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Review/Preview: The Darkness #4

The Darkness #4 (Dale Keown Cover)

Last issue, Jackie was betrayed, big time.  His powers were used against him.  Now he stands without them. 

I've liked this story arc from the beginning.  It's been a great change of pace to see Jackie in a completely different environment.  And now he has to fend for himself without the power of the Darkness.

Phil Hester and Michael Broussard continue to keep us on the edge of our seats.  The downside in this issue, Kirchner doesn't make an appearance.   I can't wait to see Jackie get a hold of him.  The story on him made it that much more surprising that he had the nerve to turn on Jackie.  And what about Elle?  What is she going to do next? 

The biggest shocker is the last page.  It's a major doosey.  Something that I didn't see coming. 

The Darkness #4

(W) Phil Hester
(P) Michael Broussard
(Cov) Dale Keown, Stjepan Sejic, Kenneth Rocafort

Last issue, Jackie was attacked by his own Darklings, who were turned against him by the traitorous Professor Kirchner. Now, as the “Empire” storyarc continues with writer Phil Hester (Green Arrow) and artist Michael Broussard (Unholy Union), Jackie is confronted with the deadly reality of his use of The Darkness in Sierra Muñoz as his life – and that of Elle, his Darkness-made “girlfriend” – will be changed forever.

Cover A – Dale Keown
Cover B – Stjepan Sejic
Cover C – Kenneth Rocafort

Full Color
32 pages
Ongoing series

The Darkness #4 (Stjepan Sejic Cover)
The Darkness #4 (Kenneth Rocafort Cover)

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