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Review: Justice Society of America #39

Can they stop the Fourth Reich?

Justice League is in the middle of a pretty big story arc called "Fatherland" in which the Fourth Reich has de-powered and killed most of Earth's heroes, and only a few remain. This time, Mr Terrific leads a group of heroes with a final resistance in order to end the Fourth Reich's reign of terror.

The Good

In the years I've read comics, I can not remember a force of evil this powerful. Not the characters themselves per se, but the weaponry they use. There is little to no hope for these heroes, up until the end of the issue, and although, after reading the last issue, I felt there was no where for this story really to go, other than the bad guys winning, the bar was raised on the last few pages and this storyline has refreshed itself. I've been enjoying the artwork on this run quite a bit. It never takes away from the writing, which, to me, is the highlight of this run. It's nice, once in a while, to see heroes get the snot beat out of them.

The Bad

I didn't really feel that the sense of urgency towards the end that Willingham seemingly intended. Sure, heroes were dying left and right as the Fourth Reich closed in, but I knew by the last page that things would return to the way the were before all of this took place. That's it though, I think Willingham has done an amazing job with his run so far.

The Verdict - 4/5

This is not the best  place for a newcomer to step onto the JSA-Train. We're right in the middle of a big storyline, but nevertheless, this was a great issue and a lot of fun to read. Willingham's run has been great so far, and his stories have been incredibly interesting, so I'd suggest picking this book up or wait until this storyline is over.
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Posted by Secret Identity

cool. looking forward to the next arch.

Posted by dr.x

this gose hand and glove with Shield arc as well 

Posted by greenenvy

Its the jade and Alan Scott story arch I am waiting to get cant wait. 

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Wow, really got my attention when your review mentions the "Fourth Reich". Something tells me they are up to no good.
Well any good story wants the villain to seem like they are unbeatable. It makes it feel more impressive when the hero manages to over come them.
It's kind of hard for a new comer to ever find a decent enough jumping on point in nearly any long running series. It's the nature of the beast. One of the reason why I feel online comic archives may be a really good thing. A good and easy way to go back and start a series.