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Review: Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #1

A new series just one week later?


The team of Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu brings together a new team of Ultimate Avengers for 2010. This series seems to focus on Punisher and his possible upcoming relationship (good or bad) with Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. The last series of the Ultimate Avengers, which ended last week, was just ok, so hopefully, a new creative team can get this Ultimate train running.

The Good:

This is the first time I've seen Ultimate Punisher. I'm not sure if he's been in an Ultimate comic before, but to save you some questioning, as of this issue, he's pretty much the same as his 616 counter-part. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. I'm really excited with how this issue sets up the next couple of issues. If the rest of this mini-series is on the same story level as this first issue, this will quickly become one of my favorite Ultimate series books. One of the things that made is so great was the creative team. I may not be a fan of Kick Ass and Nemesis was just ok for me, but I love Mark Millar's writing when the violence and swearing is restrained a little bit. Yes, this is a very violent book, hence the "parental advisory" notice on the barcode, but this doesn't go over-the-edge like Kick-Ass did. The writing is solid and flows very well. I really enjoyed Frank's inner-monologue the most. It was gritty, straight-to-the-point, and felt like the Frank was talking. Sometimes I feel when people write that character, it comes off like someone pretending to be Frank Castle. Millar's (so far and Ennis) writing of the Punisher felt very true to the character. This book also had my favorite artist on it: Leinil Yu. I know many people aren't the biggest fan of his style, but I personally love the small details he puts into his art: the way a shirt stretches in some areas when a character raises their arms, smaller details on a gun, and I love the facial expressions he gives characters.

The Bad:

Ultimate Avengers 1 ended last week, and this book is already out? It seems a little too soon for that. Also, I know it's only the first issue, but as of yet, I'm not seeing the connection to the first series. I'd also like to know how many issues this run is. If it's only 6 issues, I'm not sure if this is going to be played out the way it should. The first issue lets the reader know that they'll be setting up a new team, and I hope that's not just what the story is about.

The Verdict:

Get in on this book now, before it sells out. I recommend this to everyone. It's fun, the art is beautiful and the story is engrossing. It's the Ultimate Universe, so you don't need to know too much history to understand the characters and world. I'd say this was the pick of the week, but I haven't read all my books yet. 



Posted by Neverpraying

Good review

Posted by gotjoe11

Yeah the Punisher was in a couple of the ultimate spider-man books, but there wasn't a lot said about him.

Posted by Slinger

Leinil Yu quickly became my favorite (after JR Jr, of course) after his run on New Avengers and then Iron Fist, no one can draw a chin quite like him. I'll read pretty-much anything involving him or JMS. Millar I can usually take or leave, but since he keeps getting teamed up with the greats I've been reading more and more of his stuff.

Posted by inferiorego
@gotjoe11 said:
" Yeah the Punisher was in a couple of the ultimate spider-man books, but there wasn't a lot said about him. "
That's what I figured, but this issue features him and it's pretty awesome.
Posted by goldenkey

No way is Millar just gonna have book about setting up a new team.  Even with the Ultimates he didn't do that.  Adding a character here and there as he slowy introduced them, he did the same with Ultimate X-men.  He quickly established what the differance between the ultimate version and the 616 counterpart were.  It's why it worked so well.  He modernized them.  He made us look at a character and see just how they would react to today if they were just introduced.  Can't wait to read this.

Posted by brewski420

actually the ultimate punisher never appeared in ultimate spider-man, but ultimate marvel team-up. and he hasn't been seen since that series

Posted by brewski420

sorry i was wrong about punisher not being in ultimate spider-man. he did appear in one issue

Posted by advocatefish

First Ultimate Avengers was all over the place in quality. Issue #6 was rushed and very cheesey. Red Skull having teenage ankst? Come on. 
I will easly save $4 and not pick this up.
Edited by inferiorego
@advocatefish said:

" First Ultimate Avengers was all over the place in quality. Issue #6 was rushed and very cheesey. Red Skull having teenage ankst? Come on.  I will easly save $4 and not pick this up. "

The difference between the last Ult Avengers series (Which I felt was sub-par at best) and this series is night and day.
Posted by Bobby X

I am so confused by all these ultimate teams...  
I just want to see more of Ult Cap and Ult Hawkeye.

Posted by ninjadude853

how does it not connect to the last series?
its a direct continuation

Posted by inferiorego
@ninjadude853:  doesn't feel like it
Edited by ninjadude853
@inferiorego: why not? just cause the premise is a little different than the first?
Posted by inferiorego
@ninjadude853:  it has nothing to do with premise. There's no reflection, mention, or anything in the book that hearkens back to the last series.
Posted by jamdown

F ME!!! did i miss the last issue
Posted by sora_thekey
@inferiorego: Punisher appeared in Ultimate Marvel-Team Up, in the Ultimate Spider-Man Special #1 and in Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2... He killed Jeanie DeWolf in the Ultimate U!
Edited by doordoor123

Best Ultimate Comics issue so far. lol.
@inferiorego said:

" @ninjadude853:  doesn't feel like it "



I recently read ultimate spiderman after reading the first issues of ultimate comics spiderman.
Punisher is in one issue and is the biggest pushover. This Punisher looks like a completely different punisher. Which i was upset with. Either make both bad ass or both pushovers. 
Posted by inferiorego
@doordoor123: highlight what you want to hide and click he "!" in the red circle
Posted by doordoor123
@inferiorego:  aiight thanks.
Posted by cmaprice

Adore Yu's art; loved Millar's The Ultimates 1 and 2. Might pick this up. Any word on who the team will consist of?
Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye are pretty much musts. I'd like to see maybe some form of Madrox to have survived Ultimatum (either the prime or a stray dupe) so he could play a role. 616 Jamie is awesome and his ultimate counterpart still has some untapped potential. Besides, SHIELD would jump at the chance to have a one man army so long as they'd think they could control him.

Posted by KillerZ

Question though: Should we count them different volumes "ultimate Avengers" and ultimate avengers 2" or we count them as one volume like the appendix does?