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Ritchie to Film Ellis' EXCALIBUR?

Could this possibly be about Pete Wisdom?

 To this, I refer.

When the neurons were firing in my brain as I first heard about this scoop, I had to utter, “Wait… what?” Because because because… I thought it meant that Guy Ritchie was making a big screen movie adaptation of Warren Ellis' run on the mutant-title EXCALIBUR from the 90s. Anybody else remember that? Carlos Pacheco drew a lot of it and it introduced Pete Wisdom and Black Air and buzzcut-and-goatee-and-pirate-outfit Nightcrawler. Needless to say, that was Excalibur with attitude. However, this news is about the actual Athurian legend, and not the mutant title that so cleverly puns the “X” in X-MEN with the “X” in eXcalibur.

So, a while back, Ellis told Slashfilm he was writing a treatment about Britain’s once and future king…

‘Untitled Arthurian Project,’ as I call it (just so I can’t feel John Boorman’s EXCALIBUR looming down at me from my DVD shelf), differs from the prior 751 King Arthur movies in many ways, but perhaps most obviously in that it is very specifically about the gathering of the Knights.

 The Main Man gives way to the king...

Now, they’re saying that director Guy Ritchie and Hollywood Gang (the outfit that got the 300 movie together) are looking to move that treatment forward into a screenplay. Since Ritchie dropped out of making a Lobo movie, it’s looking like this could be his next film after the SHERLOCK HOLMES sequel he’s shooting this summer. There’s a bit of question of whether or not this is going to be a remake of the ’81 EXCALIBUR movie that starred Liam Neeson and, if that were the case, if it’s going to conflict with the plans of Bryan Singer (of X-MEN and SUPERMAN RETURNS, as you know) to remake the film, himself.

 Just maybe?

There’s also some mention of this being more of a STAR WARS-style take on the legend, so that might actually be a covert clue for this being an adaption of DC’s classic comic CAMELOT 3000. Remember that one, kids?

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Posted by Grendel

What a damn tease. I was casting Agent Scratch in my head before it finished loading. :(

Posted by Secret Identity

Oh thank god. I was worried when I first read this. I don't like Guy Richie's films all that much so him doing a film about something i love would scare the snot out of me. I'd love to see an Excalibur or Captain Britain and mi13 film but preferably not Richie style.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I'd love it if he did a Pete Wisdom or MI:13 movie

Posted by Omega Ray Jay
@Secret Identity said:
"...I'd love to see an Excalibur or Captain Britain and mi13 film but preferably not Richie style. "

Posted by Sheep-Kill

I would love to see Excalibur or even Wisdom in a solo film.  I think actor Tommy Flanagan would make a perfect Wisdom. 

Posted by CellphoneGirl

Ellen Page should have a recurring role as Kitty Pryde :D

Posted by The Psyentist

Yes. Pete Wisdom must be in a movie sometime. That would be quite exciting.

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault
@Tom Pinchuk: 
yeah, i remember the Ellis run. liked it alot. not sure why you would think of it though. i didnt consider it edgy personally, Kurts very temporary transition aside. i thought it was pretty faithful to the theme of the older stuff, plus i liked that it highlighted Wisdom and Amanda Sefton which was a plus.
Posted by Namor1987

I want to see an Excalibur movie they need to draw some attention to Marvel's lesser-known teams like Excalibur, Alpha Flight, X-Factor, X-Force, New Mutants, & teams of that nature

Posted by Blue_Shield

The thing I remember most about Camelot 3000, is Brian Bolland's art.
Edited by Gothic Storm

Oh geez. That last paragraph made me throw up a little in my mouth. (Sorry, Tom.)
Anyways... I'd love to see a more modern take on the classic '81 movie and the romantic (fantasy) version of the Arthurian legend. Apparently the general populace would rather see the fantasy version than the historical version anyway (I like both versions myself). I'd really like to see how they portray Merlin this time around.

Posted by NXH

Believe it or not, Guy Ritchie used to go to my old school! :O

Edited by Java Lad

I'm just excited about an Excalibur film! If Ritchie was on it, the grittier arcs that involve Wisdom could really well.   
But I would like to see more of the orginal crew and the 1st new guys such as Rachel Grey, Cerise, Sefton and Lockheed is a must! 
Oh and there is no point in making an Excalibur film if Captain Britain is not part of it.

Posted by They Killed Cap!

I dont feel bad that arnt making an Excalibur title into a movie.
Posted by No_name_here
@CATMANEXE: I seem to remember there being an exchange where Nightcrawler and Captain Britain told Pete Wisdom that they'd rip his head off and dump his body in the ocean if he ever hurt Kitty Pryde. It seemed edgy to lil' Tommy P.