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RIP, Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series

The two fan favorite shows are sadly no more. Let's take some time to look back and share why we loved these fantastic shows.

It's the end of an era, friends. This morning, Cartoon Network aired the last episodes of its current DC Nation programs, Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Both are widely loved by the comic book community and, despite a more than vocal showing of support, CN has stood firm in their choice not to renew the shows.

You'll be missed.

It's easy to rant about this massively terrible decision, especially since it's allegedly based on lackluster merchandise sales, and neither was even given a fair chance in that regard. Complaining won't do us any good at this point, and while there's certainly some hope of these shows one day returning, it sadly doesn't seem likely.

Let's go for something drastic here. Instead of using the internet to rant, let's use it for some positive reflection. Below I've provided seven questions that'll hopefully make you think about the good times you've had with these shows. Go ahead and answer them for either program or even both if you're feeling up for it.

  • Why did you love the show?
  • What was your favorite episode?
  • Who was your favorite character?
  • What was your favorite scene?
  • What was your favorite fight?
  • What was your favorite line?
  • What was your favorite joke?

For just this moment, try not to be sad the shows are gone. Instead, be happy they happened.

Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine and IGN Entertainment. He wants to live in an alternate universe where GL:TAS action figures were made and the show was renewed for a second season.

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Posted by arnoldoaad

@Mini_Bat said:

What was your favorite joke?

Hal: Ok, on my planet to show respect we shake hands, now shake

*Razer and Kilowag shake fist at each over*

Hal: Not like that!

yeah i remember that

Green Lantern's end was miles better than the end of YJ

is such a shame that it got cancelled just because the GL movie sucked too much

Posted by Darksider555

@Aeroman said:

Let us give a moment of silence for these two great shows that have ended too early


And now let's give the middle finger for the fucking morons who decided to cancel these two great shows

ill drink 2 that, mate!!!!

Edited by The Stegman

Favorite show- Young Justice, though Green Lantern was excellent too  
Why did I love it?- It was totally crash in every way
Favorite Episode- ALL OF THEM!! 
Favorite Character- Bart Allen, Dick Grayson 
Favorite Scene- The series of interventions Black Canary gave the team.  
Favorite Fight- Young Justice vs Injustice League 
Favorite Line: "You have got to be kidding me"-Superman once hearing that Luthor would be taking over the UN 
Favorite Joke:  

Posted by annafh

Arsenal was great, especially on Timmy's missions, plus all of the Wally and Artemis interaction was awesome.

Razer's voice acting was perfect, and he, Hal, Aya and Kilowog made the best team. I'm gonna miss both shows so much!

Posted by PopRock123

-It was awesome

-too hard pick a favorite

- my favorite character was DIck and Wally

-looking at the picture he took with Artemis and when Robin lead the team.

-Nightwing vs anybody

-I don't know

-I love a lot of the jokes I can't pick one.

Posted by viin

how can they end Young Justice that way...

And what was so wrong with letting Wally and Artemis retire?

there better be some straight to dvd movies or episodes in the future.

My favorite characters were Kaldur and Roy. Too many characters to name really...

and I also love the character concept and design for Black Manta and Martian Manhunter more then the comic versions.

Posted by laflux

I remember when Vandal Savage met up with Darksied, and that's when the series ended, I shouted out that's so unfair, that so unfair so loud my Roommate came in and said what's wrong.

Posted by Technicolorville

Young Justice and GL both rocked. My favorite scene is probably the reach commercial. It was hilarious reach for a reach! Yeah.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

All I wanna say is - F*CK CARTOON NETWORK.

Posted by thatlad

Why did you love......young justice/green lantern/btas/JL/JLU/teen titans......the list goes on

Posted by garlyle

I was not a fan of young justice. I feel it was redundant, but I acknowledge that it had many, many fans who deserved better than this. I was a HUGE fan of Green Lantern and am crushed that I won't get to see the sinestro corp or the black lanterns.

Razer's character definitely became the emotional heart of that series, and he was a good enough character that I hope to see him in other series, or in the comic continuity.

Edited by Blackreverend

Young Justice was by far my favorite of the two... I loved Green Lantern TAS too but I couldn't help but feel like there was way better stories they could have told. It just didn't live up to it's potential for me!

  • Why did you love the show? The character development in YJ was awesome! It was great to see these sidekicks try to make a name for themselves! I loved the villains, the cameos and the art direction. It totally felt like the DC universe and unlike with some of their comic titles for once I wasn't thinking I could tell a better tale I was just sitting back and taking it all in!
  • What were your favorite episodes? Ooh lets see there wasBloodlines, Summit and Endgame
  • Who were your favorite characters? Black Manta (even though I'd like to think he's a way better fighter than they portayed him as), Aqualad, Impulse, Static Shock & Apache Chief
  • What was your favorite scenes? Everytime the Flashes got together!!! All the team ups in "Alienated" & Black Lightning offering to mentor Virgil
  • What was your favorite fights? All of them!
  • Who were your favorite villains? Vandal Savage, Ras al Ghul, Mongul, Despero & Black Bettle
  • Who made your favorite cameos? Adam Strange, Icon, Guy Gardner, Lobo & Darkseid
  • "Wolverine and the X-men", "Spectacular Spider-man", "Avengers EMH", "Star Wars TCW" and now "Young Justice"

    Why do the good die young? Aaaaahhhhhh

    Posted by Bad_People

    I would have liked to see Young Justice more often but the schedule didn't work for me.

    Posted by StMichalofWilson

    I liked Green Lantern: TAS because I payed nice homage to the Green Lantern mythos both young and old. Plus, had an interesting story and awesome characters. I say the 3-D worked perfectly for the show, with the building constructs and stuff.

    Young Justice was a nice bold take on a more older version of Teen Titans. The show really had amazing animation, cool voice acting, and epic moments. Plus, it always had a tendency to suprise the viewers with plot twists and character appearaces.

    My favorite episode for Green Lantern would be Love is a Battlefield. For Young Justice, it would be Alienated

    My favorite character in Green Lantern was Kilowag. What a pozer! For Young Justice, it was Wally(R.I.P. apparently)

    Favorite Scene. Green Lantern: Hal Jordan holding all the Orange Lantern rings on his fingers, paying homage to his darker fate. Young Justice: The Reach comercial!!! Just kidding, it was during the first few minutes of the Pilot "Independace Day". Today's the day!

    Favorite Fight. Green Lantern: Hal Jordan taking on Atrocitus in the Guardian's Chamber! When Superboy and Robin took on Superman and Batman! Epic Brofight!!!

    Favorite Line. Green Lantern: Any line that had Pozer! Young Justice: Blood is thicker than seawater!

    Favorite Joke. Green Lantern: The entire episode of Babel or when Lame-O was featured. Young Justice: Anything Involving Wally(Again R.I.P.)

    Now it gone... :"(

    Posted by StMichalofWilson

    Now all I remember is what I have lost...

    Now I have nothing to live for, except...


    Posted by kilowog52

    @abeyance: Actually, Beast Boy's name is Garfield Logan, or Gar for short. Garth is the original Aqualad, who later went by Tempest and was eventually killed by the Black Lanterns in Blackest Night

    @ptigrusmagus: In the comics, being chosen by a blue ring was the first step in the one way to get a red ring off your finger without dying.

    Posted by kilowog52

    @Blackreverend: I actually thought Black Manta was pretty awesome in this show. I repeatedly thought I never thought he was among those characters without superpowers like Batman that could hold their own against any superpowered being at least for a while. I did think they made Sportsmaster a lot more awesome than he actually is.

    Posted by Sleepbutnodream15

    Favorite Joke: "You're name is Dick?" That's the kinda joke everyone can laugh at.

    While I'm here, I'd also like to say that I don't think everyone should be bashing Teen Titans Go and Beware the Batman before they even come out. There's a chance that they'll both be good in their own weird ways.

    That being said, I'm really praying that they find a way to make a 3rd season of Young Justice. I have a strong feeling that if they did make it, there would be another time jump--which would mean we would get to see Tim Drake, Batgirl, and the rest of the rookies have more significant roles. AND, they would be fighting alongside the Justice League more often now that they're working out of the Watchtower.

    Posted by kilowog52

    I'm not going to try to pick a favorite anything. It's impossible.

    I loved Young Justice. It definitely was the best cartoon since JLU. Maybe even better. I'd have to think for a while to decide, which I'd rather not do. I didn't really like GL:TAS at first, but thought it steadily got better. It was quite good near the end though, but still nowehere near as good as YJ.

    Now let's face it. The executives at the network are morons. No matter how much we complain, lobby, beg, and plead, neither of these shows are coming back. EVER.

    However, what I believe we do have a much better chance of accomplishing through our complaining, lobbying, begging, and pleading is to convince DC Comics to continue Young Justice with a comic book series featuring the version of the League and the team featured in the YJ cartoon. It would be great if they could get some of the series' original writers. It would obviously fall under their 'Beyond DC Comics_The New 52' banner along with Batman Beyond Unlimited. I'd love to have one more series to read every month and it'd certainly beat having to wake up early every Saturday. So people, let's turn our hopes to DC Comics. Now does anybody know where to begin with this?

    Posted by joshmightbe

    Why does DC Hate Wally?

    Edited by Blackreverend

    @kilowog52: and I love the writers for that... IMO they nailed his attitude and personality I just don't like how easily he was beaten by his own son! I can't help but picture him as a more experienced, resourceful and possibly dirty fighter.

    @joshmightbe: I thought it was a nice homage to the old Justice League's Wally and that he deserved to be the first to enter the speed force seeing how he was always slower than the others...

    I also loved how GL: TAS used Bruce Timm's art style to base their CG designs on...

    Posted by redo7

    1-Why did you love the show?

    Loved the show because this was the best super hero cartoon on t.v. period ( and its been a long time too)

    2-What were your favorite episosde?

    Independence day, Usual Suspects, Auld Aquaintance, End Game.

    3-What was your favorite character?

    Robin/Nightwing, Aqualad, Kid Flash/Impulse.

    4-What was your favorite scene?

    Every time we got to see young justice and JL together,.. made you wonder abount a new Justice League cartoon,...

    5-What was your favorite fight?

    All were pretty good,.. Robin/Superboy vs Batman/Superman, Lobo vs YJ

    6-What was your favorite line?

    didn't really had one

    7-What was your favorite joke?

    That they were cancelling the show??

    Posted by joshmightbe

    @Blackreverend: In the comics Wally ended up surpassing Barry.

    Edited by kuma_far
    • Why did you love the show?
    • YJ: Was like the League but funnier with better animation and a broader cast
    • GL: Too awesome to put in words
    • What was your favorite episode?
    • YJ: S02 19 Summit, A superhero Brawl with Batman Gambit's interjected in-between the action, what's not to love? Also Coldhearted! Wally is freaking awesome!
    • GL: Steam Lantern, I freaking Love Steampunk. The Red Lantern Arc Finale was also incredible with Saint Walker + Kilowog Team up
    • Who was your favorite character?
    • YJ: A Tie between Wally, Superboy, Artemis and Robin/Nightwing. Zatanna was also fun. But the inclusion of Milestone characters gave me teary eyes! Mcduffie you were too good for this world....
    • GL: Razer and Aya! Fuck the writers! Saint Walker was awesome.
    • What was your favorite scene?
    • YJ: The whole Summit brawl, and the fight between Blue and Black Beetle in the Reach Underwater Base. Red Arrow vs the Assassins in the Temple was also incredible
    • GL: Kilowog vs Red Lantern Fleet. Anything with Razer
    • What was your favorite fight?
    • YJ: Anything with Deathstroke, Manta vs Aqualad. The Team vs The League. The episode Summit.
    • GL: Hal vs Atrocitus final round and Hal vs Atrocitus in the Zamarons home planet. Kilowog + Walker vs Red Lantern Fleet
    • What was your favorite line?
    • YJ: "Souvenir" and the whole Nightwing's "Superpower" Conversation
    • GL: Any snark it was perfectly placed with surgical precision, specially Razer's lines.
    • What was your favorite joke?
    • YJ: Wally Shenanigans all of them
    • GL: Snark, I love the sarcasm and the snark in this show...

    All I can say is Fuck You CN and Warner Animation principally for

    1. Cutting my favorite ships, you bastards! dont confirm them and then end them!
    2. The final scene in both episodes hinting for a continuation, I hate you deeply from the darkest corners of my heart.
    3. Making me long for a Red Ring so I can go an burn your organs by puking red boiling blood into you
    Posted by Mercy_

    @Aeroman: Watch the f-bombs please. Thanks.

    Posted by Grand_Supremor

    @kuma_far You took the words out of my mouth about the cliffhangers

    Posted by Zeeguy91

    @laflux said:

    I remember when Vandal Savage met up with Darksied, and that's when the series ended, I shouted out that's so unfair, that so unfair so loud my Roommate came in and said what's wrong.

    LOL. I actually felt the same way. From season 1, ever since that episode with the Forever People, I knew that Darkseid was the big bad pulling all of the strings. Its just so sad that we won't get to see any further story where he, you know, actually plays a part.

    Posted by kuma_far

    Renew Young Justice and Green Lantern! #HeroesNeverDie

    Posted by AWeekInGeekdom
    • Why did you love the show?

    My favorite superhero team has always been the Teen Titans so seeing a sort of version of that with slick animation, intense and intricate stories made it that more appealing.

    • What was your favorite episode?

    One of my favorite YJ episodes would have to be either the Kid flash episode with the hospital transplant or Tim Drake's introduction in episode one of season 2.

    • Who was your favorite character?

    Tie between Tim Drake and Blue Beetle

    • What was your favorite scene?

    Batman having a word with Nightwing, Robin and Batgirl.

    • What was your favorite fight?

    Robin vs Batman or Sportsmaster vs Black Manta

    • What was your favorite line?

    Robin's "Get Whelmed"

    • What was your favorite joke?

    Blue Beetle talking to "himself".

    Posted by Rolls7royce

    Cartoon Network does this with most licensed properties. Does anybody remember Transformers : Animated? Another great show that did not get to fully run its course due to Cartoon Network.

    Posted by kuma_far

    @Rolls7royce said:

    Cartoon Network does this with most licensed properties. Does anybody remember Transformers : Animated? Another great show that did not get to fully run its course due to Cartoon Network.

    And Thundercats, I loved Thundercats and they cancelled it without giving a proper ending. I'm going to flood the Facebook and Twitter of CN until they ban me!

    Posted by JLDoom

    I can't believe these shows are gone... this really is awful...

    Posted by Solomonwreath

    First I was hoping for a static vs. black lightning fight but, then I remembered that the show was getting canceled and I didn't want to end it on that note. Also WALLY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Posted by Yung ANcient One


    • Why did you love the show?

    I'm a Superhero fan at heart. Anything SuperHero related gets my immediate attention, but may or may not keep it. Young Justice kept my attention because I missed Teen Titans, and this seemed like the next best thing. I realized now that I am a bigger fan of teams than I am of solo adventures(because there are more options XP.) I liked seeing Grayson rocking the Tim Drake look, so I kept watching. Each episode made me a bigger fan of this Kaldur, and I thought Superboy was just AWEsome because I related to him a lot. That's what caught, and kept my attention to then grow to Love the show. I loved each character even M'gaan because she was awful {yes I don't like her} she was the best written because she had the most flaws, and flaws tops perfection every time. I love the show because the heroes were all awesome the story was exciting most of the time, and I just loved seeing all the characters.

    • What was your favorite episode?

    Toughie, I'll say Season 2 "Summit" comes to mind, but it is the last episode I've seen so far.

    *goes to wikipedia*

    "Failsafe" from season one is probably my favorite from the 1st season.

    "Darkest" is my favorite episode from Season 2 because thats when everything changed for me.

    • Who was your favorite character?


    but Superboy, Impulse, & Arsenal/Red Arrow(I count them as the same character) are runner ups

    • What was your favorite scene?

    Seeing the Jason Todd Virtual Statue

    • What was your favorite fight?

    The ones that come to mind:

    Impulse destroying robots in slow mo

    Red Arrow/Arsenal fights

    • What was your favorite line?

    Totally Crash

    • What was your favorite joke?

    Overwhelmed. Underwhelmed. Why isn't anyone just Whelmed?

    Posted by Metric_Outlaw

    Just because a bunch of people on the Internet love doesn't mean it's profitable. I was never a fan of these series but I know how crappy it feels when a show you're into gets canceled.

    Posted by mk111

    I'm too tired to make an elaborate post, but man!

    Young Justice was an awesome show, and that cliffhanger was awesome! Darkseid! But its also annoying since the show is canceled...

    And Green Lantern had so much potential...

    Posted by Mbecks14

    Haven't seen GLTAS finale yet because i didn't record it, but I saw the YJ finale and i was really just disappointed The pacing on the whole episode was way off.

    I will miss these shows, and I do NOT want Beware the Batman at all. TTG looks funny but not as exciting as GLTAS or YJ.

    Posted by RedOwl_1

    I'm going to answer for YJ, never got to watch GL sadly (?)

    • Why did you love the show?

    I would love to just answer "because it was awesome" but also as a teenager... it got me a lot, you know character development and all that stuff I really love it

    • What was your favorite episode?

    I'm thorn between: Submit (S02E19) and Usual Suspects (S01E25)

    • Who was your favorite character?

    Dick Grayson <3

    • What was your favorite scene?

    There're just so much of them I love, impossible to answer

    • What was your favorite fight?

    That last one at the reunion with the Light and the Reach (till there's a lot more I love)

    • What was your favorite line?


    • What was your favorite joke?

    "Your name is Dick?!?" XD and everything funny Wally ever said

    Oh dear Lord I'll really miss it I've watching it since the very first hiatus (Yep that long ago) but to me the ending was good enough and I'm proud of that show ;'D

    Edited by evilvegeta74

    @Aeroman said:

    Let us give a moment of silence for these two great shows that have ended too early


    And now let's give the middle finger for the fcking morons who decided to cancel these two great shows

    These are horable ways to end both shows.

    Posted by HoodlumNoHavoc

    Is it possible if Gregg could make it to the upcoming Friday podcast to talk about the shows? I know Tony and Gregg are the only ones who follow Young Justice and Green Lantern respectively, so that'd be awesome since Corey, James and Sara don't watch either shows. Would appreciate it! =)

    Posted by sethysquare


    Posted by entropy_aegis

    @Black_Claw said:

    I'm really hoping TTG and Beware the Batman tank at this point.

    Will make no difference,YJ is gone.

    Posted by CombatSpoon86

    Young Justice, the end, No!!!!!

    This reminds me too much of Wolverine and the X-men and Spectacular Spider-man. Good shows ending with so much more possibilities.

    Edited by xtremekidx
    Posted by lorex

    I really enjoyed young justice and thought it was a good take on the characters, though I do think Wonder Girl should have been used from the start. The 1st season was really good and told the story of teens trying to follow in the footsteps of their mentors. The DC superstars were there but in the background and not overshadowing the young heros. Then 2 things happened that I had a feeling would be the end of the show. One was the 5 year leap forward and the introduction of virtually an entire new crop of young heros. Two the New 52 and DC rebooting their superhero universe. Either of these events could have ended the show on its own but together I was surprised the 2nd season fully aired.

    First the 5 year leap forwad, this was pretty stupid for show continuity and I know it turned off many fans. I know leeps forward in time have been done in TV before with success but I do not think this was a good example. They build up this good core cast with some additions in the 1st season and then instead of building on that they moved into the future and us as the viewer we have no context so we are virtually back at the beginning. Also there was way too much attention paid to Blue Beetle and Impulse. I know with the Reach as a behind the scenes menace focus on Blue was needed if only to show how powerful an enemy they were. I think keeping the core cast younger and building off that would have been a much better idea.

    Second the New 52. With the reboot of the DC universe I really only think the only thing that saved Young Justice from being canceled then and there was most of season 2 was already in production and the money was already spent so it would have cost more to not air the show. I suspect some at DC felt a show that showed a team based on there pre reboot universe would be a mixed message to their fans.

    Overall I think the show was good but lacked focus in some places and made some poor creative decisions. I do think Young Justice does show that people will watch a DC based animated super hero show does not need to have the name Superman or Batman on it to be successful. I hope DC animation will realise that and give and future show more than 2 seasons and have a more consistent story progression.

    Posted by Ramier


    Posted by kamionero

    I dont know how the hell CN expected JY to thrive in their sat at 10 am timing (no repeat anytime during the week).

    The show was obviously not meant for the sat morning cartoon crowd...

    Posted by nxt174

    why they kill kid flash

    Posted by MaxSchreck
    Young Justice needs another season ! How can you give us a look at the threat that the Team would have to face in the third season and then simply cancell the show ? YJ was just as good as Jlu or Avengers , Earths mightiest Heroes . Now that Green Lantern is also cancelled us geeks don`t have a Superhero show anymore that we can enjoy .
    Posted by Stormultt

    The best shows on CN and they are now gone.

    No need to watch the channel anymore.