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Review: Soldier Zero #2

Deep space culture clash!

Armed hostiles might actually be the least of Soldier Zero's problems as he first tries to overcome the language barrier.   

The Good

While I might've had some minor issues with the precise execution, the way in which Soldier Zero communicates with these humans - - with a jumble of sampled soundbites -  -  was a neat spin on the usual culture clash you see in alien visitor stories like this. The costume designs in this are quite sleek too, updating the classic superhero look enough to make it look like it could actually work in reality. 


The Bad

Though the "alien speech" is a cool gimmick, it can make the plot a little tricky to follow, especially when you're getting the dueling thoughts between Soldier Zero and the host. Admittedly, I haven't gotten the chance to read the first issue, so this might've been less a concern if I'd gotten to see something important that was probably established there. Although, him changing voices might've contributed a little, since that's trickier to immediately convey in print.  

The Verdict - 3.5/5

This book is an interesting intersection of talents. It's a classical superhero from the mind of Stan Lee, but Cornell's execution tightly brings it up to modern standards. It actually feels like one of the better ultimate books as you get some classic-feeling concepts revamped with a contemporary edge. I'm very eager to see where Soldier Zero flies to in next issue.    

Posted by Skies327

Solid review, thank you. I'll have to pick this one up this weekend and see how it goes.

Posted by Eyz

Can't wait to check this series out~

Posted by weapon154

I'm looking for The Traveler series, and it isn't anywhere! Where?

Posted by doordoor123

I never really trust you when you give a comic a score lower than 4. You cant write a review without research. Unless youve read whats going on in the arc, dont review it. I realize this is a constant thing with you. People read these reviews and decide what to spend their money on. When you review a book and know nothing about what is going on, youre wasting everyones time. ITS ONE ISSUE. I dont understand why you cant just also read the issue before this. Im sure someone who works with you can lend you a hand.

Posted by ChipBOOM
@weapon154: November 24th release date for THE TRAVELER!
Posted by ckal
@ChipBOOM said:
" @weapon154: November 24th release date for THE TRAVELER! "
Does Starborn have a release date yet?
Posted by Pizawle

Hoping that the set-up is done and we can now get to some actual story-telling.

Posted by jakob187
@ckal said:
" @ChipBOOM said:
" @weapon154: November 24th release date for THE TRAVELER! "
Does Starborn have a release date yet? "
December.  Really looking forward to that.  There's a 5-page preview in the back of this Soldier Zero issue, and it was great. 
As for this issue, I agree on the rating.  I like Cornell's language with this book, as the first issue had a very natural feeling awkwardness in some of the conversation.  However, I feel like they are beating the whole "just because I'm in a wheelchair doesn't mean I'm totally helpless so leave me alone about it and let me be myself" message like a dead horse.  I got it the first time around when it was subtle in the first issue.  I don't need six or seven pages dedicated solely to yelling about it to everyone. 
Nonetheless, it's a solid new entry for Boom, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite studios.
Posted by ChipBOOM
@doordoor123: Dude, I am totally with you! 
Posted by ChipBOOM
@ckal: Starborn is set to come out on December 8th!
Posted by ckal
@ChipBOOM said:
" @ckal: Starborn is set to come out on December 8th! "
Ah fantastic, thanks Chip.