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Review: 'The Walking Dead' Magazine #1

Find out how a magazine dedicated to the phenomena stacks up.

If you've cruised by the newstand or magazine section at bookstores and grocery stores, you've probably seen the magazines devoted to different TV shows. I've often wondered how those are and how the publisher of them can come up with enough content month after month. Then word came out that THE WALKING DEAD would be getting its own magazine. I had some of the same thoughts but there is more to it than just a TV show. It's also more than just a comic. THE WALKING DEAD has exploded into an actual phenomena.

Right from the beginning, we have an introduction from Robert Kirkman. That assures us that he will be involved and keeping track of what goes on in the magazine.

This is where you will find out everything coming up that involves THE WALKING DEAD. There are updates on Season 3, collectibles, news on the Activision game focused on Daryl Dixon, set visits, an exclusive short story prelude for the next WD novel and much more. There's also interviews with Kirkman, Danai Gurira (Michonne), Chris Hardwick (The Talking Dead), Charlie Adlard and showrunner, Glen Mazzara. There are plenty of features from getting you caught up on the comic, "choice cuts" featuring a different character's greatest kills, reviews and more.

There's no questioning that the 100 pages are full to the brim with WALKING DEAD content and information.

What are the downsides?

It has a newstand price of $9.99. You can subscribe and save $10 plus get the issues before they hit the newstand. You also get a WALKING DEAD t-shirt (seen here). I can't remember the last time I bought a magazine so I'm not sure how that price compares for the number of pages you get.

The main problem with magazines is getting the information out in a timely manner. At the time this hits the newstands, we've already seen the first two episodes of Season 3. The magazine skirts around it a little and some of the information can quickly become dated.

There is also a feature on some of the activities from San Diego Comic-Con. This is cool stuff for those that weren't there and because this is the first magazine, it wasn't covered before. But SDCC was three months ago.

There are some benefits to this magazine. If they can continue with exclusive content, that makes it worth it for WALKING DEAD fans. The exclusive short story was a cool part and reminded me I need to pick up the second novel, The Road to Woodbury (the first novel was pretty cool).

It's a really good first issue. There's plenty to see. Again the big question is, will each issue contain plenty of content to make it worth getting. With everything going on in the world of WALKING DEAD from the comics, TV show, video games, collectibles, etc it would seem the answer is definitely yes. I'm liking what I see here. It might be the next issue or two that really sells me on whether or not I will fully commit to the magazine.

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Posted by zackattack529

this is gotta be a joke...a magazine now?

Honestly everyone will obviously buy the first issue and save it.

but after that this won't uphold sales.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@zackattack529: It worked fine for Smallville and Dr Who
Posted by longbowhunter

I haven't bought a magazine in years. Used to buy Rue Morgue religiously and Wizard on an odd occasion. Magazines have gone the way of the buffalo, or the music video.

Posted by feargalr

You gave the walking dead magazine 5 stars!1?! Thats way too many, I thought it was terrible your not allowed to have an opinion! Etc!!

Posted by Mucklefluga

The only magazines i read are film magazines. I'm subscribed to Total Film. This doesnt really interest me to be honest.

Posted by G-Man

@feargalr: I'm confused. I didn't even use a star rating system. I never mentioned five stars.

Posted by AlKusanagi

Some of these types of magazines can be pretty decent. Star Wars Insider has remained fairly good over the years, as long as you're an EU nerd like myself.

Posted by danhimself

I have the same problem buying magazines as you do the content is always outdated....why buy a magazine when the stuff inside is the same stuff that you read about on the internet months before

Posted by G-Man

@AlKusanagi: I was a long time subscriber to Insider. But after all the movies were out, I found it hard to keep my subscription going. At least with this, there's a ton of different media to pull from. You can say the same for Star Wars but it's not quite the same. Although I haven't checked an issue out in a couple years.

Posted by Twentyfive

Jeez. The Walking Dead is that big, huh? I'm not complaining, though, because I love it.

Posted by feargalr

@G-Man: I was making a joke about people always giving out about ratings being too high/low. In my mind it was pretty hilarious.... See this is why the internet needs a font for sarcasm!

Posted by FoxxFireArt


I think was just pulling your leg with a joke.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

@zackattack529: Alot of tv shows do magazines for some reason. I remember Charmed, Heroes, and Smallville had their magazines for a while

Posted by NorajDawn

@G-Man: From how I took it he was just making fun of the first poster.

Posted by Mandrewgora

That tee-shirt looks cool, but nah I'll pass.

Posted by B_Heart

@FoxxFireArt said:


I think was just pulling your leg with a joke.

It was a terrible leg pulling joke. I didn't understand his comment either.

Posted by FoxxFireArt


It's pretty obvious when he says:

I thought it was terrible your not allowed to have an opinion! Etc!!

Then uses a goofy clip from SOUTH PARK. The only thing he didn't add was "jk".

Posted by nerfherderIV

Who cares how long it lasts? Just take my money!!!!!!

Posted by Nova`Prime`

Walking Dead using the Apple model... milk the fan-base for all its worth!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Nice idea but I'm not sure if I'll fork over ten bucks for this when it can't be entirely current. Nice idea and I may thumb through it on a newsstand sometime, but otherwise this just isn't for me.

Posted by RedQueen

I used to buy the Heroes magazine, well, before it died. The only magazines I get now are Total Film and Empire.

Edited by feargalr

@B_Heart said:

@FoxxFireArt said:


I think was just pulling your leg with a joke.

It was a terrible leg pulling joke. I didn't understand his comment either.

It was excellent! Basically the joke was referencing the fact that G-Man and Sara have mentioned several times on the podcasts that when they post the review of a high profile book that people give out that its either too high or too low and that essentially theres no pleasing everyone. I was referencing that and poking fun here, as this review doesn't have a star rating and the book isn't particularly high profile so it makes no sense. Hence hilarity ensues

See if there was a specific font people used when they were being sarcastic then none of this would have happened