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Robotech Returns in Crossover with Voltron

We can expect some serious clashing between the two.

This is one of those announcements you never thought you'd hear even though it makes perfect sense. Dynamite Entertainment has acquired the rights to publish comics based on Robotech in a sub-licensing arrangement with DC Entertainment and Harmony Gold USA. To start things off, they will be publishing a Robotech/Voltron crossover, marking the first time the two properties have collided.

"Robotech and Voltron are two of the most recognizable anime series that defined '80s pop culture," says Tommy Yune, creative director at Harmony Gold and mastermind behind the upcoming crossover. "Both franchises have endured in their popularity today and fans have long speculated of an epic crossover between the universes. The opportunity to do so is an honor, and it's a welcome challenge to construct a storyline that works well with key characters on both sides. Most important of all, it's going to be a lot of fun with plenty of surprises."

Voltron has been at Dynamite since 2011 and Voltron's 30th Anniversary is coming up. Dynamite also plans to launch a new Robotech series in the wake of the crossover.

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I love Robotech AND Voltron. Together... Not so sure...

Posted by AlKusanagi

I could do without the crossover, but I'm excited for a new Robotech series.

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Clearly Harmony Gold was on the verge of losing its Macross trademark again. It is such a double edged sword since I did enjoy Robotech as a kid, but at the same time I have fallen in love with Macross. Shame we can't see more Macross stuff, and hopefully this crossover is awesome.

Posted by Overlander

I'm expecting this to be better than Fleet of Doom

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This would sound a heck of a lot better if it were IDW publishing it....Dynamite's licensed properties just aren't that good

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yay robotech

Posted by ZimmyG

@danhimself: I was hoping IDW would get Robotech as well, but I'm still gonna check it out. I will remain cautiously optimistic till I read it.

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Get ready for a battle of epic proportions! DC vs. Marvel, the tournament to see! Watch as your favorite heroes (and some villians) fight it out and climb their way to the top. Who will win, gaining the title as the most powerful being in both universes, and which universe will walk away a loser? Come right here to my blog, and vote for the champion! Today: Round 1, Part 3

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This is certainly a surprise to say the least. These were the shows I grew up on so I might give it a look.

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I loved Lion Voltron when I was young and they have yet to make a good spinoff/sequel/remake of the series to date. lol

I have not seen Robotech before but I know of it as it is considered a classic series so my question is does the series stand up even today? (Note that I rely on the story rather than graphics when I consider watching a series.)

Posted by maxicere

...............................its necessary this mix?

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The Voltron I remember watching as a kid doesn't hold up anymore. Whereas I've found that Robotech (especially the Macross Saga part of it) still does. The characters are just really deep and nuanced, and the dialogue and relationships always seemed to be aimed at a higher level than for just kids. Plus the themes explored in Robotech are a lot more interesting and enduring (such as the horrific consequences of war).

So yeah, I'd love to see more Robotech, but I don't see why these two properties need to interact. Fans have been wondering what it would be like for these two to crossover? Really? I never have.

I'd much rather see a modernized take on the classic Robotech mythos in animation or live-action rather than in a comic. But that's just me. And since when does WB own Robotech?

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LOVE Robotech, so I want to see more. I'm not sure how these interact at all though. Voltron is more episodic and status quo. Robotech is more of a saga that changes, characters die, things change. Plus Voltron doesn't really get hurt by damage, and mecha blow up all the time. Just seem like 2 different mechanics.

Posted by Darkmount1

I actually pictured a more fitting crossover in the form of 'Robotech/Exo-Squad', since A) Exo-Squad also had similar themes that were explored, and B) Playmates Toys actually used a few Robotech molds in the later waves of the Exo-Squad toyline.

Also, how is Roy Fokker alive when he died before the 13th episode of the show?

Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

if this is done correctly, 'Tech should tame the lions no problem, but can't help but wonder...why?

Posted by BishopSummers

Not a lot of great reviews for either Voltron comics that Dynamite has done. I think I'll just wait until the stand alone Robotech comic.

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Activate interlock. Dynotherms connected. Infracells up. Mega thrusters are go.

Posted by Doing_Wrong_So_Nicely

I see a lot of people asking "why?" I ask, why not?! If only they could cram MORE giant robots into this! But in all seriousness, I never really thought about these two properties together in one story. I hope this series is at least entertaining. I'll pick it up.

Posted by Bobsjonjon

Gotta keep them separated!

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@darkmount1: That was an actual Robotech Exosquad crossover in the toy sets. They idea never made it to the series but each item had a descrription why they were togther

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This is good, but wouldn't the ultimate crossover for Voltron be with the Power Rangers? Seriously...

Posted by NightFang

This could be fun.