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Robert Rodriguez Works on More Comic Related Films

No, he's not making a Power Pack film...

Although he's only directed one comic book related film, Robert Rodriguez plans on getting his hands on a few more franchises. Whether he's directing or producing, he's got his eye on a few hot commodities. During his talk with Digital Spy, he revealed a little bit of what he's planning on doing.
The newest information to come out of the interview was that Rodriguez was in talks with Mike Allred about making a Madman film, which Rodriguez optioned in 1998. This is Allred's best-known work and character, and it's incredibly surprising to realize that even after 12 years, nothing has moved forward yet. According to imdb, this project is currently In-Development, which could mean a handful of things. My best guess is that Rodriguez and Allred are shooting ideas back and forth, story wise, before they get to scripting.  

Sin City 2 seems to finally be moving forward. He still wants to do the film though, even though it's been 5 years since the last one. 
 == TEASER == 

We're still working on Sin City, I want to do it so we'll see. It's just a matter of when... We have a script... a rewritten script that we still have to write and it's just finding the right time slot to do it.

Rodriguez has Spy Kids 4 and Machete (supposedly releasing this year) before he can officially start production on Sin City 2. Aside from that, there are still rumors floating around about a Red Sonja film, but as far as we can tell, it's nothing more than just fans talking. 
Although Robert Rodriguez isn't known for doing comic book movies, he seems to be dipping into said franchises quite a bit. His work in Sin City two was pretty dead on, when comparing it to the comic book, and a lot of his other films are well made, even though they're pretty much all green screen now-a-days. I have a lot of faith in this guy, not just because I enjoy his films, but because he seems to have a sincere interest in these franchises and not just looking for a paycheck. Out of the few films he's planning on doing, I'm most interested in Madman. I'd love to see his take on the book and even more so, the art. Rodriguez did a great job style wise with Sin City, and I'm hoping he can use his immense talent to take Mike Allred's art style and apply it to a Madman film. What do you guys think about Robert Rodriguez? What film would you most like to see him tackle?
Posted by Video_Martian

a madman film sounds interesting.

Posted by Sparda

Get this man away from Spy Kids 4 and towards Madman, please!
I haven't even read any Madman but it automatically sounds 10x more promising than another Spy Kids movie.

Posted by G-Man


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Posted by inferiorego
@G-Man said:


LLOL... Out of all the responses you've ever made on this site... That one got me laughing the hardest.
Posted by Cybexx

Would love to finally see Sin City 2. Although The Spirit was kind of fun it proved that Frank Millar can't really direct on his own. 
Rodriguez always surprises me with how little money is actually spent on his films but how they look like they have huge budgets. It just kind of makes the rest of Hollywood look really lazy. I mean he is shooting movies with great casts and tons of a special effect shots but he is doing it on the budget of a drama or romantic comedy. The commentary for El Mariachi is pretty fascinating, where he explains how he shot it for $7,000 by pretty much never reshooting anything and just planning to edit around mistakes.

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I saw a Red Sonja panel at comic-con two years ago, I wonder what ever happened to that. He was supposed to direct.  
HE was hosting it himself, so clearly it was more than rumor. According to the horses mouth, they did pre-production work and everything. Was anyone else there?

Posted by xerox_kitty

This would be a good one to see.  And some extra coverage for Madman too :)

Posted by Chris207

All for Madman...but SIN CITY 2 please! (...and 3...and 4)

Posted by TheMess1428
@Duncan said:
" Wasn't deadpool also offered to him? "
That's what I was thinking.
Posted by Decept-O

Wonder who'd be the first in line at the movie theatre if a Madman film ever got made?   
Let's hope Rodriquez works his mojo on more comic book related movies.  Even with the green screen/ CGI poop, I totally enjoyed the movies he's done.    
Posted by Mediant

I agree about Rodriguez seeming sincere. His Sin City adaptation was extremely faithful, and I think that's what some (even most) adaptations need.

Posted by scorpius72

Moon knight!!  

before everyone scratches their heads, hes a dark psychological character that i think is more realistic and grounded then Batman.  i think the multiple personalities and self doubt aspect of him make him more interesting, and ofcourse hes far more violent then most other heroes.    

Posted by Cherry Bomb

I hope the Red Sonja movie goes ahead, I'd love to see it. [: 
 Sin City 2 won't be the same without Brittany Murphy. :/

Posted by HaloKing343

Sin City was really bad. I can't wait to see Predators.
Posted by NightFang
@inferiorego said:
" @G-Man said:
" MADMAN!!!!!!!!!!!"
LLOL... Out of all the responses you've ever made on this site... That one got me laughing the hardest. "
             I think G-man's mind was blown, lol.
Posted by Pizawle
@HaloKing343:  You sir, are out of your damn mind.
RR is a great director most of time so I say bring it on.
Posted by iLLituracy

I'll pass on Spy Kids 4, but I'm definitely in for some Machete.

Posted by darkcloakx

isn't he supposed to direct deadpool 

Posted by HaloKing343
Hey, he's done some good movies. But he's also done some bad movies. I'm no doubt going to see Predators (but he didn't direct that, he just produced it).
Posted by k4tzm4n

I heard he was also offered Deadpool.
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Posted by mistrx75

Bring 'em.  I tend to enjoy Rodriguez movies.