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Review: New Mutants #17

Just when they thought they were out... they get pulled back in again.

The New Mutants follow Magik for another jaunt into Limbo - - this time to save Illyana's old rival Pixie - - but, this time, they're facing the formidable threat of all the hellions who've been raised there.

The Good

This issue's just filled with so many goods scenes and little moments - - Cannonball and Moonstar's sexual tension kissing game, the roughnecks' hillarious blunt approach to magic-induced hallucinations, Cypher's on-the-spot translations for the demon speak.  This is a book that just flows well. I've also been digging Kirk's work on the series, so far. He's another total-package artist who can render living room make-out sessions in just as exciting a fashion as nether realm battles. These are real people he's drawing here, not posing statues.

The Bad

Cannonball makes a flustered comment about how all the mutants are going back to limbo after they litterally just got out of it and it draws attention to there being a bit of double-dipping going on in the MU right now. The X-Men went to Limbo for the Hellbound Second Coming tie-in, Wolverine just started an arc where he's going to Hell and even Thor's just wrapped up an arc about a truf war between all the different hells. I wish there'd be a little more coordination - - you'd think all these characters would start bumping into eachother down there.

The Verdict - 4/5

Wells is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers to look at for at Marvel. Between this and Elektra, he's demonstrated a true range that can deftly switch from smart comedy to brutal action, and back again, with just as much credibility. While I mention my qualms about these jaunts into the underworld getting a little repetitious, I want to stick around just to see his specific take on this kind of story.    
Edited by jordama

Cannoball looks over, "oh hey ya'll, what are you folks doin' in Limbo? really? we are here to save Pixie, what a coincidence."
Posted by Sobe Cin

Enjoyed the book, especially the new "Hellions"- if that's who they are. And I do like the tension between Moonstar and Cannonball. Does help the book.Just bummed that I didn't get to see much of Warlock though.
Posted by Pizawle

I am really enjoying this new arc.

Posted by brewski420

this was a great issue