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Review: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Blu-ray

There's a lot of extras on this release. Is it enough for you to buy?

When talking to people about the Scott Pilgrim comic, they either liked it or hated it. The first book didn't completely grab me but reading through the rest, I became a fan. The movie created a new movie-going experience. When the movie was released in August, I liked it for the most part. Beginning with the 'old school' video game Universal logo, sitting in the theater, I felt I was in for a treat. As a comic book adaption, the filmmakers did a really good job. While I did enjoy it, there were some things that could have made it better. 
To his credit, Edgar Wright had to adapt six books into one movie. That being said, it did take 30 minutes for the first fight between Scott and one of the Evil Exes to come on screen. My only other complaint was I just didn't feel Michael Cera was right for the role. I've liked him in other movies but he just didn't feel like "Scott Pilgrim" to me. 
Despite those complaints, it is a movie worth seeing. The process of turning Scott Pilgrim's world into live-action wasn't an easy feat. Visually, there is a lot to see. I wouldn't want to see it on anything other than high-definition. Also so much of the movie is centered around music and the audio on this release is showcases the different bands. 
If you've seen the movie already, you might be wondering about the special features. There are quite a bit that could help determine whether or not you decide to purchase or rent this Blu-ray.  
 == TEASER == 
There are 21 deleted scenes that run about 30 minutes. Some of the scenes were so short that it was surprising that they were cut. Then again, the movie was close to two hours so it makes sense. It's a shame that the tiny scenes with Nega Scott had to be cut but it probably wouldn't have made a lot of sense to those that hadn't read the books. I'm also very glad they did not go with the alternate ending. 
There is nearly ten minutes of bloopers. There wasn't anything majorly funny but it was interesting to see how many takes it took for Michael Cera to toss the Amazon package over his shoulder and into the garbage when he was asking out Ramona
There are three documentaries. A Making Of feature (49:43), Music Featurette (16:27) and You Too Can Be Sex Bob-Omb (2:42) which shows you how to play the songs on guitar. Alternative footage consists of Alternative Edits (12:21) and Bits and Pieces (6:51). Pre-Production Footage, Animatics, Rehearsals, Casting tapes, etc runs for nearly an hour and a half. Music Promos include four music videos (9:47) and the OSYMYSO Remixes (9:27). Visual Effects features include VFX Before & After (14:37), Roxy Fight/Ribbon Version (1:11) and Phantom Montage: Hi Speed Footage (3:47). There's also a feature on Soundworks Collection: Sound for Film People (5:43) as well as the trailers, TV spots and video game trailers. 
Adult Swim aired Scott Pilgrim Vs. the Animation. This animated short runs 3:48. It's cool but I wish there was more. You can also watch Scott Pilgrim Vs. the Censors: TV Safe Version (4:11). This is a collection of clips with lines such as "Who the hey are you?" Edgar Wright did twelve video blogs which run just over forty-five minutes. There are galleries as well as commentary for the movie (feature and technical versions). 
There's no question that you get a lot in terms of the special features. Some of them are really interesting in seeing how the different visual effects were added. There are others you could probably live without. Overall, it's a pretty sweet release. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World wasn't a perfect movie but it was fun and entertaining. It's funny in some ways watching a movie where the main characters aren't too likable (Scott and Ramona). It's unfortunate that the movie wasn't a bigger success at the box office. There is a lot that went into making this movie and most of the special features here are worth checking out. The HD release really showcases the visual and audio production that went into the film and this will make a good addition to your collection. You also get a DVD and Digital Copy. I would give the movie and this release a solid 4 out of 5. It's a movie that I will watch from time to time. There's just something about it that leaves me wanting more. 

Posted by NightFang

The DVD should do better then in theaters.

Posted by G-Man
@NightFang: Yeah, this definitely has cult movie status. There's even been a bunch of screenings recently in theaters. 
Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

This was my favourite movie of 2010, and one of my favourite non-existential films ever in general. I cannot wait for the BR to come out in Aus. I will be picking it up the day it comes out.

Posted by MuadDiab

I sure would love a copy.....ahem! 
excuse me. this cough is getting worse

Posted by countvontrey

I want to see this. I may rent it first.  
The whole thing seems like something I would enjoy: mashing of the comic book and video game genres. I just feel this was way too hyped up which deterred me from viewing it in theaters. 

Posted by danhimself

I really liked the was a lot of fun and I'm definitely going to pick up the bluray

Posted by Cpt. Quor

I recently rented this (I never got round to catching it at the cinema) and I really enjoyed it, I'm not a big fan of   Michael Cera and if I'm honest he put me off it a little bit but as usual Edgar Wright delivered an incredibly fun and exciting ride, I'll be definitely be buying this on blu-ray.

Posted by Dr. Detfink

I really liked this film. One of the best comic book adaptations ever. My only drawback to this movie coming out for purchase is that it re-ignites the petty, outrage on why this film didn't do as well as Expendables.
 I nearly had to run into a cave because every hip blogger critic from AICN to UGO went nuts and cried outrage that Scott Pilgrim didn't set box office records. It gets old fast. This film doesn't cure cancer and it's not the fault of the audience but horrible marketing that contributed to Scott Pilgrim's demise.

Posted by Silkcuts

I am the biggest SP fan on the site, I have to buy it =D
I am so happy its out.  Go Toronto!

Posted by ccrosby

Are you kidding?  I pre-ordered this the day amazon put it up on its site- it's waiting for me at home as we speak!

Posted by jebak99999

scott pilgrim vs the world is the bob-bomb!!!

Posted by longbowhunter

I actually just watched this in a cheap $2  matinee last Saturday. I was suprised by how much I liked the movie considering I dont care for the comic. Wallace was hilarious!
Posted by Journey Into Chaos

well that's good but... I don't have a blue ray player...

Posted by weapon154

Gotta get that! On my wish list!

Posted by Duo_forbidden

Must get this movie today on Blu-ray.

Posted by sora_thekey

I might get this...

Posted by Silkcuts
@G-Man said:
" @NightFang: Yeah, this definitely has cult movie status. There's even been a bunch of screenings recently in theaters.  "
In Toronto, this movie was a great gift. The whole Annex area has seen new life because it is the area in the movie.
Posted by Meteorite

I saw this movie for my birthday, and I loved it! I've got to buy this ASAP!

Posted by The Lobster
@Silkcuts said:
" @G-Man said:
" @NightFang: Yeah, this definitely has cult movie status. There's even been a bunch of screenings recently in theaters.  "
In Toronto, this movie was a great gift. The whole Annex area has seen new life because it is the area in the movie. "
I can vouch for that, I live just a few hours away from Toronto and when I went to see this in theaters the whole audience just cheered like crazy when Scott Pilgrim told the audience he lived in Toronto.
Posted by ComicCrazy

Scott pilgrim is an awesome movie and when I saw it I didn't have one problem or flaw with the movie, the next time I watch it i probably will but still it was one of the few PERFECT movie going experiences, it could have been partly that the audience was pretty awesome and I was in the right mood. One of the big complaints i have heard for this movie is that Scott or Ramona isn't likeable but I found them to be just like every other main character and the love interest I know it is because Scott started dating Ramona without breaking it off with Knives first but I feel that is something that happens a far bit in romance movies and stuff but whatever I really loved the movie so that's cool.....and thanks for the awesome review G-Man.
Posted by GraveSp

Yeah the alternate ending would have totally sucked.  I'm pretty sure it would have killed the movie for me.  

Posted by Supreme Marvel

I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE BLU-RAY VERSION!!! My friend and I loved it and were arguing who's going to buy it on Blu-ray. I think we both will.

Posted by Baron_Emo

I just rented it, oh man. I wasn't sure I would like it. (the hype was astounding) but I really, really did. I'm gonna pick up the DVD later. XD