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Review: X-Men Forever #1

A throwback in all senses.

Wolverine and Phoenix pose as honeymooners at a tropical resort to route out agents of the Hand lurking there, but their act may run the danger of becoming real as their feelings surface.
Takeda has an unique digital-paint style that gives this comic a dreamy look at times - - and that's something you don't get in your average X-Men story. That dreaminess extends to his rendering of the X-Women here, making Phoenix, in particular, look stunning. 

Claremont's scripting style really hasn't kept up with the times. There are a lot expository captions that run a little long in the tooth and much of the dialogue has an unnatural, on-the-nose quality. One exchange that stood out involved Psylocke fighting a mind-controlled Wolverine. Her answer to his threat is, "You may have adamantium claws -- but I can read minds AND I have own martial arts training -- !" That wouldn't sound right, even if the characters weren't in the middle of a fight. Wolverine's characterization runs a little dated too - - you really have a hard time believing this guy's a cunning killing machine when he comes off such a dopey softy, especially in comparison to his more convincing portrayals in the movies and recent comics. Takeda's rendering of him is a little off, too - - so much so that some friends of mine who were flipping through this asked if it even was Wolverine they were looking at. He looks uncharacteristically dumpy, for some reason.

Claremont is a legend whose contributions to the X-Men cannot be understated. If you've grown up on his work, then you're going to love this. If his more traditional style has never jibed with you, then it isn't going to jibe with you, here. This annual's interesting to pick up if you want to see the X-Men interpreted in a completely different style, even if it goes a little too far off from the established looks, sometimes.
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Posted by haydenclaireheroes

i totally agree

Posted by Grim

i woulda 3/5ed this one.

Posted by UmarifficCKzzle

I have this one in a pile of "to read" comics. It seems like a lot of people aren't really crazy about it...such a shame.

Posted by Braxxis7

Isn't this book pretty pointless?
Posted by Kenjav

wtf, is Jean back... AGAIN?

Posted by geraldthesloth
@Kenjav said:
" wtf, is Jean back... AGAIN? "
alternate universe
Posted by xerox_kitty
@Zack Freeman:  All reasons why I stay away from this series of titles.  Claremont's refusal to let go of the past is tiresome & outdated.  I just don't understand how this title sells.  Who buys it?  Or are parents buying it for kids, because it's the comicbook equivalent of 'easy listening'?
Posted by eldestrisk
@xerox-kitty:  Exactly, maybe we could make a group and force Chris Claremont's retirement. =)
Posted by MagnetoWasRight
@eldestrisk: It absolutely needs to be done. 
He's done nothing for the last twenty years but write horrible X-Men stories that don't fit into continuity, making the only saving grace of his eclipsing career the fact that he now just writes stories that aren't in continuity.  
And I couldn't care less how he would have continued with the X-Men. 
His final works with them were horrible.
He really needs to stop.
Posted by Shipwreck

any it's not like any of the Marvel writers are doing any better. The newer Marvel stories after the Vulcan became Emperor have been boring and lifeless.

Posted by xerox_kitty
@DevilmanEX said:
" What the hell! He made Jean a [deleted by moderator]!! GRRRR!!!... ..still bought it though lol and yea it was kinda long as its an alternate universe! "
If you can't be bothered to censor yourself, then your post will be deleted.  Please censor yourself in future.
Posted by digitaldokuro

Man, I must be in the minority, but i'm loving how these books feel like the xmen from 20+ years ago :) 

Posted by waruikumo

ehh, i wanted to try this book, but for the same reason i didn't watch Jordan on the Wizards, I stay away.

Posted by Joe Venom
@digitaldokuro:  Yea I agree with you this book is a breath of fresh air from all the recent crossovers from the 616 universe. 
Plus its been quiet a while since to character such as Gambit are seen in action, and I also like how he got rid of the healing factor.... factor, how will the x-men preform now that they no longer have a regenerating meat shield?
This book my not have been my favorite of the series but ya got to admit the art work was awesome (other than as Zack said Takeda's rendering of Wolverine)  and i'm just glad to get this story out of the way so that hopefully we no longer have to read about this love affair between these two, however there is a story here and at least deserve 3/5 but that's just me I guess.
Posted by ZaberCat

Why X-Men Forever? Why alternative world? I give you thumb downs.

Posted by charlieboy

loved this book and x-men forever is a great book. i consider it  to be much better than the in continuity books. well most of them anyway. x-men legacy is good. i don't know why people compain about claremont. he is a better writer than most of the other crap that is put out today.