY story, which would you want to see filmed?

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Posted by carnivalofsins00

YES! About time.

Posted by Chesapeake


Posted by Jolt92

Fuck yes!

I love Sin City. It's one of my favorite movies. But man, screw Spy Kids.

Posted by elayem98

he should do deadpool first, then sin city 2. 
screw spy kids all together. they second and third did bad in box office and critics didnt like the 3rd at all. plus the plot of all those movies is really....colorful

Posted by Bruce Vain

I like to throw my nomination to play Wallace ha ha XD
Posted by ReverseNegative

Been waiting a while for this.

Posted by Lustwish

I think he should just dump spy kids. 

Posted by wolfman_beast

DEFINETLY need to put deadpool in front of Sin City 2. Believe me, I'm stoked to see the movie and have been waiting a long time for it to finally happen, but i don't think I'm alone in waiting a year or so to see deadpool first which EVERYONE is waiting to see. Oh, and screw spy kids :)

Posted by CellphoneGirl

Ewwww they are making a Spy Kids 4?

Posted by TheBlackHood

This is like Van Gogh saying that he's going to get back to painting masterpieces right after he gets finished cutting off his ear.... oh wait, that happened... nevermind.

Posted by Decept-O
Rodriquez has to pay the bills for all his kids, so he's going to do a paycheck movie first.   
I do agree, though, it'd be great if he just forgot about Spy Kids and went to work on Sin City 2.  Just have to wait!
Posted by FoxxFireArt

I think you buried he lead on this one, Tom. There was a Spy Kids 3??!

Posted by No_name_here
Posted by No_name_here
@Bruce Vain: I can see it!
Posted by tonis

How do you go from spy kids to sin city mentally? It's bizarre. 
So glad to hear this, been waiting for some status change for years to get SC2 going.

Posted by ForbushBug

Why is the Spy Kids film subtitled with a line from James Bond after his wife was murdered? I think the only way to make it creepier would be "Spy Kids 4: It Puts The Lotion On Its Skin."

Posted by chalkshark
A Dame To Kill For is the obvious story to build the sequel around. Who doesn't want to see Mickey Rourke & Clive Owen reprising their Sin City roles? I suppose this means that Rodriguez is passing on Deadpool. I can't say i have a problem with that.
Posted by FoxxFireArt
@Tom Pinchuk said:

" @FoxxFireArt: Mmhm... in 3D, no less. "

Ahh! You're right. It's like a repressed memory coming back.

How much you want to put down that they might try making Sin City 2 in 3-D? I have the directors cut DVD of Sin City. In the special features, Robert Rodriguez  teaches how to make breakfast tortillas from scratch.
Posted by Mediant

I would pick A Dame to Kill For. Hands down.

Posted by G'bandit

Is he serious???? Spy Kids one was entertaining but the others I didn't even know they existed..

Posted by DH69

yes by all means torture us with another bad 3d kids movies, and dangle sin city 2 over our head for another year or so. THEN DO DEADPOOL!!!!

Posted by Eyz

But the question is: Are the Spy Kids still KIDS? °__°

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

It would be called, Sin Kids 2/4  

Posted by IrishX

'Bout time...
Posted by Illyana Rasputin

They'll have to find another actress to fill in for Brittany Murphy. :(
Posted by PoolStroke

I liked the first Spy Kids movie, second one sucked and I barfed when the third one came out. Just kill the Spy Kids already. 
As for my opinion on which Sin City story they should make, I say.... the one with Deadpool in it!!!
I don't really care about Sin City. It was an interesting film but not really my thing.

Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon

WHAT?!?!?  NO DEADPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Pizawle

Would love it but I do not believe it.
And shame on him for making another Spy Kids.

Posted by JustinBrown
@elayem98: Um, when you say the 2nd and 3rd Spy Kids flicks "did bad" at the box office... did you mean the exact opposite of that? Because that's what actually happened. The budget of the 2nd was $38M and it pulled in $119M worldwide. The budget of the 3rd was $38M and it pulled in $197M worldwide. That's a huge win, on both accounts. (For comparison: the first film cost $35M and pulled in $147M worldwide.) The worst-reviewed of the bunch still turned 45% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.  
Oh, and wake up: reviews don't matter for a movie that turns a $80-$100 million dollar profit BEFORE the DVD release (where, as children's movies, they did huge business).
And most importantly: whether you like them or not, the Spy Kids movies and the money they generate are what allow Rodriguez to run his studio and make the movies like Sin City and (hopefully) Deadpool the way that he wants to make them.
Posted by elayem98
@JustinBrown: wow attitude, didnt mean to affend u
Posted by Death Certificate

yay for sin city 2, boo for another spy kids movie

Posted by Dracade102
@Death Certificate said:
"yay for sin city 2, boo for another spy kids movie "