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Review: Stealth

It's Pilot Season at Top Cow!

Once per year, Top Cow releases their new ideas and concepts for new books through what they call " Pilot Season." Look at that, we even have a page on Comic Vine explaining what it is! Often, these stories are really good, but unfortunately, not all of them become ongoing series. The cool thing about Pilot Season, however, is that readers get to pick which of their favorite of all the Pilot Season releases should receive an ongoing title. If you are a fan of Top Cow, and have been looking forward to Pilot Season, then you are probably already excited about the new stories that are coming out. This week, Top Cow released Stealth, written by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) with concept art from Marc Silvestri (Witchblade) and interiors by Sheldon Mitchell. So how did the new concept measure up?  

The Good

I am a big fan of taking a superhero, seeing how he is a flawed character, and making him relatable to readers. This is exactly what Kirkman does in Stealth, and he does it fairly well. The story is centered around Todd, a middle-aged man who is clearly depressed and struggling through the aftermath of what appears to be a painful divorce, and his aging father who seems to be suffering from Alzheimer 's disease. So where does the superhero part come in? That would be the ailing and aging father. Imagine a superhero who doesn't remember where he is and who he is fighting and why. Sounds dangerous? It is. When you first look at the cover you can tell it is Silvestri. The clean, crisp lines are his trademark. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that Sheldon Mitchell's artistic style are relatively similar to those of Silvestri. Kirkman does a great job establishing new characters that the reader will immediately care about. He leaves you wondering, who are these characters? Who is Stealth? How did he obtain his powers? He definitely leaves the reader wanting more. 

The Bad

Some of the dialogue between Stealth and the group of kids he finds tagging a building came off a bit forced, maybe a little bit cheesy. Also, the dialogue between father and son in that first scene was a little bit weak, at least in my opinion. I will be disappointed if I never see another issue!  

The Verdict - 4/5

The issue is really solid. The art compliments the story very well and Kirkman's writing is stellar. It is a strong story, and the issue is really engaging. It is a quick read that will leave you feeling for the characters. If you like stories about flawed superhero's, then you are going to enjoy this. 
Posted by Grim

hell. i looked at this and didnt even notice it had Roberts name on it. looks like im headed back...

Posted by frogger

Sounds cool. I have been flowing the Polit Season but don't know where to vote.  
Posted by Ikkybooger

  Yes, this sounds like a very interesting idea and the cover looks cool. I think I might try and oick this up.  
But is it even possible for a middle-aged person to get Alzheimer's? I thought that was only for older people.    

Posted by Sparda

I think that just because Kirkman's name is attached to this it's automatically going to be one of the winners. Everything I've read from Kirkman has been amazing (Invincible and Walking Dead).

Posted by mattydeNero

ALL of the 2009-10 "Pilot Season" titles have been awesome and made me want more and more.  THIS book in particular has an "in-demand" type of quality to it.  Sort of like INVINCIBLE back in '03, but this book has me wanting more in a darker aspect.  A great idea, I just don't know if "Pilot Season" is a way to pull out 3 more bucks from fanboys pockets every other month or so OR if it's leading towards one of these titles getting the greenlight for a mini-series or perhaps and on-going.  This story was crazy-fun.
Posted by frogger
@Ikkybooger: But is it even possible for a middle-aged person to get Alzheimer's? I thought that was only for older people.    
The middle-aged man is not the one with Alzheimer's its his father who is Stealth
Posted by chrissypedia

 @frogger: voting won't be up until all five pilot season issues are out and directions will be available at at that time.
@sparda: unique to this year is that Robert Kirkman is writing all 5 Pilot Season issues. So that means he'll always be a winner.

Posted by DEGRAAF

i think he looks cool but i wont buy the comics.