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Review: X-Men Legacy #240

Now, this is more like it...

The newly-returned Children of the Vault shanghai most of the X-Men to their nightmarish dimension; leaving Paras nothing to do but resolve his wedding obligations.

The Good

The moment where Luz plays her card, effectively popping the bubble of all the stuffy manners we've been embedded in so far... that moment really made this book for me. I won't spoil the surprise, but it's seriously a hoot.  The juxtaposition of the Indian wedding and Rogue's brutal punishment gave a lot more gravitas to both threads. I was initially rolling my eyes about having to deal with Paras' family drama, but the twist put on it here made it a bit virtuoso, actually.

The Bad

It's probably more of "adjective-less" X-Men's bag to feature the mutants you know and love, but I couldn't help but feel the absence of the more established X-Men in this. I've been out of the loop with this book for a while now, so I'm sure characters like Anole and Paras are firmly established in the cannon, now... but I still can't help but say I would've preferred seeing more mainstays like Gambit or even Husk in this.

The Verdict - 4/5

I was a little cool on the last issue, but I'm digging this title a lot more now that a better balance has been struck between the soap opera and the high-concept superheroics I'm always looking for in an X-Men book. I haven't encountered the Children of the Vault prior to this, but they already seem like villains worthy of inclusion in this decades-deep rogue's gallery. I especially liked how they had a cold, fanatical agenda that really had nothing to do with mutantkind's agenda, nor humankind's -- a villainy totally alien to X-Men's usual theme.
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Posted by Homeless

Great issue. Really enjoyed it.
Posted by Pizawle

Loved the last issue. Looking forward to this continuation.

Posted by krisis

Awesome review. Thanks for keeping me up to date while I wait for the TPB :)

Posted by Sobe Cin

The story was good and I have been enjoying it. The only I am having trouble with is how fast they are aging the Young X-Men recently. Just a few years ago, Paras was the youngest besides the cuckoos and now he's getting married. 
@Zach Freeman
For more on the Children of the Vault. See the Supernovas storyline. It is their first foray against the against the x-men.

Posted by Thunderscream
@Sobe Cin: you're right! i thought he was supposed to be around 14 or's because of this that i'm super confused that they made Idie, the 3rd "Light" 12. really? 12? you know she's gonna spurt some double d's in no time cuz the x-artists don't like drawin kids :/
Posted by Cafeterialoca

Really enjoyed this one.
And I'll be fine if the mainstays your talking about AREN'T Wolverine...

Posted by sonic5328

This series is great so far. I don't like that you wrote that it's bad that Anole and Indra are shown. The point of the Legacy book at this point is to focus on the less used, younger characters.

Posted by N7_Normandy
@sonic5328 said:
" This series is great so far. I don't like that you wrote that it's bad that Anole and Indra are shown. The point of the Legacy book at this point is to focus on the less used, younger characters. "
Posted by jordama

Anole has been pretty well established, he makes appearances all the time, Indra, not so much. so trying to flesh him out would nice. maybe he wont be used as canon fodder then.
Posted by k2

It was pretty good. I'm glad the New X-men are getting their share of publication time. However, I'm just antsy to see Hellion's Nov/Dec arc ^^

Posted by Squares

Whoa, whoa, whoa. The Children of the Vault reproduce asexually, so why was Luz creating pictures of the two of them naked? How would she have picked that up?

Posted by Squares
@Sobe Cin: do realize it was an arranged marriage? Plus, you can get married at least as young as 12, and that's just in North America.